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Menu with Chinese slimming diet for 13 days

Chinese diet Fashion on the Asian way of life touched and dietetics.We like graceful as figurines, pieces of Chinese women and Japanese women.The traditional style of food in these countries provide ideal body parameters.Chinese diet is gaining popularity for 13 days, the menu which allows you to not only lose weight but also to rebuild the body for a proper metabolism.After completing the program the weight stabilizes.And if you continue to eat healthy, weight is gradually coming to normal.


Rulesdieting from China ↑

There are several versions of the Chinese diet.Traditional variant long enough, should be carried out 2-3 months.A shorter observed for 21 days.But the method is designed for a 13-day use, effective enough.It allows you to lose weight by 8 kg.During this time, the metabolism has time to enter into an accelerated rhythm, leaving toxins.You can get used to eat m

oderately, without consumption of harmful products.Due to all these factors, the lost weight should not return.Many supporters of techniques achievements persist for several years.

To be effective, the Chinese diet is 13 days, must be carried out in compliance with a series of rules:

  • Dieting daily consumed more than 1.5-2 liters of clean boiled water or mineral without gas;
  • completely removed from the diet, salt, sugar, flour and confectionery products, alcohol;
  • can not shorten the time diet, to prevent disruption;
  • is only allowed for a set of products in specified quantities.

The proposed method is enough low-fat.At its compliance, especially in the first days of getting used to, it will be difficult to abstain from food temptations.After the diet is monotonous.A dish without adding herbs and spices seem fresh.Over time, the body gets used to it and it becomes easier.

list of products from the daily diet ↑

Upon assuming compliance with this program, you have an empty stomach every morning to drink a couple of glasses of boiled water (regardless of the preferred fluid temperature).It promotes intestinal lavage and better assimilation of the digestive system of all nutrients.

daily menu, according to the 13-day Chinese diet is not limited to the specific food.Set only food set.The day is consumed:

  • Types of rice rice, better brown or red (300-400 g);
  • any fruit except dense (150-240 g);
  • vegetables except potatoes (270 g);
  • lean sea fish (120 g);
  • milk fat content of 1.5% (0.1 liters);
  • beans (60-100 g);
  • 1 egg.

Because of this provision products can cook any dish, in its sole discretion.Not using the list is nothing (no oil, salt or sugar).

is believed that the effectiveness of such a diet is largely due to the type and quality of the selected rice.We are all familiar of rice is rich in vitamins, trace elements, helps to stimulate the metabolism, optimize weight, reduce swelling and improve blood vessels, kidneys and liver.Unpolished brown rice or red is considered to be even more useful.

Weigh "for" and "against» ↑

Observance of such a diet not only leads to weight loss.Among other positive aspects can be called improvement of the skin, cleansing the body, better health and good work of the intestine.

In the list of basic products there is nothing of beef, and for some in this lies the negative moment weight loss programs.Judging by the reviews of those who tested the technique, the first week is perceived more complicated.Further restrictions are not so painful.

Chinese cuisine opinion of experts, nutritionists and physicians about these diets is ambiguous.The main thing - they can seriously undermine the health.The question is not fasting, and in compliance with salt-free diet.If you have some problems with the systems of the body it can have negative consequences.Fabrics lose fluid, nutrients are washed out.Violated the water-electrolyte and fluid and electrolyte balance, which affects the well-being and leads to failure of the organs.

Prolonged deficiency of sodium chloride changes the composition produced by the stomach acids that make up the gastric juice.Difficulties may begin with the processing of food, blood thinners, the lymphatic system.Salt is needed for bones, muscles, proper transmission of nerve impulses, maintaining hormone production, cell function in general.

Disclaimer consumption in normal amounts of dietary salt is fraught with the appearance of weakness, dizziness, and irritability.And in the future may be impaired memory, strengthen blood clots, worsen existing disease.Or any other negative phenomena.

decision to start the Chinese diet (13 days, and even more so for long periods), there should be spontaneous.First you have to undergo a medical examination and consult a physician.In the presence of contraindications technique can not be used.Strongly recommended to voluntarily continue it longer than a specified time, or more frequently than every six months.

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This method of weight loss, like most others, have positive and negative sides.It is not a panacea for solving the problem of overweight.Rather, an emergency measure taken when absolutely necessary.The best option of keeping the body in good shape - not a diet, but a healthy balanced diet, adequate rest and physical activity.