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Extraordinary abilities indigo children - truth and fiction about the new generation

Indigo Children They do not like us.They are unlike any adult or their peers.This indigo children - freedom, not amenable to any control, it is uncontrollable, sometimes a little bit strange.The term indigo children entered the popular scientific literature in 1978.It was then that the American psychologist Nancy and clairvoyant Teyp discovered first child indigo.

Today, the phenomenon of indigo children are still not fully understood, but now researchers suggest that these children even the structure of the DNA is not like ordinary people.Who are the owners of the blue-violet aura?


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turns out that the most senior representatives of the Indigo is now about 33 years.A

nd these people (both children and adults), according to scientists, more than 40 million.Clairvoyant Nancy Teyp noted that the aura of the child's unusual - blue-violet.This color artists would be called Indigo.Since normal children golden aura, psychic suggested that the child - is unique.But it later emerged that it is not.It turned out that indigo children are still many, and each day there are more.They differ from other high spirituality, a large supply of nowhere who took knowledge of the universe.In the mid-90s phenomenon of indigo children take two American psychologists - Lee Carroll and Jan Tober.They drew attention to unruly children, in education where traditional methods were powerless.

This phenomenon was difficult to believe it was more difficult to realize.But when Carroll and Tober released their book, describing them concrete facts, backed up by scientific experiments.The theme was taken up by the authors all over the world.There are versions that children are sent to Earth to save her from disaster.

How to recognize children with blue aura?↑

Indigo Children indigo child can be recognized in the second and third year of his life, but often these children express themselves since birth.They can not talk down, grudnichok requires constant communication.He can be indignant, if he did not explain why he changed set of clothes, or the purpose for which it is removed from the diaper.Sometimes neurologists say these children hypertonicity, but psychologists are not recommended to remove it with medication, especially in the first year of life.Any intervention may provoke the development of negative traits in a child indigo.If suppress infantile hyperactivity, problems may occur when the child is 5-6 years when children are categorically refuse to sit still in place more than one minute.Neither the teacher can inspire his more than two minutes, and then the problems will be in school with behavior.

older children indigo recognize even easier.When a child has mastered the skill of speech, he will tell you about myself, tell about their needs and desires, surely enlighten you on many issues.Psychologists have long lists of identified features, which can recognize outstanding kids.If you notice in his child at least 80% of these qualities, it is 90% or more is a child indigo - no ordinary baby.

In any case, if you conclude that your child - the child is indigo, that is no reason for delusions.It is not necessary to carry a baby for psychics and try to find out the purpose of his coming into the world.Live quietly and try to develop the best possible quality of their child and get rid of disadvantages.

  • stranger among the

Indigo Children prefer to communicate with their peers communication with adults or children who are several years older than themselves.He feels uncomfortable in the company of peers.Can parents complain that it "does not understand".The child shows surrounding "hill", "unique", even "regal", you might say.For him there are no idols and authorities.Consequently, the traditional methods of education do not apply to him.The child has his own view of the world and, as a rule, it is not the same, even with the parent.

  • creative approach to everything

child indigo quickly chooses for himself a way of teaching and follows it.Kid prefer to learn only from our mistakes, getting knowledge through personal experience.Very quickly satiated classes, concentrating on one, but in the short term.All other types of knowledge prefers to work.

  • tendency to fear

indigo child is afraid of losing a loved one, and afraid of his own death.May suffer nightmares, sleep disorders.Consequently, there is a fear of the dark.But this kid did not tolerate any violence over a person or over the surrounding world (animals, plants).

Different types - different program ↑

Lee Carroll in his book described in some detail the different types of indigo children.He argues that each of them has certain vital program.

  1. Humanists.These children grow up to become good doctors, talented teachers, lawyers and politicians.This hyperactive and sociable children, they are able to talk to anyone and any length of time.Physically, they are clumsy.Usually scattered.These kids do not understand how you can play with only one toy.They dumped all of the boxes, and then might not touch to any toy.If the parent to contact the child asking (clean room, for example), it would have to be repeated several times.
  2. conceptualists.It is the most common type of indigo children.From them grow people of creative professions - architects, artists and designers.But they can also be pilots, military astronauts.Or travelers.These are children who want to manage.Boys usually run by his mother, the girl - her father.If the circumstances are such that they lose a parent, it creates a huge problem in my life.In adolescence, parents should closely observe them, because children can go into the room to forbid something to hide.
  3. Artists.Children of this type are so far rare.They are in the world today is very difficult.But it is people who create masterpieces.They are around to be creative, strongly succeed if becoming actors or artists, musicians or sculptors.They can try a dozen classes and focus on one thing and become a master in this field.Usually it is the children of light build.
  4. All measurements live indigo children of the fourth type.They can be bullies and bullies, in stature, they are much larger peers and larger than other types of indigo children.They do not know how to adapt to the situation, but they know everything about everything, and everyone is trying to do it yourself.

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Energy indigo child is inexhaustible, and your task - to send it to a peaceful course.The most common mistakes parents - hard to monitor the baby or suppress.These children can and should give freedom, strict control can lead to undesirable consequences.For example, do not ask a teenager, where he is going, with whom he was on friendly terms, what he needs and more.

These children can not be humiliated, even in private, at least publicly.Be as tolerant of their child.Indigo children will not tolerate humiliation, perhaps they will even take revenge.There were cases that these children seek help of law enforcement agencies.Do not make the request in orders, respect the child and remember that authoritarianism and dictatorship, he would not tolerate.Any requests should motivate the real causes, not invented terms and axioms.

Indigo Children do not tolerate cheating.They have so developed the intuition that it is simply impossible to deceive them.They seem to see through.If you deceive your child even in small things, it is likely that the gulf between you will grow.Try to honestly and openly answer all his questions, and be sure the child can understand you.If this is difficult, just a bit priukraste the truth, but do not be fooled.And in the end, try to convince him and reassure by saying that you will cope with this problem.

Parents must create a child indigo conditions for creativity.These children love to do, and at this stage with them easier to make friends.Let it be curtained room any pictures, models, photographs, which he made himself.We'll have to close my eyes to the fact that the walls are covered in paint, carpet and clay stuck.Other

opinion about indigo children ↑

Indigo Children Many people are not sure what to believe American clairvoyant who told the world about indigo children.Increased self-esteem, some "outstanding quality", "election" - is not positive and negative qualities.Indigo children are categorically not recognize the Orthodox Church, some priests even believe that these children possessed by a devil, and the so-called indigo children come into this world, not in order to save him, indigo themselves in need of rescue.

In fact, in the last few years trying to convince society that hyperactive children - those who can not bring up, but can only be nurtured and carefully direct their energy into its peaceful course.Planned and not very adequate prospect: the children themselves should educate their parents.As for the tips that allow psychologists and unusual esoteric parents of children (not to deceive the child, not to humiliate him, to give an opportunity for creativity), they apply to all children without exception.Allegations that the indigo children still in infancy can teach adults, lead to a breach of one of the main commandments of God - Honour thy father and thy mother.A childish indulgence desires Church considers education pride, which is also a serious sin.

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What exactly hold the view - a private matter.But hardly anyone would argue that the need to educate children in the principles of pride, election, and on the principles of generally accepted morality.

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