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Wonderful opportunity facials raspberry

Ripe raspberries «miracle happened - one saved the life of a friend!" - Is a phrase issued by drinking an entire jar of raspberry jam, many pet, the hero of the best cartoons - varmint Carlson.Indeed, raspberries works wonders, as it collected a whole bunch of healing and minerals.Varnish of berries, do not forget about the skin.Regular facial mask made of raspberry will save you a freshness and grandeur of the skin for many years.It is interesting to?


Praise raspberries - the beneficial properties ↑

What, besides the taste, good sweet berries?What useful components make this treat actually "cure"?Why is this product has beneficial effects on the skin?

It is important to know!If you collect your own raspberries, choose shrubs, "living" away f

rom the road.

composition of berries ↑

Znakomtes a miracle by "residents" living in the berry, and their abilities:

  • Raspberry in nature salicylic acid, cleaning cover - the best of exfoliants;
  • ascorbic acid, heals wounds, and also supports the skin elasticity;
  • vitamin A - prevoskhodny moisturizer and a fighter against microbes and wrinkles;
  • vitamin E, which is like an incubator, giving birth to new cells, thereby preventing the aging process;
  • potassium - the best "medicine" for dry cover;
  • biotin, resulting in order system of metabolism;
  • vitamin B9 - защитник number 1 from the harmful UV and cold seasons;
  • niacin returning face natural color and tone cover.

As you can see, the mask made of raspberry - one of the most useful tools, aimed at preserving the beauty and youthful skin.The unique composition of the berries, as you realize, even allows you to call it a drug.Well, let's start treatment?

should pay attention!To prepare a face mask made of raspberry can not only fresh berries, frozen, too fit, the main thing - to defrost the product before use.

Cookbook ↑

How to apply and what to combine miracle berries to extract the maximum effect and to solve specific problems?How to find "your recipe"?Znakomtes with the best options and choose the one that suits your skin type, violations and, in the end, the mood.

Universal mask ↑

Znakomtes with classic recipes, suitable for any type of skin.Fresh berries (check that was not among them rotten or perespevshih) mash into a puree using a spoon or fork.For one session is enough pair of spoons a slurry.Berry "nectar" put on the cover and let the mask "to work" about 15 minutes.Wash and admire the result.Face posvezheet, pohorosheet and pomolodeet.

nourishing products ↑

This recipe - the most important, a kind of "bread" for the skin.To begin, prepare the following:

  • Mask with raspberries raspberries;
  • oatmeal;
  • milk;
  • gauze;
  • glass container;
  • spoon;
  • brush;
  • mirror.

Preheat a little milk - so much so steamed soup spoon of porridge.Give porridge beauty brew minutes 7. Then, using gauze squeeze out weight any liquid and that it mix with a soup spoon miracle berry.Treat the face, wait fifteen minutes, wash.Repeat these sessions on a weekly basis, and your face will thank you with their flowering species.

Moisturizing treatment ↑

Another mandatory position "menu" to supply your skin - a moisturizing mask with raspberries.Preparing the mixture is quite simple.Mix equal parts, for example, by spoon cosmetic oils, fruits and milk.If the mixture is liquid, add a pinch of flour (ideally - oatmeal).All can be applied.Duration of procedure - 15 minutes.The final stage - "douche": washing with warm, then - with cold water.This "torture" will strengthen the action of the mask at times.

recipe for aging skin ↑

Mask with raspberries for the skin If you notice the first signs of aging are immediately reflected in the schedule of special cases cosmetic crimson face mask - sweet and albumen cells.Soedinite soup spoon berries with the same amount of cottage cheese (pre-rubbed through a sieve) and then a mixture of a small arch spoon homemade honey.

Mix.Treat composition face except the mouth and eyes, wait for about 10 minutes, wash.Repeat these "sweet" sessions on a weekly basis, and your familiarity with wrinkles draw it.

Brightening Face raspberry ↑

Mix the raspberry juice with lemon.Juices should be svezheotzhatymi.The proportion of 2: 1.And add some small chopped parsley - so much so that the fluid has turned into mush.Treat staff face minutes 15. Wash, moisten cover.With a face mask with raspberries you manage to get rid of brown spots, black spots, freckles and other pigmented unexpected "guests".

mask scrub ↑

person needs to be cleansed?Cook the raspberries, oatmeal and half an hour.Otberite 3 biggest berries, mash them, connect with dessert spoon of flakes, carefully stir.Apply the product (it is possible to process parts of the face) and immediately begin to massage.Proceed 8-10 minutes, wash.The skin not only clean, but also refreshed.This mask is good to do before the holidays, meetings, appointments.Do you like it, you'll see.

Any proposed facial masks of raspberries - a kind of year gift for your skin.Be generous!

Video dessert: fruit resuscitation skin ↑

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