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Advantages of monthly comprehensive diet against rapid weight loss

Weight Loss Most women think of the figure at the time of detection of the fact that until a significant date, a major holiday or event that requires the official uniforms, just a few days.Pharmacies and selling slimming organizations to expand the range of holiday season and increase the supply of products, not knowing about the impending surge in demand.This trend is alarming only doctors and nutritionists who know exactly that the fast diets rarely provide prolonged result, often causing significant damage to the health of losing weight.Experts insist that diet for a month - an effective and safe weight loss program that has a lot of advantages in comparison with the extra weight loss.


Benefitsthirty-day weight-loss program ↑

  1. There is no express diets, the authorship of which belongs to a regi
    stered dietitian or doctor.Typically, such programs were born empirically, without an analysis of the consequences and forecasting results.Monthly diet - a diet that is used in the sanatorium organizations and rehabilitation centers, based on the recommendations of the doctors who have the opportunity to observe the dynamics of the patient and his weight loss.
  2. Diet for 30 days Prolonged diet can get used to a healthy food plan and shape not only physically, but also psychologically.During this period, moderation and regular meals the body gets used to require ceasing evening snacks, and many dishes, initially seemed repugnant, become even loved ones, especially if the scales show a decent result.
  3. Month comprehensive diet allows pre conduct general cleaning of the body, enhance the effect of dietary restrictions repeatedly.
  4. weight loss diet for a month does not mean a sharp rejection of food, hunger and mono menu accordingly easily tolerated by the body, it does not cause desire otest after its completion.
  5. effect is maintained long-term diet easier.

Objectives and milestones monthly diet ↑

For 30-40 days of diet the body goes through several phases, each of which has its own value in the process of losing weight.For a full cycle of the digestive system of toxins released, the stomach is reduced in the amount of fatty tissue reserves significantly reduced, while increasing the physical exertion during this period build muscle mass.Sports also help reduce sagging skin and inherent in significant weight loss.

the whole diet for 1 month promotes good health and immunity, which is a good bonus to the main goal - to reduce the weight of 10-15 kg.The key to the effectiveness of the diet is a thirty-observance of rules of entrance into it, strict adherence to the recommendations on the main stage and moderation in the rate of weight loss of output.

General recommendations for long-term diets ↑

diet, calculated on a monthly rate set.Some differences, such as the names and duration of the individual steps can be considered symbolic, but some differences are significant.May vary a set of recommended products, especially when it comes to people whose excess weight is associated with one or another malfunction in the body.At the same time part of the general recommendations of nutritionists for any long-term dietary program.In these simple rules lies the answer to the question how to lose weight fast for a month and keep in shape for long.

main recommendation is to eliminate from the diet of a variety of products:

  • Steamer for diet sugar and sweets;
  • muffin and "white" baking;
  • fried, smoked and grilled food;
  • pickles and pickled preservation;
  • alcohol.

The general requirements can be attributed to the best cooking methods.The priority of boiling, braising, steaming and baking in the oven without adding fat.

worst enemy of weight loss - the feeling of hunger, which requires the possibility to eat at the "rainy day".That is why all nutritionists insist that the number of meals it is necessary not to reduce, but to increase by minimizing the size of the portions.

Exercise for bust Combining diet with sports as a prerequisite.Without physical exertion split fats slowly excreted, putting in other places as soon as possible.Moreover, without a set of exercises the effect of diet would be "lubricated" sagging skin.Special attention is required chest volume to which diet influences in the first place.In order not to spoil the shape of the bust dramatically, you must perform a set of exercises for his braces.

elementary implementation of these recommendations in itself give an excellent result, even if the menu would not be substantial restrictions introduced.

comprehensive monthly weight loss diet ↑

weight loss diet for a month, promising according to the applicable weight loss of 15-20 kg conditionally divided into 6 stages.Their duration varies: three stages for 5 days, followed by two three-day and two-week final stage.

  • The first step to harmony permits the use of cereals, nuts and even potatoes.The menu of porridge and puddings flavored with vegetable oil.From drinks recommended the tomato juice and water.
  • second phase of the vegetable, are the basis for food salads with fresh greens and root vegetables, stew melons.As refueling is allowed vegetable oil.
  • Fruit third step should be the fruit five days.Resolve any fresh fruit except bananas.
  • fourth stage - the use of any dried fruit.
  • fifth stage of the hardest, but the body is ready for such a test.In fact - it is fasting on water with honey.With a sharp sense of hunger allowed the use of fruits and juices with pulp.
  • At the final stage for the planned return to a softer diet menu is made up of the recommendations of steps 1,2,3 and 4 in reverse order.It starts out of the diet from the fourth stage, each cycle is three days.

Effective exercises for bust ↑

Monthly diet often frightens its duration, but the proverb that tells that fast only cats are born in this matter coincides with the opinion of doctors.Long-term results - a consequence of long-term work on yourself, the reward for patience and fundamental approach to the process of weight loss will be a cherished figure on the scale of weights and measuring tape.

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