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Why did no one lose weight on a diet Agapkina?

Gyms swept New Year's fever.Walk into any club in the awkward, to say the least time, for example, at 7 am.In all treadmills, exercise equipment are all busy, and even unpopular at the usual time Olympic vulture someone finally picks up.Individuals saunter from corner to corner with personal trainers, someone engaged in a video application, and especially advanced comrades rush to book New Rules Of Lifting and an impressive selection of free weights.About afflicted crowd on the steppes and cycling and write something somehow indecent.In general, all lose weight.Small opinion poll conducted among customers showed that "the people" still fashionable kefir, buckwheat and "dyukanovaya" diet.Or counting calories in combination with full confidence that there should be 1200 or more.And here the owner of a chain of yoga centers and broadcaster SNAgapkin?And besides, he is just what provides normal variant, with which you can lose weight and until the New Year, and after, and even instead.

What is so good diet Agapkina

Diet Agapkina beautiful though that like all beautiful, it ... does not exist in nature.What you read on numerous sites of beauty - it's not a diet Agapkina.Actually, SNAgapkin actually never created any diet.He once announced a set of recommendations for individual weight loss that popular rumor turned into a "diet".Frankly, these recommendations are winning by a large margin in all your favorite buckwheat and kefir.

Firstly, following them, you killed a metabolism, and will not be forced to eat the rest of life on 1000-1200 kcal;

Second, you can have almost any budget, even for a good champagne and elegant dress will.However, if you penetrate the philosophy of healthy lifestyle Agapkin you are dearer skis, skates or a subscription to the swimming pool;

Third, you can eat quite well, not as a freak, manic refusing cereals, dried fruits, milks the sake of the ideals of "caveman diet»

Fourthly, if the string up, the New Year can be represented quite a dietary menu,and if you feel the - do not sit at the table with salads all night and go for a walk.

Fifth, for the two weeks that remain before the holiday, you will lose a couple of kilos honest.In the early discharge of the weight it goes fast, and if you are imbued with and train almost instantly.Honest two kilograms will look much better than a "broken-off in a vain struggle against Dyukanom" 5-6.And you do not return a couple of them at corporate parties, and in the process of celebrating alien to us, but this lovely Catholic Christmas.

How diet Agapkina

Above all, relax and drop "smart" idea to lose weight with atypical menu.You probably eat in the morning something like a sandwich for lunch - salad "that will send the nearest eatery" or hamburger with a second, and for dinner - a kind of quick meal like baked potatoes, boiled buckwheat or side dish with stews.If you start eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with organic macadamia nuts in conjunction with a green salad, or worse, shrimps with olive oil, possibly, the body will rebel and your corporate Christmas will be like a game of "who will eat more than 2 hours."

Try this:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs couple cup coleslaw, carrot and apple (cut into the evening, season with a spoon of oil in the morning, or buy in any supermarket salad "vitamin" called)

Second breakfast: 100 g cottage cheese or yogurt with half of any fruit.I'd add that if you train in the gym, feel free to eat the whole pack, and all the fruit that is not starved.

Lunch: Steamed vegetables, 100 grams of meat, poultry or fish, a portion of bran bread (2 slices of the standard loaf, about 40 g), 2 tablespoons of wheat bran.Athletes, again, can safely eat 200 grams of meat, fish or poultry, as long as the remaining 100 g of food was not breaded.If you go to the canteen, buy beef stew, it is not that which would have implied a dietary meal of meat, buy it stewed cabbage, it is everywhere.If you take out of the house, come down chicken and vegetable mixture is thawed, any type of "spring."Comrades vegetarians "shown" pre-bought a pack of cheese instead of meat, and vegans will have to accept, endure, lentils and cook at home to take her with him.Vegetable ingredients for a "green" diet - exactly the same.However, about a "green" I added as an interested party, Dr. Agapkin, as far as I know, not a propagandist.

Snack: like lunch.Increase snack to "sporty size" Only those athletes comrades who honestly squat with at least half of its own weight, tight from the chest is more than 20 kg, and in the training plan polyarticular have more movement than isolation.Confused?Personally, I find it easier to sit down with 1, 5 own weight than to eat half an apple, rather than the whole, think about it.

dinner - salad, a slice of bran bread, 100 grams of chicken breast and a couple of tablespoons of bran.

addition to diet, be inspired by two main thoughts of the doctor - for lying on the couch basin water does not flow, and simpler - better.In general, it is better to start going to the gym for aerobics or yoga in a good school 3 times a week, rather than spend the extra 6 hours for cooking meals and superslozhnyh search of the calorie-free yogurt.Infiltrated?To the gym!

And yet, two people are alike do not happen, you can always change a little diet, well, for example, instead of bread to take polportsii buckwheat or brown rice.And what about the corporative?A couple of glasses of wine, meat dishes and cutting vegetables on a plate, and actively participate in all the fun.And yes, remember, you then these people still work.

Well, in the house there is still time to choose creative vegetable-meat menu, and do not get hung up on herring with Olivier.If you are not "classical table" and the holiday is not a holiday, try to drink less, and go to the first day of the rink.Yes, they work.But first get rid of the remnants of the evening meals, but not in the mouth and in the trash, and continue to have a holiday before.Happy New Year, and do not overdo it with diet, gastroenterologist -so himself Santa Claus.

Elena Selivanov

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