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Three old trick that will help improve the shape

flirty-girl2 the spring on the thematic resources currently insanity begins.All the "dried".Even those who need to be objectively podnabrat muscles, or simply disengaged from the body's own, and to go in the 6 consecutive years-delayed vacation.It goes in the post, so to speak, of the simple truths that, if ignored usually strongly contributes to the failure of any "drying".And yes, the most important thing - if you have a normal state, they say, the grace of a young kitten, and the same muscle, try to forget the word "drying".Replace it with the term "balanced meal plan," and eat health.

Hire yourself a trainer and nutritionist

part of the post is particularly true for those who have 5 years in the subject of the power of fitness achieved something no results, but still active suffers from some form of Miss Bikini H-tion of the county.For starters, you need to:

  • remove all the books on training, even Wendler, well, okay, it can hide in the daddy "Do not go here the next 3 months", and the main thing - to stop
    reading them, as well as posts bikinistok, elevator operator, famous and not so athletes, homegrown and professional coaches and other;
  • open a search engine and find the people who are trained in your city.Naturally, should seek "keyword".If you want to look like bikinistka - and write, do not need to specify an abstract "strength training" or "fitness";
  • take a week off, especially if your routine looks like this - six workouts per week, plus the skills, plus leisure.On the "holiday" can be just somewhere to get away from the beloved city, and you can walk to the pool and sauna, and meet with the coaches found earlier to find her already;
  • refreshed with clean fresh head to go to the new coach.Further, no one is listening but the coach, and nothing to think

What bonuses you get: First, break out of what varites gradually.Maybe you're doing it right, and there is no form, simply because it is too early.And maybe - do too much.Or not enough.Believe me, these things are always seen from the outside.And the man with the experience - even more so.You will correct technique, because over time, the accumulation of fatigue, and an increase in training load, it is, breaks.You will remove the "weak points", and not the program will paint in the style of "every day to the full," but with more promising growth plan.And most importantly - you get rid of the constant searching and doubt.The latter, by the way, my personal observations and are the main reason "why the training program is not working.

With nutritionist principle is the same.Just one piece of advice - try to avoid contact with the guys from the weight loss clinics, and other specialized in "feeding" of people with end-stage detraining and walking as the only physical exercise.Look man working with fitnessistami.Those who build power sedentary fatties, sorry, there is often a behavioral stereotype:

  • not grow thin?So you eat terribly much!Let's pruning here and there, we will begin to eat every 2 hours in small portions.And eliminate ... Well, what if it turns the power on 1000 kcal.So you want to lose weight or not?

the active use of such diets for a few months and in conjunction with training, you can become a regular customer of the district endocrinologist.Yes, your thyroid gland does not like to diet to 1000 kcal.For geeks, there are quite ancient study (Vedden, Foster, Mason, Stankard, Prenzh, International Journal of Obesity, March 1990), which proved that only some 18 weeks dietochke 1,200 kcal reduce thyroid hormone levels by 66%.It is quite enough to "profit" is not too healthy thyroid trouble, taking pills and enjoy the rest of your life.

Start normal training diary

How does a training log and citizens of the majority of citizens?Right, like I've found a miserable phone with alternating "strength / cardio", and then the list in the spirit of "Monday - the legs / shoulders."Do not be afraid to seem boring, but the blog is extremely important.That it helps to open their eyes to what and how you are doing.

Therefore it is necessary to record each exercise, the approach, the number of repetitions, working weight, and note feeling.Felt "working" muscle or not, was clean equipment or not.Most of the writing rather quickly develop an adequate system of reductions.

Diary - this is not an instrument of self-control, and a way to understand ... that you have too much, when it comes to experienced athletes.Assume using it quite easy to identify if you have an imbalance between zhimami and rods, and what muscle group simply overloaded because of a heap of unnecessary "back room."And yes, the blog need not be discussed at the forum, and any analysis itself, or to show the coach or more competent in matters of strength training individual.

Plan Finally, the day

In school I hung on the wall calendar circles / classes and other children's joy.Now - a list like "Saturday: rise at 5.30, BCAA, water, running 5/400, contrast shower, breakfast.7.15 - 9.15 - work with texts, 9.30 - access to work ... "and so on.And yes, it helps me not to suffer a choice like "lousy weather, may instead run in the morning after I power poterzayu treadmill?I want to sleep, I can Popish somehow at lunchtime? "The most important point for me personally the list - it is bedtime.I always try to cram all the work so that lie at least 22.30.Otherwise the whole routine of running and power becomes more harmful than helpful.Planning - the best to date tool to combine life, responsibilities, rehabilitation and training.So if you want to "shift" - learn to plan, and you will not be excruciatingly painful because of the fact that you once again piled in a heap, strength training, intervals, and lack of sleep "debt" of work.

And yet, allow lists in advance to get rid of things that, in general, you do not need too important.The list can be seen at once all "sit 1, 5 hours on the Internet and tossed feverishly collecting things for tomorrow."Planning will free up time for exercise, even with the busy schedule.

Simple truths are still working.Maybe it's time to give them a chance?

Elena Selivanov