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Is it important whether the intensity of the workouts for weight loss

HIIT-inside-zap-05-fit431 I confess, I believe in him, too.In the magical mnogopovtorny training for weight loss.My first coaching course provided me with a booklet in any black and white plaque was listed."3-5 repetitions on force repeats 5-12 by weight, 12-20 repetitions - on the relief."Yeah, it's about preaching almost any coach mediocre.And then there are fans so-called burnout muscles, they do strength exercises for 50 reps do, and they do not CrossFit.Although further study of the subject has shown that such criteria as the number of repetitions in training for weight loss - it is not even ten and twenty.

Who is the intensity of the workout and why it - not about the wet T-shirt

recently told one girl that it would be good to increase the intensity of your workout.The problem is as old as the girl was peace - a man goes to the gym six months, holds a standard fitness diet with a small deficit, just reduce weight, but almost does not change in appearance.

What do I reasonably objected: "So I did not sweat lik

e a child in class, and a T-shirt after strength and cardio to have to change."Train there consisted of lead foot back to the lower block 50 reps so set as 4, pull-ups in gravitrone with compensation of 40 kg at a body weight of 66 kg, dumbbell swings to the side standing, and walking lunges, until you get bored.In general, we sweat, sweat, but the hormonal system of the desired impact of this activity has not.Yes, and is essentially a banal aerobics in the gym.

unknown figure in relation to the intensity of strength training - it is not only the time between sets and the number of sweat.In practice, under the intensity understand:

  • lifting more weight for a given unit of time;

  • weight lifting in the most profound of anatomically possible amplitudes

It follows that the increase of intensity - this is not always the addition of anything else that strides, and soon - the addition to the above set some Romaniandeadlift for a maximum of 8 repetitions in full equipment.

Hood with power, we do not try to burn as many calories in the most power.By the way, if you try, it makes sense to use supersets, but not with the basic movements, and with the "extra" exercises in the gym.

The above sequence then takes the form:

Romanian deadlift.8 reps at, say 4 sets

Superset 1

walking lunges, just a girl from love, but not too far to walk - a maximum of 12 steps each leg, but the dumbbell to take lives, but not 3 kg;

abduction leg back to block simulator (though I would have replaced in the gluteal bridge, but there is the primacy of faith, she believes in particular mahi and does not believe in the bridge)

Superset 2

pulling in gravitrone againsame with the compensation, which can be tightened again 8-10, missed just 30 recommended for strength work seconds;

bench with barbells standing chest.Similarly.Not because I do not like farming, but because in the press works more muscle

What will such manipulation?First of all, the increase in consumption of calories during the actual sessions.Also - sufficient incentives to strengthen the muscles.And yet - the ability to spend in the room in less time than with an approach "as I can approach, a million times each."And who are familiar with aches in the joints of ultramnogopovtorki can begin to say goodbye to this wonderful feeling.Inflammation generally becomes smaller.And yes - in relation to the exercise of workers approaches 1 still 2, but not all four, the first two - a gradual increase in operating weights.

Who cares, the girl did help, with no changes in diet, and so that was more than good, just designed for real power, not to aerobics in the gym.

Pitfalls increasing intensity

Most Russian guru will, by the way, against such an approach simply because in amateur training has the following problems:

  • man sincerely believes himself experienced, but they are not;

  • million years man retreated into the hall, but the technique of basic exercises nobody put it, he was unable to master it, and the range of motion in his enslavement;

  • increased intensity demands a responsible attitude to food.Yes, it gives us the coveted increase in calorie consumption at rest, and even an increase in power performance, if a person is hard enough, and diet - not enough scarce.But if a person has a problem with the original diet, the problems will only add

When it was time to increase the intensity?Not only when you have already put the base, but when you get rid of these stereotypes about weight loss in his own mind:

  • diet not to eat at all.The most you should eat 2-3 times a day, small portions and some turbidity in the water such as stewed vegetables with a spoon of yogurt.And apple;

  • Slimming need to forgive, upahivatsya in cardio.There, by the way, if there are no problems with the general consumer activity can go on for 20 minutes 3 times a week, and no more.Training high intensity cardio and many hours - just a short way to the fatigue of the CNS;

  • slimming diet must be respected chamber competing girls - yeah, tilapia and asparagus, well, or chicken breast and cucumbers, depending on the affected area, I'm sorry, distribution diet.

In general, the first time, 2-3 months so we must learn to have a balanced and do not feel guilty about what you eat at all.When this skill comes, you can add intensity and observe his own body all those miracles that everybody writes in the fitness blogs.

Elena Selivanov