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How to easily lose weight for the New Year

Weight Loss New Year Preparing for the New Year captures the "head" to any housewife.It is necessary to draw up a list of dishes, learn the best recipes, buy all the products and home decorations, children choose costumes for pre-holiday celebrations and gifts to loved ones.Finally, it remains to prepare their own outfit.And here is where the mood could deteriorate sharply because liked the dress looks too "relief" on the fat folds, not fastened lightning.For some, it becomes a reason to choose less attractive outfit, others decide to necessarily lose weight for the New Year and are absolutely right.


procedure for 30 days ↑

There are many ways to get rid of unnecessary kilograms.If immediately comes the thought of fasting for a few days, this option should be excluded.The body will get a lot of st

ress, triggered a defensive reaction, and by slowing down the metabolism begins to accumulate fat, he even "from the air".Unpleasant consequences await during or immediately after the holiday feast.If you do not grab attack after tasting hearty, then in a few days you will grow as a "yeast".So you just have to choose a suitable system of power.

more time left before the celebration, the better the body will take all the hardships.The ideal option would be reset 5-7 kg per month.It's enough to review your diet and count calories.Convenient to use special tables for drawing up the menu.

the first day of the figure should not exceed 1800 kcal, then the daily rate should be reduced to 100-150 units.Limiting the minimum at which the body feels more or less normal - 1200 kcal.

important !In the last week of calorie intake gradually increased to 2,000 units.

Diet has a great advantage - all is possible, but the value of servings will depend on the selected meals.But I have to work hard every day counting the value of the products.This should be done in the evening.

help improve the efficiency of the process the basic rules of weight loss in the past month:

  • water fasting between meals and drink pure water, mineral without gas, broth hips, green or white tea without sugar (8-10 glasses per day).
  • Minimize salt, sweets, exclude alcohol.
  • portion size should not exceed 250 g To this did not need kitchen scales.Enough "by eye" to determine that it will fit into one glass.
  • entire ration divided into 5-6 parts and doing approximately the same break.
  • last meal in 19 hours.

result may turn out to be more significant if the calories to keep records and make derogations from the plans.

Beautiful contours of the body in 2 weeks ↑

If before the New Year is 14 days, you can lose weight on a diet of Hollywood.Many stars have maintained a system of power without changing the busy schedule.The menu is very meager, but the rewards - a weight loss of up to 10 kg - well worth it.

important !At this time, it is necessary to reduce the physical and mental strain, stock vitamin complex.

In the morning you can drink only water.Preference is better to give the broth hips.The fruits contain the maximum amount of vitamin C, which allows the body to resist viral infections during the cold season.

All dishes are prepared without salt and sugar.

first day:

  • for dinner - salad of boiled eggs and tomatoes, oranges for dessert.
  • dinner - salad with eggs, cucumbers and cabbage.

Second day:

  • For lunch you can prepare boiled chicken (200 g) with lettuce and greens.
  • Dinner - egg and grapefruit.

beautiful figure for the New Year third day:

  • At lunchtime permitted serving of boiled beef with pickles.
  • for dinner - eggs, stewed with greens.

Fourth day:

  • Lunch - egg salad with fresh cabbage, cucumber and greens, oranges.
  • Dinner put steamed vegetables, 100 grams of cottage cheese with tea.

Fifth day:

  • Lunch consists of stewed fish (200 grams) with vegetables decorated with greenery.
  • Dinner - egg, tomato.

Sixth day:

  • At lunch - boiled rabbit meat with cucumber.
  • For dinner you can treat yourself a fruit salad of apples, oranges and grapefruit, seasoned with 150 g of natural yoghurt.

seventh day:

  • Lunch is prepared vegetable soup with chicken broth, 200 grams of meat, grapefruit.
  • Dinner put fruit salad.

Meals for the second week is no different from that presented.But many will get the desired result is already in the last 7 days.They go on a diet is not necessary, because everything is good in moderation.

Egg-orange diet for 6 days ↑

For Quick Weight Loss suitable egg-orange procedure Queen Margarita - Moscow nutritionist that develops power supply systems for the Russian celebrities.

It lasts six days, during which you can lose weight by 5 kg.The daily diet includes 6 6 oranges and boiled eggs.At the beginning of each hour it is necessary to eat 1 product by alternation.It turns out 12 meals a day.First breakfast - no later than 07.08 am.Between meals - water in a constant quantity.

Cleansing diet for 5 days ↑

Snow Maiden The diet consists of vegetable salad, the ingredients of which is carried out "spring cleaning" of the intestine.Gradually build up on the inner walls of the products of metabolism, forming fecal stones.Their total weight may be a few kilograms.And simple products to help it completely clear without resorting to medical procedures.

salads need cabbage, beets and carrots in equal amounts.All vegetables are used in raw form.They must be crushed by any means "straw".The amount per serving should not be more than 1 cup.

5 days out 5 kg of excess weight.This diet support Elena Malysheva - the most famous doctor of the country.But it is impossible to extend the procedure.

«Funny" diet for quick weight loss ↑

lose 5 kg in 5 days makes cheese diet "5 cheerful processed cheese".The diet is very meager, but it is complemented by a glass of white wine.Apparently, because of the drink got its name.

product better stock up before, to not have the desire to eat something forbidden when shopping.

  • 500 grams of cheese.No need to choose low-calorie grade - diet and so tough.On the day we put 100 g, so you can take this into account when buying to home is not vymeryat desired portion.Or buy processed cheese.
  • 5 tomatoes.
  • 5 cucumbers.They can be diluted peppers (e.g., (4 + 1) or (2 + 3)).
  • 5 apples.
  • 5 eggs.
  • 1 kg of cheese.
  • Any number of greens.
  • White table wine (0.7 liters).

can drink tea and coffee.

important !The interval between meals should not be more than 3 hours.

  • New Year Breakfast.100 g of cottage cheese with tea.
  • lunch.The shredded processed cheese, sprinkle with herbs.
  • Lunch.Salad of boiled eggs and tomatoes.Refuel it possible by a 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil or sour cream.
  • Snack.100 g of cottage cheese with grated apple.
  • Dinner.Salad of cucumber and greens.

After 4 hours, reward yourself to a glass (120 ml) of wine to become "gay" is not only processed cheese, and tomatoes with cucumber.

It is interesting !The wine can be replaced with yogurt.Use it as a second dinner a couple of hours after the first.Diet little "pogrustneet", but the benefits will increase significantly.

endocrinologist tips on losing weight for the New Year ↑

convey their desired settings before you, do not get too carried away.After all, beauty - it is, above all, health.Well, let Powys not bought a dress size "until better times."You must shine from within, to give everyone a good mood to prepare a royal feast.But hairstyles, makeup and manicure time should be given mandatory.

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