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Harmonious smoky makeup secrets and applying "Aes smokey"

Smoky Makeup Smoky Eyes

Smoky eye makeup or smoky ice (smoky eyes) - this glamorous, sexy, attractive, languid eyes languishing, powerful weapon, punched very strong armor and gets right to the heart of even the most thick-skinned "rhinoceros."Among the leading stars of show business is the number one make-up!Repeatedly with smoky eyes have seen such stellar beauties like Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Keira Knightley, Charlize Theron, Paris Hilton, Sienna Miller, Gisele Bundchen.Light haze - a win-win for brunettes and blondes, and brown-haired women, and a redhead.


three basic steps "smoky" classics ↑

His appearance does not lose relevance smoky makeup obliged silent black and white movie.Smoky Eyes cult status acquired through the legendary Brigitte Bardot, which began to imitate the millions of women around the world who want to be tr

ansformed into a sophisticated, mysterious and fatal persons with a deep and mysterious look.And here he was again at the peak of popularity in the near future is not going to give up their positions.You perfectly know how to let the smoke in his eyes, but in the art of glamorous smoky eye full zero ?!Then we go to you!:)

smoky makeup Smoky Eyes smoky makeup Smoky Eyes smoky makeup Smoky Eyes

smoky make-up in all its glory ↑

distinctive feature of the style of smoky eyes are much darker shade shadow and eyeliner.Offers will be appropriate in the afternoon and in the evening make-up.The main thing - to choose the right shades, but not limited to banal and hackneyed gray-black palette, which many mistakenly elevated to an absolute.Color solution determined tsvetotip appearance, as well as place and time of action.For daytime make-up perfectly suited warm colors (pastel, olive, gold, sand, apricot, salmon), and for the evening - cold (black, gray, gray-brown, tobacco, gray-black, purple-violet).Shadows can be applied on both of the century, and only on the top.Flowing subtle transitions between dark and light shades allow it look more depth and special charming.And, of course, in any case, do not skimp on dark mascara, and for emphasis is not superfluous to impose on the outer edges of the pair of overhead cilia.Another highlight of smoky eye makeup - eyeliner.Whatever you have used to create it - a liquid eyeliner, shadow or pencil - do not forget to carefully feather border.

smoky makeup Smoky Eyes smoky makeup Smoky Eyes smoky makeup Smoky Eyes

master class for those who want to make Smokey Aes ↑

  • Preparing face and eyelids

cleanses and moisturizes the skin of the face and eyelids.Apply all over the face tone, carefully shaded to the middle of his neck.For daytime make-up select the tone as close as possible to the natural, for the evening - a semitone lighter.Lightens konsillerom yellow or peach are working all visible flaws and defects of the skin - pimples, redness, capillary mesh, dark circles, swelling, bruising and puffiness.To make up for the day is not "floated" and has not lost its captivating charm, causes little eye correction tools and lightly powder eyelids powdered skin color.

smoky makeup Smoky Eyes smoky makeup Smoky Eyes

  • Eyebrows

taupe pencil stress fracture, making the tail smoother.For maximum naturalness to break away and head can not underline in pencil and gray-brown shadows, using the applicator or brush.

smoky makeup Smoky Eyes

  • Selection shadows

When selecting a shadow guided by eye color, time of day, the dress code and the nature of the event.Owners blue-gray eyes and perfect blue-violet range.Dark-eyed beauties most advantageous will look with brown and greenish hues.Gray shadows and metallic silver suit almost everyone.To create the perfect haze, we need at least three shades of shadow: light, medium and dark.The main thing is that they are in harmony with each other in color.Shadow and eyeliner is better to choose matte, not glossy shades.Unwanted reflections, shine and gloss create a sense of swollen eyes, and his eyes will seem heavy and tired.

smoky makeup Smoky Eyes smoky makeup Smoky Eyes

  • Application Procedure shadows

medium shade impose on the crease with a gradual expansion to the outer edge.Closer to the eyebrows in the course are bright shade.Give a look expressiveness, ease of use and clarity will help directly under the brow bodily shadows.The darkest and inflict deep shade as close to the lash line on the upper eyelid and carefully shaded.All the boundaries color transitions should be carefully washed with a brush, a cotton swab or sponge!

smoky makeup Smoky Eyes

  • Liner

most important thing in the art of smoky makeup - be able to create the effect of haze.To do this you need to know a couple of tricks of professional make-up artists.Thus, the liner is better to choose the darkest color, depending on the color of shadows.Apply eyeliner on the lash line and carefully shaded.The liner can be used as a shadow, but to work with them a bit more complicated because they can crumble and go to bed not too sharp.Therefore, if you decide not to use a pencil, namely the shadows, they are best applied wet-brush for eyeliner.Then gradually begin to blur (shade) the shadow on the upper eyelid at the contour of the eye with a smooth extension to the outer corner of the lower eyelid and a third.Should get a line width on the order of two or three millimeters, and in the eastern section of the eye, it could reach up to crease.Owners of large expressive eyes to create the charming look of depth effect can additionally draw and the inside of the century.Received a very interesting contrast to the whites of the eyes that make the look more clean and captivating.

smoky makeup Smoky Eyes smoky makeup Smoky Eyes

  • Mascara

eyelashes using curling tongs and two coats of black mascara cover, not forgetting to share matted cilia.Inflicting a first layer of mascara give a good dry and only then repeat the procedure.Curled lashes make eyes look more open and expressive.Cilia in the Smoky ice must get fluffy, airy and velvety, so do not overdo it, not to look heavier and not to spoil the light haze of heavy "drapery".

smoky makeup Smoky Eyes smoky makeup Smoky Eyes

  • blush and lipstick

main role of the violin in the smoky make-up looking away, so cheekbones and lips should remain neutral.Too much emphasis will not only look ridiculous and tasteless, but vulgar.Is this you want?Smoky effect should be the same mysterious and weightless as light haze above the water surface.Lips leave almost colorless - a neutral pencil defines the contours, its shade with a cotton swab, and then apply a light semi-gloss or a lipstick neutral shade.Perfect color: flesh, pale pink, beige.Blush select to match the natural shade of blush and carefully border crossing.The glamorous version of the smoky eye allows the use of a shimmering powder.

smoky makeup Smoky Eyes smoky makeup Smoky Eyes

's all wisdom!Admire the mirror - do not you like a Hollywood star?Better ?!That's it!

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