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How to quickly restore shape after childbirth

How to return to the original shape after childbirth Give a person's life - the higher purpose of women.Many would agree that the birth of a child convictions women are changing.The problems the solution of which had seemed vital overshadowed disappear many complexes and fears.But how to go back to the original shape after giving birth, almost every woman thinks.After all, his mother - is only one of its faces, and the desire to be attractive is not going away.

course, there are lucky, are not troubled by the problem of excess weight after delivery.But most women still notice some increase kilograms.Someone more of them, someone less - all in different ways.What to do with the hated being overweight?


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the first year after birth - is the best time to restore its physical form.Then it will be much harder to do.Anyway, the extra weight can be one of the causes of discord with her husband.Psychologists have since argued that many divorces occur in the first year of life, although it is prohibited by law and.Having read these clever thoughts on the Internet and children's magazines, I firmly decided that immediately after birth'll regaining weight.Therefore, barely healed joints, I rushed to download the press.It cost me a tremendous effort and the result, of course, was zero.

Why?Newborn demanded as much attention and care that make any exercise there was not effort or time.Also, I found myself on the fact that a snack of sandwiches, and while walking I buy a muffin and juice.There nursing mums want permanently.However, by the end of the second month of life I lost.I do not know how many kilos, but the things that was very noticeable.

And what is the explanation: the abdominal muscles, which are the last few months have been stretched, gradually returning to the previous form.The uterus comes to its normal state only after 5-6 weeks.The excess fluid from the body goes, the abdominal muscles are tightened.In addition, breast-feeding helps to reduce weight.When

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  • How to return to the original shape after childbirth Even if you could do this before the pregnancy, do not try to do the splits or rock press, barely returning from the hospital.Your body is exhausted after giving birth, and any excessive load you are contraindicated.Return to the previous form should be held gently and gradually.Remember the kid will not let you be idle, so get to work on a figure no sooner than he was three months.By this time he had already developed his own regime will be, and you can adjust it by, to allow time for the press or swing lessons with hulahupom (this is a band that twist at the waist).
  • The best thing you can do for yourself in the first or second month - a daily walk on foot.Do not sit on a park bench, shaking his foot carriage where peacefully sniffs your charm and calm place some distance, but not very slow pace.
  • will also help slow exercises with static loading.It is not necessary to perform all the exercises at once, you can do them little by little during the day.Tilt, swivel, squatting and bending will not harm you, but you remove the tension in the back and legs, which is so annoying young mothers.How to return to the original shape after childbirth
  • Any diet postpartum women are contraindicated.The only sensible diet - refuse to fatty and fried.Your menu should be meat, vegetables, dairy products, cheese.Even if circumstances are such that you do not breast-feed your baby, it is still a weight loss diet for a few weeks tell your resounding "no!".Why is that?You're not the enemy of health.Female body is exhausted after giving birth and recovering slowly.Nowhere to aggravate the situation by lack of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that entails any diet.
  • But do not make excuses pile food on your plate that you feed your baby breast.Do not forget that a large amount of food eaten at once, increasing the size of the stomach, and he will put pressure on the weakened abdominal wall, and even more puffed out your tummy.

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How to return to the original shape after childbirth In most cases, the reason for the extra kilos gained during pregnancy is hormonal changes the body.It stores nutrients for the future: who knows what!After birth, the extra kilos often go by themselves, provided that the young mother does not eat buns and lemonade, and eat healthy foods in reasonable quantities.

If there is a desire and ability, you can give your body a serious exercise in 4-5 months after delivery.We are talking about classes in the gym or the morning or evening race at 2-3 kilometers.

But before active training you should consult with your doctor.For the duration of the recovery period depends on the type and severity of birth.

surest principle - not to rush back his former weight in a few months.You do not need to be equal to the celebrities who come out of the hospital models.Their appearance - it's their job, as you absolutely nowhere to hurry, because you are on maternity leave.A child needs a calm and healthy mom and a couple of extra kilos he was not worried.

Nature is wise, and it is impossible to cheat.If you're dieting nursing mothers, very slowly, you lose weight, then it is a weight now need your body.And once no longer need, you will begin to rapidly lose weight.You should not force yourself to stress or diet, you will not only hurt your child, but can not long retain a result of weight loss.

And most importantly, are now in the world is man who loves you no matter how much you weigh, what your stomach, and that you are wearing.This is your toddler.

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