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Evening make-up for brown eyes and make-up for blue and green

Evening make-up for green eyes Evening make-up differs significantly from the reserved day option where naturalness prevails and naturalness.Where you can safely unleash bling and shine, because the solemnity of the moment requires appropriate dress code and make-up - a bright, refined and even glamorous, good artificial lighting gives greater freedom to play with color and texture of the skin.Put on the gorgeous evening dress, it is important not to get lost on the background, and naturally complement and highlight its beauty sophisticated makeup.Set the tone of the evening make-up will help eye color, because that is green-eyed woman can not go to owners of blue or brown eyes.


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Brown eyes because of its a

mazing compatibility with most of the flowers are truly fertile "soil" for all sorts of experiments.They will look excellent with both monochrome and with a contrasting makeup.As a rule, pretty brown eyes expressive by nature, so a good effect can be achieved just eyeliner and mascara.

choosing the shade for brown eyes, it is important to take into account their natural shade, because they may be light brown with hints of green and yellow and dark chocolate, almost black.For eyes the color of dark chocolate perfectly suited beige and pink shades, as well as blue-violet range.Making charm light brown eyes will mix light pink and plum colors.Hazel eyes will look good with shadows emerald and khaki.Make brown eyes with an amber hue will more vivid lilac and purple shadows.

Evening make-up for brown eyes Evening make-up for brown eyes

For soft, warm, but nevertheless captivating use make-up shade brown color: chocolate brown, golden and pale sand tones.Eyes summing coal-black or dark brown pencil.Dark colors stand out due to the contours of the eyes and the area of ​​the upper eyelid crease.Inner corners of eyes and podbrovnogo area shaded by a light pearl shade.For eyelashes using black ink.To lashes look longer, lush and natural, immediately before applying mascara to powder they should be.

smoky makeup for brown eyes in a mesmerizing purple tones with silver bezel helps to give your eyes a highlight of mystery and refinement.Choose three or four shades of purple and apply them on the upper eyelid, following the classical canon, that is,in descending order of intensity of the color from the outer corner of the eye to the inside.The inner corner set off by shiny metal or silver shades.Silver eyeliner pencil or shadow.In two or three layers of black mascara, and we put the finishing touches put on lip gloss translucent.

Evening make-up for brown eyes Evening make-up for brown eyes

for spectacular contrasting makeup on the upper eyelid plot the "fuchsia".Use black or colored eyeliner.On the outer corners of the eyes and a fixed part of the upper eyelid plot the green or emerald shade.Use lengthening eyelashes mascara, and for glamor "season with" all the sequins.

Evening make-up for brown eyes Evening make-up for brown eyes

Evening make-up for blue eyes ↑

blue eyes - the eyes dreams, where you can sink or rise to the heavens.For the charming blue eyes are perfect pale pink, silver, purple, violet, gold, pearl, gray-brown, sand, lavender shadows.Otten deep blue eyes help bronze and gold tones.Blue and blue will add brightness and expressiveness.Yellow and orange hues combined with pale pink and peach shades to help create something spectacular and extravagant.But from the green, dark brown, charcoal, black and red color shades of blue eyes darkened, and the makeup looks hard, so it is desirable to dilute the other shades.

Evening make-up for blue eyes evening makeup for blue eyes

for incredibly compelling effect of the mysterious depths of tenderness and fascinating use two shades of blue shades with smoky tint.First, on the upper eyelid plot the darker shade of blue, extending the line to the outer edge of the eye.On the lower eyelid plot the lighter shade of blue.The same shade and use podbrovnogo area.To make the eyes more expressive, in the corners of the eyes can cause quite a bit of dark shadows.On the upper eyelid over the shadows be black eyeliner, gracefully bending line at the outer edge of the eye upward.Apply two coats of black mascara and boldly go to a party or a solid triumph.

Those who are close to the brightness and passion, suitable make-up in the intense blue tones with a golden touch.We select four shades of shadow: intense blue, dark blue, purple and gold.On the upper eyelid plot the stripes from the bottom up shade in the following sequence: deep blue, dark blue, violet.Golden shade is applied directly under the brow.Clearly summarize the contours of the upper and lower eyelid and apply mascara.

evening makeup for blue eyes evening makeup for blue eyes

Create elegant evening makeup for blue eyes a la aqua shade help aquamarine, gold and light blue with the cold sheen.Aquamarine is put on the upper eyelid the background.The border of the upper and lower eyelid is shaded in blue and gold do on the upper eyelid thin arrow.Easy to apply eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelids, and use mascara lengthens lashes.

evening makeup for blue eyes Evening make-up for blue eyes

How green eyes make up for a party ↑

Green eyes the most rare and mysterious.How do they differ and brown rich palette of colors ranging from olive, gray-green, grassy and brownish-green to turquoise and emerald.

Evening make-up for green eyes Evening make-up for green eyes

For zelenoglazok ideal warm color schemes that accentuate the natural eye color: brown, chocolate, golden, purple, beige, opalescent, peach, the whole range of pink and pale orange shades.Visually enlarge the eyes, giving them both expressive and mysterious in the evening make-up will help intense plum, violet and purple shades, but if your eyes are yellowish-green, then purple and violet shadows emphasize the yellowness than the greens, which also will look very juicy.To choose the glamor of gold and copper tones.Very impressive looks make-up in muted gray tones with lush green eyeliner.Do not give zelenoglazke unnoticed and evening make-up with the effect of "cat's eyes", which can be achieved by applying to the eyelids of chocolate shadows with a thin strip of gold.Terracotta and dark blue shade will help to give your eyes an emerald green hue.In order to balance the number of night saturation and frank diversity make-up and make more impressive as the basis of using neutral pastel shades of peach and gray-brown.

Evening make-up for green eyes Evening make-up for green eyes

To create an evening make-up for green eye on the upper eyelid plot the purple shadow.External corners shaded by brown shadows.Under the eyebrows use light brown or golden shade.Carefully all the shade, the colors smoothly and seamlessly into one another.On the lower eyelid applied in a thin brown arrow.The arrow on the upper eyelid should gradually expand towards the outer corner of the eye.For eyelash use not black and brown mascara.Done!

Evening make-up for green eye pictures Evening make-up for green eyes

In any evening makeup welcome brightness, luster, expression and even some catchiness, but still, fascinated by the creative process, do not forget about the sense of measures to make up for the splendid surrounding and you could see.

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You just pick the right tone corresponding to the color of the eyes and skin.

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