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Freebies: The best workout for nothing

true what they say, that desire for freebies able to do much more than calls to professionals.Arguments like "do sports now, and then the doctors will save" to modern man not acting.Whether business - sweet feeling that you get something for nothing, while not very clever or quick neighbor pays for it is quite a lot of money.Free and you can work out, though with varying degrees of intensity.This blog will talk about the effectiveness of various free activities for their own health and figure.

Sport Online TV

Strictly speaking, television "Live" sell "tickets" - access to the video library site at any time for the user.However, the cunning fellow with a fair amount of free time and creative approach, they do not need."Zavlekalochka" channel - broadcast online fitness workouts.You can examine the schedule on the site, and do, however, is not the fact that whenever you really need to exercise.

Additional costs: mat and sports uniforms, most employment channel - just training with their own body weigh


Pros: convenience - you can really train right at home, without spending a dime.

Cons: the specific nature of activities - most workouts are designed for beginners, some instructors explain the greater than the show because of this lost intensity.

Portrait of customer: young mother novice fitness with a gentle "attachment" to the house and the lack of extra funds.

Training videoblogs

Sometimes the owners of these blogs post for everyone to see purses, or the famous button "buy me a coffee if you like exercise," But in all honesty, many of us will buy where you can get absolutely free?That's right, we do not know of!Video blogs there are completely different - from the average intensity LovingFit with ours, by the way, compatriot in the title role, to "classic high-intensity training" - Team Blog bodyrockers.Well, if you are not afraid and pull rod as a tool for a good figure, you can try Crossfit - in essence, CrossFit community, - a description of training and video blog comes free with every task.Moreover, CrossFit already have in Russian.

additional costs: the form and shoes at least.High intensity workouts require good fixation of the foot and additional "springs" under the heel and arch of the foot.The rest - option.For training bodirokerov need bags, weights, sometimes rack and push the horizontal bar for pull-ups."Splinter" Zuzana Light provides exercises with dumbbells.For CrossFit need weighted ball, bar, pancakes, sometimes rack, horizontal bar, rope rings.However, until you get to use the latest, it will take time.Start with the beginner can "Dedov" a set of dumbbells and a horizontal bar in the playground.

Pros: be honest - on a per-logs "graze" many fitness professionals in search of new ideas for group and individual lessons.Personally, I love the high intensity functional training, and the practice itself is his - well, I do not have time to pumping every single muscle in isolation and many hours of cardio.Sports video maniacs do in the best sense of the word - the people are so enthusiastic about fitness, it "can be seen immediately."

Cons: classes have a lot of contraindications."Fun", where rather stout lady from the truck traction tire or jumping on a half-meter support professionals say only one thing - forgive knees, and ankles, too, come, bye.If the BMI is greater than 30, start with LavinFita, choosing classes without jumping.And yet, there is a minus for the amateur - someone sexy strain leading site bodirok.For them, even coined the term "fit porn", although some people are on the contrary, motivated to workout.But for those who bend the truth and there CrossFit - no silicone breasts for a couple of years of watching the video I have not noticed.

Portrait of a customer: a couple of years of training with Jillian Michaels or finished Insaniti videos P90X on the shelf, vegetables and low-fat sources of protein in the fridge, plus the ability to distinguish on a split-squat squat, lunge, and step on the right to determine what the load is good,some bad.But occupation does not matter - typically in-training with logs require no more than an hour of free time a day.With such a level of love for fitness, you will find it exactly.

World torrents or not quite legal, but normally

former lawyer in me cries out for justice, copyright and other legitimate joy.But the fact remains - almost any fitness video that the West is sold for money, we can download for free.What we do not pobrezguem use until the rest of the world is discussing access to YouTube and tolerance towards Muslims.Here, as in the present fitness club, you can find classes of varying degrees of quality and for every taste - from the almost classical ashtanga vinyasa, to almost suicidal P90X.And numerous training for "press, thighs and buttocks," there are no numbers.

Additional costs: from "no" to buy a set of dumbbells and a horizontal bar in the doorway

Pros: indeed, at any time and for any taste.You can learn all the video you want.Cardio?Choose kickboxing or dance.Power?Any lesson titled "against problem areas."And in the complex for weight loss there is no shortage.Empirically employment will pick up yourself and newcomers, and almost professionals.The last is highly recommended to find the P90X.Despite the weird name, this training system really works.And what's not working, then it's - classic cross-training, the alternation of power, plyometric, aerobic, "stretching" exercises, thoughtful daily, plus a balanced diet.

Cons: from Big Brother who is watching us all, to the risk of improper selection of activities.True, true, I even saw people who manage to get hurt in the process of implementation of the complex immortal Cindy Crawford.So be careful, cautious and even through fitness videos before you start practicing on it.

Portrait client: a man who can bring himself to do fitness for a particular schedule.Unlike blogs with videos, motivation from "outside" there is almost no, you are left alone with the mat, dumbbells and videotrenerom, others in this situation may get bored, and "forgotten."

So, you can even engage in free, so stop whining about the lack of money and go to the gym.You can do it right now, then life will be happy.

Elena Selivanov

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