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Bride-angel secrets wedding makeup for blue eyes

bride Ugly bride with blue eyes does not happen.After shade azure, blue sea or magic cornflower makes owners of angel eyes, as if descended from heaven to delight the eyes of men.So sisyrinchium jackpot - they are always beautiful, cute and attractive.However, on the wedding day, even so the angels want to look in a special way, bringing to mind the faithful and causing his close friends envious.To achieve this effect can help you right wedding makeup for blue eyes.


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modern make-up artists - some kind of wizards that can hide serious defects of the skin and make Cinderella a real king.At the same time (especially if you plan to do your own make-up) should be warned beforehand about the state of the natural "webs" - your

face, which will play the role of "business card" celebration.

How to prepare your face make-up to the wedding?

  • month before the celebration exclude from your diet excessively sharp and salty foods, fatty and fried foods, be tempered in the consumption of sweets.All of these products can cause acne, edema, oily skin and other unpleasant "surprises" that one never knows, will spoil your mood.
  • Buy good vitamins, now there is the benefit of special facilities for the improvement of women's beauty.If your holiday is planned for the summer, you can replace tabletki natural fruits.The skin will thank you dazzling freshness, velvety and blush.
  • If you suffer from acne disease, begin treatment immediately.Fortunately, now owns cosmetology rich "arsenal" means of struggle with the hated acne.
  • Note the color of the skin.If a person looks unhealthy in appearance, with green, blue or gray tint, but you will not suffer from any ailments, it would not be more than a tan.This can be done in a tanning studio for a few sessions, just remember that to become a "chocolate" should advance, not the night before the wedding.

should pay attention! The success of a wedding makeup for blue eyes - preliminary "rehearsal".Whichever option you choose make-up, be sure to implement our plans into practice at least once before the marriage.And "fitting" make-up should take place in a wedding dress with hairstyle and accessories selected.

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Leather - a canvas for the future masterpiece ↑

From flawless skin condition depends on the whole "operation" transformation.Slight defects, fresh pimples, scars after chronic acne, age spots - all of which can hopelessly spoil the most important reminder for you with beloved holiday.If the pictures are a skilled photographer can retouch, then the video will be much more difficult.Also, do not forget that you will be taking pictures all the participants of the celebration, so to correct defects in their personal photo albums you can not.And you do not want to then invited the years "admired" a pimple on your nose, black eyes or spots on the neck ?!Therefore, you should pay special attention to the skin.

Bride with blue eyes To start clean your face using a proven lotion or gel, then moisten the skin with a day cream, stay alone for about 15 minutes (this time it is possible to lie down).Then get to work with the base and foundation.If you notice pimples or inflamed places, take on the "weapons" corrector.Tint Apply a familiar way for you - no need to change anything.When used for such purposes before the fingers, it is not necessary to conduct "experiments" with brushes or sponge, and vice versa.

Tint foundation should be as close to the color of your skin, but with rouge can be "played", but do not overdo it, because you - the bride-angel, so your make-up should not be aggressive.Prefer blush peach, pale pink, pale beige palette.

It is important to know! Many brides face during the preparation of forget about the neck, and it is an unforgivable mistake that can ruin your pictures and videos.

Eyes - mirror of the soul ↑

Owning such a priceless treasure, like blue eyes, make a splash is not too difficult, but you should be aware that the bride angels surprise guests to be tenderness and touching, not predatory notes.Therefore sisyrinchium makeup artists recommend to choose the shade of gray, blue, blue, pink.Do you want to be bright, but not touching lose?Choose a range of silver, or purple hue.Not bad look as sand and beige tones that give the face of the bride natural charm and natural sophistication.

As for pencil and eyeliner, the owners of "angelic" Eye care tips from stylists black.Choose from colors such as beige, gray, bronze, purple, blue.But mascara is permissible to use the classic, however, in this area, and you can experiment by gray, blue and even white color ink, depending on your image.

Lips - finishing touch ↑

makeup for the bride As you know, the focus in wedding makeup for blue eyes is on the upper part of the face.If you want to look bright, passionate and slightly predatory, then implement their aspirations with the help of an extraordinary eye makeup, choosing, for example, creative version of make-up (both the link below).But with his lips sisyrinchium such "experiments" better not to spend, otherwise the risk to have a vulgar view of the solemn images - how then these photos show her crumbs ?!Perfect shades of lipstick for brides Angels: pink, beige, peach.

Lip contour pencil to emphasize the permissible tender colors, but make sure that it was the tone of lipstick.Lip Gloss will complete the perfect make-up for blue eyes, but do not overdo it with nacre.Bright colors such as red, brown, purple, plum, dark lipsticks variation - leave it all for a romantic evening of passionate, who are waiting for your happy couple on their honeymoon.

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Bride with blue eyes - the most touching and affectionate newlyweds resembling angels.Now you possess the secret of how to improve the image correctly.