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Options for wedding hairstyles for girls with long hair

Wedding hairstyle with living flower

You have one of the most important events in life - wedding.You try on a beautiful dress in the cabin, think manicure and makeup, record to a good stylist.Despite the fact that now in the fashion simple wedding hairstyles, brides rarely do they currently own.A wedding hairstyles for long hair is better to trust only the professionals.

Success wedding hairstyles for long hair can accentuate your beauty, and on the contrary, bad haircut can spoil the whole image.That is why the choice of hairstyle should be approached with great care.Take the time to make a trial version for a few days before the wedding.Then you will know that your wedding day will look at 100% attractive.And it will add confidence that would not want in this important day.


Video catalog luxurious options ↑

Choose a good master↑

now in vogue all unpretentious and easy.This also applies to wedding dresses and hairstyles and makeup.Of course, every bride can choose original and extravagant hairstyle.The main thing is that it successfully entered into its image.

There are some rules that you should consider when choosing a wedding for long hair styling.Firstly, it is a choice wizard that will create this masterpiece.After wedding hairstyle - not ordinary styling that can be done by yourself in haste, or in any first got the cabin.From wedding hairstyle depends on your mood celebration.Second, remember that with this hairstyle you were sealed photographers and video in a happy moment, and photos and video throughout your life you will be revised several times.More and your future children will look.So look for a master who will understand you perfectly.He will be able to do exactly the hairstyle you want.And if you do not know what hairstyle to choose, he will pick up a few options that will fit under your dress, your face and hair type.

Elements wedding hairstyles for long hair ↑

  • Romantic curls Romantic bride

They always look very impressive.Hair onto which the fixing means is wound on curlers.When they are dry, wavy strands laid at the request and fixed spray.

What will be styling - it depends on the willingness of the bride.You can make high hairstyle, and leave a few loose curls.They will frame the face nicely.You can leave your hair loose, decorating them with flowers or rhinestones.You can pick up a piece of hair, and the rest on the shoulders dissolve.

  • spectacular splendor

hair wind on large curlers and dried.Make a parting locks at the nape nachёsyvayut.Thereafter, they are placed in a smooth and two tails.Holiday accessories and hairstyle lacquer finish.

  • corrugated strands

They look very impressive.This hairstyle is perfect for women who wear a haircut cascade.This option is relevant: the roots are straight, crimped strands.

  • For fine hair

If your hair lacks volume, is applied to dry hair mousse and wind on curling strand by strand.If you then mounted on top of the roller, the hair will look thick.

  • For curly hair

Wedding hairstyles for long hair that curl - complicated case even for the most experienced master.But the results sometimes exceed all expectations.For curly long hair beautiful in themselves.These hairstyles are not worth volumetric decorating accessories because curly long hair and so perfectly complement the image of the bride.Look beautiful straight hair, one to one, which falls on the shoulders.Decorate them with delicate tiara with a veil or a barrette.Another option - a flower of curls on top, plus a few strands that were released on the sides.They are decorated with small beads or flowers.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair ↑

Hairstyle with slicked back hair

With loose curls ↑

healthy condition of your hair will reveal hairstyles, which can be seen freely flowing hair over her shoulders and back.They should be slightly wavy or curly hair in any size and shape.Even straight hair slightly curled recommended.This will give the romantic image of the bride.You can decorate hairstyles for long flowing hair hoop, tiara, artificial or fresh flowers.

Hair partially matched hair ↑

They look so beautiful and unusual that women who have chosen a hairstyle often refuse to veil, so as not to hide under her masterpiece wizard.Traditional veil can be replaced by a fashionable hat or veil.The front strands lift to the back, put and decorate accessories or colors.The rest of the hair - loose, flowing from under the decorations.Typically, the remaining strands curl.

Wedding hairstyle with curls

High options for long hair ↑

They are considered ideal for weddings, because it looks very solemn opening of the neck of the bride elegance, the beauty of her back.High hairstyles perfect stress profile.In the long hair look good all kinds of seashells, components, beams.Many decorations are not required - hairstyle is a jewel in itself.

Wedding hairstyles with tail ↑

tail at the back or top of the head - a very topical version of wedding hairstyles.If the hair is straight, can be smoothly combed hair and make a pony tail.You can not decorate or decorate what some flat elements - lace, ribbons, sequins.This will soften the severity of this hairstyle.You can seize the tail of the tape in several places or to decorate hair barrette compound.

Matched hair hairstyle

With pigtails and braids ↑

Long hair is good because they give a lot of room and the master of the fantasy bride.Pigtails look gentle and refined.Species braids a lot, so the wedding hairstyles for long hair with the use of this element are obtained exclusive.This can be a braid, which lies around the head, and can be a French braid or fishtail.You can braid a braid along the entire length, and only half.Hairstyles with braids are perfect for brides who do not want to have the amount of hair on the back of the head or temples.Pigtails can not decorate, and can be used as decoration ribbons, beads and flowers.

Spit in wedding hairstyles

Extravagant hairstyles for weddings ↑

Original hairstyle bride unusual, but very bright image of the bride create unusual hairstyles.It can be hair carelessly in a bun at the nape, asymmetrical styling, with ragged hair colored strands.It also includes the lush and hairstyles for weddings that create true professionals.For such hairstyles need a special frame and a lot of time.

Wedding hairstyles with fleece ↑

Retro style is becoming more popular.This also applies to wedding fashion.Dresses and hairstyles reminiscent of those that marry our mothers and grandmothers.All the best returns: after all hairstyles with fleece looks really impressive.In each of the second hairstyle for the wedding present at least a small fleece.The popular element of wedding hairstyles - fleece on top.It makes hair more voluminous.Hairstyle looks precarious and solemn.

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