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Running from euphoria to depression

tone-it-up-girls-2 know who begins to run or throw?Those who caught the real euphoria from training.In fact, "high runner" - it is scientifically proven state.Systematic physical activity promotes the production of endorphins, so jogging replacing chocolate - this is not fiction diehard ZOZhnikov, and quite a scientific fact.However, the pleasure of jogging can turn pain.What is the feeling when you run, despite the injury, and one is not perfect moment, the body simply refuses to cooperate.For any interruption followed by depression, and perhaps even find other ways to get the endorphins, however, in areas far from fitness.It is the "ups and downs" of ignoring the so-called chronic injuries and cause variations in weight as well.Everyone says that it is necessary to protect themselves.So here's a guide for cautious runner.

What is "chronic" injury

What is a normal sports injury, I think, is clear to everyone.Let's say you stumble on a stone falls, there is a sharp pain in the knee, and, hello trauma, physical therapy

, and no physical activity.

But chronic injury occurs imperceptibly and gradually:

  • all begins very innocently - after the treadmill workout you feel pain like normal muscle "delayed onset muscle soreness," but, for some reason, in the same muscle.Or even in the joint."Symmetrical" with the foot does not hurt at all;
  • load increases, increasing the mileage intervals additive and complicated kinds of running your pain increases;
  • for reporting distance, or just a normal long training you suddenly feel a sharp pain where "attracted" all the previous week;
  • stage followed a visit to a specialist, and possibly a ban on training so long months in 5-6

As always struggling with chronic injuries

Most journals provide advice on running in the spirit of "do one day of rest," or"lie down in an ice bath."A more advanced method of preventing chronic injuries such:

  • assume you four running workouts per week.You should allocate a distance so as not to "run against" every workout your maximum, and do not show the speed record for each session;
  • usually make 1 short interval workout 1 workout with running speed, 1 cross-training in the elliptical trainer, and 1 light jog at a long distance.If necessary, remove the cross-training or light jog, leaving only 3 workouts;
  • program plan for a few weeks, since "runs" with the distances that make up about 50% of your maximum capabilities.That is, if you, for example, can run 12 km, should start with 6km a day light jogging.Short jog "speed" organized so that the distance is less than at least a couple of kilometers, but at the same time, the exercise itself was not shorter than 20 minutes;
  • addition to jogging recommend strength training with free weights weights and dynamic stretching.Because of the latter fact, most runners "hang" in the classes of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.Independent Dynamic stretching is also possible, at least do 15-minute sequence from the same Nike Training Club after his run;
  • runners diet recommended activities include cross-training.Suppose your cardio for burning calories should last 45 minutes.Of these, half an hour of theoretical training took running, and the remaining 15 minutes - Cross-training in the elliptical trainer or bike path to the place run.By the way, it is better for fat loss than slow shuffle of distance for an hour if you are not physically able to run for an hour;
  • those who dream of running speed is still advised to "runs" to at least 10 km distance, and only then to experiment with modes

Yes, I foresee a "phi" hardcore runners on the street in a place where it is said aboutellipsoid, but dear friends, we are here not for the Olympic Games is ready, and sometimes it is possible to sacrifice principles for health

In practice, the guess work whether normal arsenal of cross-training, or there may not even experienced coach on the run.For example, tissue damage can be microscopic, without any external signs.They did not show the usual examination, and you'll doubt, I do not play it if Lenya get up in the morning mind.

what not to do in any case: a handful of ibuprofen, relying on the fact that "all the runners face the risk of inflammation."Dear comrade, and all sinks tablets without reason - the risk of disorders of the liver and excretory system.From the same series and the legacy of the American people, as the ice bath.If you sit on "deficient" diet, in fact, it is better to avoid the additional burden on the immune system.

What to do if you suspect a "chronic injury»

If it has happened, and local pain does not let you, go to the doctor already.Yes, not a doctor of general practice, but directly to the surgeon.Take a survey, it is possible the cause of your pain has clearly seen a specialist.

Humble in advance so that the doctor will tell you.In the sense that it can stop you from running at all.In this case, do not panic and look for permissible physical activity.Ask if you can swim, or engage in strength training or yoga or anything.

Do not just wait for "pass" drinking medicine.You may appoint physiotherapy, and so it is better to walk.And even if offered such strange things as massage and acupuncture - do.It's better than spending money on yet another cosmetic masochku, and then be faced with the need for surgery.

And the most important thing.I guess that you are now looking for the guilty, and experience.Stop, it is better to spend time learning new techniques and methods.The same strength training with small weights are not always allowed in the recovery period of microtrauma.And some "unusual" activity types such as pilates reformer in or on the floor, too, mostly resolved.Give yourself time to recover, but do not be discouraged - Find an activity that will help you recover.And you certainly will run.Soon.

Elena Selivanov