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Important secondary and fitness

baza Personally, I always interfere addicting nature.That this is the nature grabs the weights in the middle of training for strength, the two-hour rides on any box in the middle of the mass of the plan, and then chokes helpful clover in an amount sufficient to cover the deficit.Periodically, I try to reduce the entropy, and balance their many kinds of activity in some sort of plan.Moreover, he adds the fun that I had all that - work on radically different projects at the same time, the combination of repair, relocation and travel series.And as a child I went to all the clubs that have been in the Palace of Pioneers, yes.Because post about the importance of secondary and I am writing primarily from personal experience.Which, by the way, led me to what I personally work better on certain athletic skills, rather than on certain visual effects.

important and unimportant in training on slimming

Once I was asked, I do not pumping up the muscles you sent me posted on the web in style routine MRT.And, frankly,

I "hung" minute 10. In fact, training for "fat burning" and "to set weight" as such do not exist.It is commonly found on the set of plans and incineration.That is the difference:

  • plan on burning the whole purpose - to create adequate energy shortages, and "keep" the muscle mass at an acceptable level;
  • in terms of a set - to create a surplus and give enough incentive, in the form of a power load to the muscles "grew»

Accordingly, an important plan for fat loss that's what will:

  • balance between the intensity of weight training, its volume andsubjective value, which combines the ability to recover in the short supply of energy and increase your appetite by intensive training.That is why training on which we laugh in a lobby (well, there are all sorts of bikini-circular with a bunch of isolation exercises for the biceps and triceps) actually have a better chance of losing weight easy to work than honest "do base to refuse, well, you canconsolidate its base in circles ".Balance is determined individually.Any theoretical calculations on this topic yet.For me work "mean in the hospital» MRT with average weights and without the mass heroism, like 10 repetitions with a weight that you can lift 5 times.But on clients running different ....Someone on the deficit have to write plans with "straightening the leg in the simulator," forgive the universe.Someone - show the workout Hot Iron and completely exclude classical work with iron.
  • balance between recovery and increased physical activity.Well, you understand - do not just understand advice about how to more frequent training with bilderskih forums.What works for Cutler, does not work for most of us.Of course, well-researched on mass body bildersky split combined with cardio and can "will dry."If the body normally sleeps, eats and worn mad sausage for 12 hours a day.There are people, normal slimming 6 workouts per week, there are those who need to cut back to 3, and includes days of rest, I'm sorry, hiking and walking.Again, the balance sought by the selection.

important and unimportant in training on weight

The theme of the cycles of recruitment and drying has become very popular in amateur circles.And if men are more myths about drying it goes, the women "unknown territory" is the weight.Scary stories overgrowing cellulite up to the eyebrows, and about how the weight of "walking" in the 15 kg in three series.Equally scary stories about how there has to 8 times a day and drink each meal Gainer to gain at least 2 kg of muscle.

important in terms of the correction of the figure, or "Set weight" is here that:

balance between the intensity of the training and capabilities of your body.Personally, my opinion - 90% beginners gym should not do loops w / dryer, at least in the first 2 years of operation.For a start, it is necessary to work on technique, power and endurance performance, and accept the fact that perfection by magic happens.That's because for a normal human need hypertrophy rather heavy weight.And to drive a man who can not sit without the weight so that the knees do not Iksom reduced.gipertrofiyny under the plan is fraught with injuries.Especially for women - the main reason that we in the fat mass is just a glitch in the hall.If you want to adjust the shape with a workout in the style of "3 sets of 15 repetitions," eat better on the need for and believe in the recomposition of the body.Fortunately, for beginners it really happens.

balance between supply and use of surplus.What does your young person for a set weight (yes, he's oatmeal cookies Gainer washes down, no less), it is not necessary to do to you.It is necessary - to calculate a balanced diet with a small surplus in the vicinity of 200-300 kcal / day.And do not arrange a few days a huge cake, even if you really want.And yet, it is better not to count it the most, and go to a sports nutritionist.Then the pizza in the plan will be lower and the protein - as much as needed to keep healthy and grow, finally.

Everything else seems to do or not to do cardio, weight gainer or there is not - things are purely secondary.And yes, just to get tightened figure, if the starting data - not 20 kg of excess weight, and exhaustion, you do not need to do loops "Weight-drying".Enough is said boring advocates for healthy lifestyles, three strength training, a couple of "lessons cardio" and balanced, not too hungry power.And with cycles met when work in the hall about a couple of years.Well, or you realize that you do not need and are not interested, and struck in the development of new sports skills.

Elena Selivanov

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