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The best recipes of masks to narrow pores in the home

Narrowing of pores after the mask Enlarged pores - the bane of owners of fat cover skin.But the emergence of these "decorations" these troubles are not confined to the young ladies.Later zhertv disease begin to pursue issues such as acne, the formation of blackheads, skin cover unpleasant greasy film.Some beauties similar misfortunes so upset that they are already beginning to dream of skin grafts or other radical methods face correction.Meanwhile, to go under the knife early, try to master the special mask to narrow pores in the home, it is possible that all the troubles go away as quickly as it came.


Perpetrators of expansion since ↑

Why such a misfortune overtakes beautiful part of humanity?How to protect yourself from such problems?Where t

o find the source of all ills?Causes of illness

So remember the perpetrators of the tragedy with pores:

  • Acne excessive love of the sun baths;
  • excess sebum;
  • use expired cosmetics;
  • wrong / insufficient care for the cover;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • problems with hormones;
  • unhealthy food;
  • abuse of cosmetics;
  • skin aging;
  • heredity.

As you can see, porosuzhivayuschie masks at home can be useful in the case of internal diseases, and due to age-related changes, and because of laziness - because of lack of care for the cover.

Proper preparation - the key to the success of the procedure ↑

As the wise men not so important what you do, more importantly, how you do it.Is a saying applies to homemade mask, pores.On the secrets of the effectiveness of procedures in order.

Rule number 1: Select - Success ↑

Before and after a mask to narrow the pore to procedure acted as efficiently as possible, you must correctly select the recipe.Be sure to consult the suitability of the mask and its components for your skin type.Make sure that you can fulfill all rules of procedure.Check, if you have any contraindications for the selected option of the mixture.

If suffering from any serious or chronic illnesses, certainly make a visit to the attending doctor, show him your chosen options mask to narrow pores in the home, will receive a "green light" for the use of those that will not harm your health.

Rule number 2 - test ↑

Even if you scrupulously fulfilled tips outlined in the previous section of the rules, there is no guarantee that any of the ingredients provided for your chosen recipe, you do not have allergies.Even long-treating doctor who knows you can not predict the possible reaction of your body to the external application of new products.

therefore have to check the compatibility of their own.There are two ways: either to make a mask and check the ready mass, or to learn the reaction of your skin on each of the components of the mixture.

Rule number 3 - the proper preparation ↑

Cleaning the skin Like any other cosmetic procedure, a mask, pores in the home, you need to get ready.

First, purchase specified in the recipe products, appliances and tools.If you need expensive "devaysy", you might think of their lease or just borrow.It is not necessary to give up a good recipe, if you do not have any units in your power to find them temporary use.With regards to food, by all means buy the latest in a proven place brand experienced producer.

Secondly, should prepare a person - a kind of "canvas" for future work.To start it from the free makeup, then - grease and dirt.You can simply use lotion, but if there is time, it is best to do the peeling.

best recipes pores masks ↑

time to move to the final unit - production of mixtures, and the rules for their use.

  • Honey mask

Honey for face masks As you know honey is one of the flagships of products-utility.Moreover, to be treated it is possible not only by eating, but also by means of spreading, and not only on the skin, can imagine, but also on the hair.For more detail on face mask.Mix dessertspoon honey, starch and salt water.The volume of the last adjust independently benchmark - consistency semolina.Thoroughly mix composition in several approaches treat the face.Wait 25 minutes and wash.

  • Clay - ally facial beauty

For this recipe you will need a white clay, which you can find in the near of the pharmacies.A couple of spoonfuls of the powder, dilute with water to a density of sour cream.Seasoned with a mixture of a few drops of fresh lemon juice.Mix and apply on the cover.Wait for the complete drying of the composition, wash.

  • Orange preobrazhenie

Love Citrus?And why not regale them cover?If the pores are extended to include a "menu" of your skin sunny fruit - orange.Prepared this mask is incredibly simple: the pulverized pulp overseas "guest" Apply mashed potatoes, cover the face with gauze, and quietly lay a quarter of an hour.To wash with cool water.The final stage - applying a nourishing cream.

  • protein mask

Department of yolk protein one protein staratelno whisk, gradually adding a small spoon into the foam of fresh lemon juice.Treat staff face and lie down.Wait until completely dry.During the mask you will feel a contraction.Wash.

After meeting with masks to narrow pores in the home you will no longer bother the pimples, blackheads and greasy luster.

Video recipe mask to narrow pores ↑