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How to remove the lashes at home in three ways

How to remove the lashes at home

And that only a woman can not be solved for the sake of men's attention!Spoil your hair colors and perms, sit on diets to exhaustion sweat in the fitness club, make hair removal in the most unexpected places ... increasing their eyelashes.But if they are increasing, and the information on how to remove the lashes at home, will be of interest to lovers of glamor update.


Why are we strengthening andremove the eyelashes ↑

If we're going to make such sacrifices, then it's worth it, or rather they are worth?If you are lucky with a man who will be able to appreciate your efforts and love you for who you are, so worth it.Eyes - mirror of the soul, not only, but also one of the most effective weapons in the arsenal of women.Without further ado, only one eye, it is able to say very much.And even what words can not say ;)'s what she and the woman, and he is a man to understand each other without words.But to say, in fact, we were going on the eyelashes ... Alas, not all nature has awarded chic long eyelashes, and those who are not cheated, always something little.What can I say, there is no limit to perfection.That resort to the help of restless beauty popular among the stars procedure - eyelash.Well, who refuses to expressive, languid, attracts attention, even without make-up look?Many women lashes attracted by the opportunity to abandon the use of mascara.There are such cilia inexpensive, and the procedure is carried in the cabin.

used to build the natural beauty of hair and hypoallergenic adhesive.Maximum lifetime lashes 15-20 days.On average, careful and neat wear, "build eyes" will be able to somewhere in two weeks, but they are often bored even before then, or are beginning to fall away and, of course, it is necessary to remove the lashes.To do this, it is not necessary to run back into the cabin, it is possible to do on their own.

three effective ways to remove ↑

Debonder - a special liquid ↑

sounds serious, and the way it is.Debonder is a liquid for removal of artificial eyelashes, allowing to operate more or less professionally.Debonder dissolves the glue, which were naroscheny lashes.Price does not bite, and the bubble should be enough for long.Moreover, if the adhesive is too strong, just some home remedies, is not likely to do.

Cheap and useful oil ↑

Yes, the most common vegetable oil helps remove the lashes easily and, most importantly, to good use.And lubricate the eyelids cilia oil reserve at night and in the morning contemplate "fallen leaves" on a cushion or cheeks.To get the maximum benefit from the procedure for your family cilia use burdock or castor oil, and helps to restore hair growth.

usual fat cream ↑

Another infallible remedy for removing lashes at home - any fat cream.Just soak a cotton swab into the cream, gently apply on line growth of eyelashes, soak a few minutes to glue under the influence of fat has lost its firmness, and remove the cilia.

All three methods are effective, unless you had used some kind of makeshift glue with doubtful composition.And it better not to joke, but then so long, and lose his own eyelashes.

Katerina Bagatskaya

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