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The causes and means of dealing with stretch marks during pregnancy

childbearing - quite a serious challenge.In the female body for 9 months reflected both internal and external changes.The ever-growing mass of the body, increasing the chest and abdomen is not the best way affect the skin and muscles.If no action is taken, it will stretch marks during pregnancy, and the skin will remain slack.


How to prevent stretch marks ↑

all these troubles can be avoided throughout pregnancy to practice their figure.You just need to follow some rules, procedures and do simple exercises.By the way, if you do it the first 2-3 months are likely similar self-care becomes a habit.Give yourself 20 minutes a day, and the effects of pregnancy and childbirth does not affect your skin.

from food depends on the skin condition.To avoid t

he appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy, exclude from the diet of flour and sweet.Train yourself not fill salads with mayonnaise, and vegetable oil.Eat nuts, cheese, cheese, beef, chicken, olives, lots of vegetables and fruits (except citrus).

How to remove stretch marks during pregnancy ↑

fight stretch marks is best to conduct a comprehensive, correct feeding, applying creams, making massages, etc.The most effective results in the fight against stretch marks show all kinds of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products - scrubs, lotions, ointments.Starting from 3-4 months of pregnancy, rub cream for stretch marks in problem areas (thighs, buttocks, abdomen).Cosmetology and pharmacists various firms developed many tools to combat stretch marks.Choosing the cream, pay attention to its composition.The best way to fight stretch marks products that contain extracts and essential oils of plants, algae, panthenol, vitamins A, E. Before use, apply a little cream on the inside of the hand for about 20 minutes.Look, if the allergic reaction to the agent.Despite the fact that all the creams should undergo dermatological control, the components of the drug can be idiosyncrasy.Such cases are rare, but still need to protect yourself.

Cooking Creams of stretching ↑

You may want to prepare a cream for stretch marks themselves.Homemade cream get natural, without dyes and flavors, which are often the cause of allergic reactions.

  • cream scars stretching from the mummy

Shilajit is a mountainous resin, a mixture of organic and inorganic elements.Harvest is mainly the mountains of Asia.This homogeneous mass of dark color has a specific smell, bitter taste.Shilajit has many medicinal properties.It is used for wound healing, tissue regeneration, bone and joint, in the treatment of ulcers, various cosmetic and dermatological problems, etc..

Shilajit promotes the resorption of scars, tightens the skin.Cream of mining tar - the most popular tool that is used to remove or prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.Buy mummy is possible in the pharmacy.Prepare the cream is very simple: 3-4 grams mummy mix with 1 teaspoon of water, add a tube (80-100 grams) of child or anti-cellulite cream.Apply the stretch to place 1 time a day.The result of applying the cream is determined strictly individually.Usually the effect is seen within a week.

For large extensions need to apply the cream for about 3 weeks.Shilajit is contraindicated in breast-feeding, but despite this, many women use a cream containing this ingredient.If you are breastfeeding, you should consult with your doctor.

  • cream with aloe and vitamin E

Aloe Twist in a meat grinder or finely chop, squeeze the juice through cheesecloth.The 0.5 cup of aloe juice, add 0.5 cups of olive oil, 15 drops of vitamin E, 5 drops of vitamin A, stir until smooth.Apply massage movements on problem areas 1 per day.Keep this cream the best in the refrigerator.

  • Sugar-salt scrub

To prepare sugar-salt scrub will take 1 heaped cup salt, 1 cup sugar.Salt suitable and kitchen, but this procedure is better to take sea salt with seaweed extract, chamomile and calendula.Salt and sugar mix in a deep container, add 50 grams of olive oil, mix well.Apply the scrub on the body during an evening shower in the area of ​​the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.After that means necessarily apply to the skin moisturizing cream or baby oil.The first result will be seen after about 3 weeks, and a month or two you can completely get rid of stretch marks.Check the condition of your skin, this scrub is very effective, but can help retain moisture.

In beauty salons offer peeling - a procedure for getting rid of stretch marks.Make fruit peels can be in the home.To do this you need 1 jar of fruit yogurt, 1 lemon or 2 limes, almond or olive oil.Zest of one lemon mixed with yogutrom, add 1 tablespoon of butter, stir until smooth.Apply 3 p.per week on problem areas of 20 minutes to massage, rinse with warm water, and then moisten lotion.This gentle method of skin to get rid of stretch marks will make them less noticeable just 3 weeks.Importantly, do not forget to moisturize the body if much lemon dry your skin.

  • Dairy products

Fight stretch marks, you can use dairy products.0.5 cups of yogurt mixed with 1 tbsp.spoon vegetable oil, add 10-20 g of baby cream, 1 g of the mummy.Very light massage movements apply the cream for 3 min., Without rubbing.Leave the cream for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

  • White clay

White clay - the perfect cosmetic skin care.That is why a peeling with white clay is effective in the fight against stretch marks after giving birth.Take 1 avocado pulp, 3 tbsp.spoons of white clay, 1 tbsp.Spoon oatmeal, wheat germ oil.You can add chopped sprouted wheat germ and 2 tsp. Olive oil.Beat blender Avocado and wheat germ oil, mix with white clay and flour until smooth finish.The cream is applied to the body for 10-15 minutes.Rinse with warm water.Make compresses 2-3 times a week for a month.After 2-3 weeks, the effect will be seen in this procedure.Cream store in the refrigerator.

  • Essential oils

of stretching can use essential oils of plants.Jojoba oil makes the skin supple, it helps remove stretch marks during pregnancy and after childbirth.Essential oil of rosewood resolves scars, tightens the skin.Almond oil is beneficial for skin that has lost elasticity.Grape seed oil has regenerating properties, significantly improves skin elasticity.Application of peach oil is useful for sagging skin, t. To. It has a rejuvenating and soothing properties.

can use several components.Before applying the oil, check the skin for any allergic reactions.Apply a few drops of the cream for 15 minutes.

massage and exercise ↑

much easier to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy than to deal with skin problems have already emerged.Massage - one of the most effective treatments that will help keep your skin in perfect condition.It is best to combine the massage with the application on the body cream or olive oil.

daily shower massage improves blood circulation and makes the skin more elastic.Teach yourself while taking a morning or evening shower direct the jet on problem areas and to drive in a circular motion.This simple procedure regularly will improve the skin condition will prevent further appearance of stretch marks.

exercises of stretch marks during pregnancy ↑

Exercise, exercise, exercise will make the skin supple.Specially designed set of exercises (stretching) help get rid of back pains, relieve physical and emotional stress, strengthen the abdominal muscles.Try 4-5 times a week to carry out a simple set of exercises, prepares the body for childbirth.

Buy gymnastic rubber ball - fitball.In the last months of pregnancy, it is very comfortable to sit, it neutralizes discomfort in the abdomen and pelvis, and then - on such balls are rocking the baby, make him charge.And now fitball will be indispensable in the fight against stretch marks.

  • Exercise "Legs up»

Lie on the floor, on your back, bend your legs at the knees, put on the ball.Do flowing rapids feet to the left, right, forward and backward.Suffice it to 5-10 minutes of exercise to the leg muscles and the press had a good shape.

  • Exercise "Rolls".

Sit on fitball, swing the hips from side to side.Movement should be smooth, without jerks.After that rotate the hip on the ball in a clockwise direction and against it.Do you need to exercise for 2 minutes on each side.

  • exercise for the abdominal muscles.

Lie on the floor, knees bent legs put on a gym ball.Gently lift the torso, reach for ladoshkami knees.This exercise will follow for 3-5 months pregnant when the stomach is just beginning to grow.If the abdominal muscles will remain in good shape, the extensions are not as big and visible.

Do not forget about physical exercises after childbirth.If used during pregnancy helps maintain the charge in the required muscle tone, the postpartum physical activity will help to restore the previous condition of the muscles and skin.Do 30 sit-ups a day, this exercise straining muscles of the legs, thighs and buttocks.40 times a day rock press.It is desirable to pump the lateral abdominal muscles, in fact, it accounts for the main load during pregnancy.Gradually increase the number of repetitions.Of course, the only physical activity is almost impossible to restore the ideal state figure, but it is a daily charge will speed up the process of getting rid of stretch marks.Typically, the first result you can feel in 20-25 days.Agree, is not so much.Do not be lazy to give yourself 7-10 minutes per day, for all time spent going in your favor.

Prenatal bandage for pregnant ↑

Prenatal bandage - a good tool to prevent stretch marks.It helps maintain the stomach, relieves the load from the back, does not stretch the abdominal muscles strong.When wearing leather band is at rest, it has no additional impact.

Doctors recommend wearing a bandage starting from 6-7 months of pregnancy.If you have a large fruit and a big belly, or it's not your first pregnancy, you can wear a bandage before.Before buying a bandage is advisable to consult a doctor.Bondage in any case should not squeeze the stomach, its main function - support.If you feel some discomfort, then choose a different model or size.

Laser and abdominoplasty ↑

If you can not get rid of stretch marks by using ointments and massage, you can use medical methods, such as laser resurfacing or mesotherapy.Such procedures done in beauty salons and hospitals.

laser removes old layers of cells, stimulates the build-up of smooth and clean the epidermis.Penetrating 1-20 microns, it renews the skin.Typically, rehabilitation after the procedure lasts 7-10 days.The procedure is painless, lasts 20-30 minutes, depending on the number of extensions.The patient feels warmth or heat, this feeling lasts from 2 to 6 hours.When grinding extensions used two types of rays - Erbium and karbondioksidny.Laser type can only appoint an expert after examining the stretch marks.Radiation karbondioksidnogo laser penetrates to 20 microns.Erbium laser is suitable for a thin layer of skin, asits radiation penetrates only 1 micron.It is safer to act softer, but in the struggle with the old big stretch marks usually prescribed karbondioksidny.Laser resurfacing is contraindicated during breast-feeding.For six months after the procedure, you can not visit a solarium, a long time in the sun.

Abdominoplasty - a surgical operation, which will help get rid of deep stretch marks and helps to tighten the skin.Not everyone would dare to go under the surgeon's knife.The operation looks like this: the patient through the growth of pubic hair, make a small incision through it cut off the damaged skin, and then stretched.The incision is sutured.Abdominoplasty lasts about 2 hours, as a result of the stomach becomes flat and stretch marks disappear.

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