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How to choose and apply blush to properly adjust the face

How to apply blush women has long been used for cheeks beet juice or berries, trying to give the skin freshness and brightness.Today cosmetics offers many blush different textures and shades.Women who do not complete the course make-up, it is difficult to understand how to apply blush and use a brush to do it.

Before applying blush, you need to determine what is desirable to achieve the goal: to emphasize the shape of the face, correct oval, give a person a healthy and fresh color, hide the signs of fatigue and paleness?All these are good reasons to use blush, but in different cases and requires a different approach to the choice of colors of blush and methods of application.


Video tips for choosing and applying blush ↑

stages and tasks makeup cheeks ↑

With rouge can be visually narrow face, emphasize or, on the contrary, is too hideprominent cheekbones.A professional can emphasize the dignity of blush face shape.But an ordinary woman, knowing the basic rules applying blush can make educated makeup.

Blush is applied in two stages, it helps to fulfill the main task of correcting the shape and color of an oval face.

first stage of the imposition of blush is to emphasize the contour of the face.To do this, use neutral colors.The second stage - the animated faces.Blush considered properly deposited if the color looks natural, the desired effect is achieved through proper selection of the site of application.

blush color is selected according to the type of skin, it should not be a contrasting color eyeshadow.Warm or cold range of shades of blush determined by the type of skin undertones.For cold undertones suit pink and purple shades, while warm - yellow and orange.

Depending on the purpose of make-up and pick up the tone of blush.Light colors visually approximate increase details emphasize the relief.The dark shades visually reduce and postpone part, masking them.

When selecting light and dark blush should be guided by the same principles as in the choice of eye shadow.The basic rule is that light colors visually increase and bring parts or make them vividly;dark colors visually reduce and postpone the details and make them less noticeable.

How to adjust the shape of the cheeks ↑

How to apply blush white, cream or very light colors is called lightening.All other colors, which are located below the lightening in the color scale are shaded.

Depending on what part of the cheeks is shaded, you will get the result.This is clearly seen in the photo:

To soften the sharp cheekbones, color shading is applied along the cheekbones.

To highlight cheekbones, color shading is applied in the form of a semicircle under the cheekbone.

How to soften sharp cheekbones ↑

If you think that you chiseled cheekbones, you can "soften" them, guided by the following guidelines and photo:

1. Apply blush appropriate shading colors (coldor neutral) on the cheek as shown in the photo on the left.The shaded cheekbone will seem less protruding.

2. Large brush blush blend well, so as not to be seen abrupt transitions.Feather does make more professionally made.

How to emphasize cheekbones ↑

How to apply blush To emphasize cheekbones or make the face more elongated form, follow these guidelines and photo:

1. Apply color shade under the cheekbones using a dome-shaped brush.

2. Apply lightening the color on cheekbones using a slightly larger brush.

3. Clean the brush thoroughly blend the border that there was no noticeable bands and blush.

add healthy color face ↑

After complete correction of the face (podsvetlenie, shading), you can add a bit of color on the cheeks.It is best to opt for natural pale pink color.The pink color does not have to look like "cash".It must give the impression of a natural blush - as if you've just pinched his cheeks.

color of blush on the left jar resembles the color of natural blush, while the right blush color is too bright to look natural.

Even with the warm skin semitone use natural pink color, because the cheeks from the heat and excitement of a little blush, you do not need to put on his cheeks bright orange to make your face brighter.To correct the shape of the face, you should also use a warm color scheme.

How does a person after it was given the desired shape and caused slight blush, can be seen in the photo:

How to apply blush ↑

Many women apply blush, as a rule, a direct "band" from top to bottom.If you lightly tapping his fingers, spend them on the cheek, then feel that they are slightly rounded forward, towards the face.Therefore, if you want to emphasize the cheekbones, apply a dark blush slightly curved line along the bottom of the cheekbones and under it.

side view and front view at one and the same method of applying blush shows how to properly applying blush highlight cheekbones, following the lines of their natural curvature.

side view and front view at one and the same method of applying blush indicates that the blush applied properly in a straight line.The line ends blush too low.It extends the shape of the face and will face "tough" expression.

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