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Photo Design Technique for independent nail manicurist

Photo Design Nail - a new word in the nail-art, allowing quick and easy to put on nails image with photographic clarity.Of course, hand painting has always been and will remain in the price, but it requires a considerable investment of time, money, enormous patience, as well as extensive experience of the master.The ideal solution for quick and stunning transfiguration - photo design using a special printing device (nail art printer) or labels of ultrathin vinyl film.


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Benefits Photo Design Nail ↑

  • Quickly: modern nail art printers on the application of one image spend less than 25 seconds, and if possible simultaneous print immediately on fivenails the whole procedure takes about a minute!Photo Design by using labels will req
    uire a little more time, but still significantly less than the artistic painting and other types of nail design.
  • Qualitatively: like printing technology, and the use of labels ensures photographic quality images applied to the nails with a full color reproduction.At the same time on each nail plate will show off smooth identical or different pictures if requested idea.Nails with photo design look much more elegant lacquer coating is usually that visually heavier nail plate.In addition, one of the indisputable advantages of this type of design - no divorce on the surface of the nail and brush marks.
  • Creatively: huge advantage Photo Design is a unique opportunity to create a drawing in the figure, and then transfer it to the nail plate.The technology allows printing applied to the nails, even very complex story and color compositions that are difficult to bring to the art of painting.
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Types of labels for nail Photo Design ↑

Stickers Photo Design Nail are ultra-thin plastic vinyl film with clear photographic images.Design film completely invisible, it is firmly adhered to the surface of the nail plate, creating a feeling of masterfully executed manually nail art.The basis of the film really so thin that it seems as if the nail is applied only to the picture.Usability sticker allows you to work with them not only a master in the cabin, but also non-professionals in the home.If you combine photo design with acrylic gel or styling, manicures will please you more than three weeks.

nail design used in several types of labels that differ mainly in the background and the form:

  • Manicure

picture with an opaque background color that is applied to most of the surface of the nail plate.This holistic pattern that includes both background and image.Manicure can be of two types: classic - the same image is duplicated on all fingers;mix - use of different figures, united by one theme.

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  • Pedicure

Identical manicure, differs only in size and shape of the image.As well as "manicure" can be classic or to mix.

  • Application

label smaller than the size of a manicure with a transparent background.Mainly used for drawing or as a supplement to the original design.Thanks to the transparent background application ideal for decorating tunic.

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Because for better sealing label must be one-half millimeter smaller than the nail plate, Photo Design at the borders need additional decoration manicure.To disguise the boundaries of the drawing, you can use colored gels, glitter, foil, mikropyl, bulonki and other elements of nail design.

Photo Design Themes are limited only by your imagination.It may be the traditional flowers, butterflies, and fruits, and the image of cartoon characters, enigmatic Chinese characters, scenic landscapes, photos of celebrities, original photographs, reproductions of famous paintings, patterns, lace and imitate Gzhel.Customized labels can be manufactured with absolutely any image that will be the mistress of creative marigolds in the subject and the seaside resort, and a serious business meeting, and "bloody" party in the style of Halloween.

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Photo Design Technology nails with a printer ↑

Professional nail art printers for use on toe nails and hands full color photographic images of the highest quality have a resolution of at least 4800 dpi, equipped with sensors to determine the size and shape of the nailplates can be simultaneously applied to five drawings nails, and the printing speed of the image thus does not exceed 25 seconds!Before applying

Photo Design is done manicure or pedicure.Fotorisunok using a printer may be applied to both natural and at Naroscheny nails, as well as the tips.Nails can be covered with a transparent or colored varnish.

immediately before printing is applied to the nails a special reflector coating needed to secure high-quality picture.When the retro-reflecting coating is dry, go directly to printing.Printing, depending on the printer model, may be performed directly on one or five nails.Fixing fingers on a special substrate, the master puts them into the chamber of the printer.Using special sensors determined the size and shape of the nail plate, which ensures an ideal location pattern on your nails absolutely any form.After patterning nails coated with a protective coating which allows photo design on the nails to hold up to two weeks.To remove the images deposited on the nails enough to use the ordinary nail polish remover.

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Photo Design nails at home ↑

Before applying the nail stickers with photo design nail plate must be properly prepare:

  • In normal manicure at the place where the sticker is to put the background white lacquer (this will make the picture moreclear and expressive), or, in the case of applique, background color adjustment.
  • nail enhancements When we put the base layer of the gel is dried in the UV lamp and remove the sticky layer, in that place where there will be a sticker in the background plot the white gel, and create applications for any suitable background color.Make a great photo design is dazzling and spectacular will use a white gel with sparkles, golden or silvery sand.

sticker of the "manicure" carved in the form of a rectangle, or the shape of the nail.Note that for better sealing cut sticker have to be one-half millimeter smaller nail plate.To label smoothly and without sagging lay on the nail, the top and bottom can make a few small incisions.Application is cut along the contour of the figure, but if there is a small indentation - not scary: after applying the nail background will be invisible.

Using needles, sharp scissors or your own nails gently separate the label from the substrate.Having hooked the edge labels, needle or forceps carefully transfer it to the nail.Stickers, if necessary, can be dipped into the adhesive (at normal manicure) or gel (with nail enhancements) - this little trick will allow the label to slide easily over the surface of the nail, giving us the ability to place it exactly the way we want.If wrinkles appear, they must be carefully spread.The same procedure is repeated with all the nails.

When all the nails will be applied to the film with the image, they should be covered with a layer of clear varnish (for normal manicure) or a thin layer of gel (at capacity).To prolong the life of a manicure Photo Design can be further covered with a layer fixer.Before applying the topcoat of varnish and sealant edges of the picture adjust glitter or paint.

When building after fixing the gel in the UV lamp put on nails another thin layer of gel and begin to disguise the edges of the decorative images sequins, foil, Bulonki, rhinestones, modeling, feathers and other elements of nail design.You can decorate the drawing itself.After that, the nails should be applied sculpture gel layer, to produce obpil and drawing, and then complete the application of the finish-gel.

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