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Top 3 masks for acne with aspirin at home

Face mask with aspirin managed to escape from the clutches of acne?But you accidentally "stumble" and ate a huge piece of cake or a double burger, and in the morning on the face found "resurrected" spots where the evening meeting with the man of your dreams?In contrast, only just got acquainted with nasty inflamed bumps, and not knowing how to choose the means, immersed in despair?If any of these unexpected "visit" you need cosmetic "first aid" - a mask from acne with aspirin able to expel the intruders in just a few hours.


Miracle aspirin ↑

Aspirin think that specialization acetylsalicylic acid - the fight against acne.You are wrong, white pills are capable of more.In addition to the expulsion of acne, aspirin is working on the elimination of foci

of inflammation, reduces pores, improves skin elasticity and perfectly cleans cover, both from dead cells, blackheads or dirt, and from excess sebum, pigment spots.

Mask of aspirin acne - a great alternative scrubs, and, gentle type.And another miraculous feature of acetylsalicylic acid - insurance against ingrown hairs.So take these magic pills to "adopt", combine with other ingredients not less useful, and let your face will always be immaculately beautiful.

should pay attention!To prepare the masks of aspirin acne is not necessarily to buy expensive, "overseas" versions of the drug, enough of our national kopeechnogo medication.

Skin Treatment with acetylsalicylic acid ↑

How to make a mask from acne with aspirin in order to achieve maximum effect, but do not overdo it?Are there any secrets of the procedure, which must be devoted to newcomers?

correct choice of prescription ↑

For the first session, cosmetologists are advised to choose one of the most delicate compositions, which besides tablets, would include other useful ingredients, capable to calm the face after "general cleaning", for example, honey, cream, egg,yoghurt.

In addition, you should be absolutely sure that no one component of the mixture you are not intolerant, starting with the "protagonist" procedure - aspirin.How to conduct a test for allergies?It's simple: treat each ingredient composition, or separately in a hand bend the elbow, with the tender, the inside and a quarter hours forget about doing "experiments".Then carefully study the treated skin.Did not find redness, burning, irritation?You do not feel itching or burning sensation?Well, then, you can start processing the face, gradually increasing the "burden".

Wisdom treatment ↑

Proper application of the mask How is it - to increase the "load" gradually?First, cover the mixture of the most popular, chosen by acne place, act punctually and, of course, very carefully.If the procedure is successful, the next time you can process the person completely, but by necessity, and the neck and / or chest area.The second phase of increase in load - choice of more "evil" recipe, with a higher concentration of acetylsalicylic acid and the duration of action.Be brave, but wise, increasing the dose and duration of aspirin, but not at the expense of health.

It is important to know!Besides these measures should carefully take into account such things.During processing bypass side areas with broken skin (scrapes, burns, cuts), and have mercy over-dried skin, after acid - is not a toy.

intensity treatments ↑

As you know, the mask with aspirin against acne act instantly.The maximum effect is reached after 4 hours after the treatment.But this astonishing "transformation" should not you mad - do not try to repeat the success of immediately or the next day, otherwise "earn" irritation or worse - burned.

not a part of a session - just two repetitions per week.Rate generally depends on the severity of the acne diseases, but often does not exceed 8 masks.That is, the maximum period of struggle with acne - a month.Meanwhile, if you will combine the procedure with other methods of struggle against uninvited "guests", for example, a special diet, it is not excluded that the bed and in 2 weeks.It is time to act?

best recipes ↑

Let's talk about the top three treatments with aspirin.

Honey - the best friend of acetylsalicylic acid ↑

mask from acne with aspirin and honey - the flagship among their own kind.To prepare the recipe:

  • Preparation of the mask of honey and aspirin acetylsalicylic acid - 3 tab .;
  • homemade honey - ½ soup spoon;
  • of ¼ of the jojoba oil (for dry skin) or water (for fat);
  • capacity;
  • spoon;
  • water bath;
  • mirror:
  • bandage on hair.

honey and water or oil, mix and heat with a water bath.Trinity pills spoon crush, sift powder Stir in honey in a hot part.Cool.Put a lot on the skin steamed for 20 minutes.Wash with warm water.

classic recipe ↑

powder of 3 tablets of acetylsalicylic acid, dilute with water to the consistency of sour cream.The composition of the treated area "habitat" of acne.Wait half an hour, wash.

mask scrub ↑

powder 4 tablets connect to 2 soup spoons of white clay and ½ of ground coffee.Add as much water to make a paste.With the help of massage movements staff treat a person.After 20 minutes wash.

What mask with aspirin from acne you liked?

Video-mask recipe with aspirin ↑