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Lessons for home masseur or how to massages

massage performed by all the rules, quickly relieves stress, helps you relax, restore the physical and mental strength.Just a few minutes in the hands of a master, and weariness will evaporate!That's just to visit a professional masseur can afford not everyone.Fortunately, learning how to do massage and master the basic techniques of general massage, you can easily take on the responsibilities of a home a massage therapist and learn how to do self-massage.Transfer knowledge close, and you will get their portion of pleasure.By the way, the strongest positive impact on both the physical and the psycho-emotional level has vzaimomassazh, especially when his wife make to each other.Many laymen do massage intuitively, but in order to comply with the main medical commandment - "do no harm" and to achieve maximum health effect, you should know the "rules of the game."


basic rules of massage ↑

No matter how you massage techniqueschoose, there are general rules of massage, which in any case should be followed in order to be most effective procedure is not done any harm.

  • All massage techniques must be carried out along the lymph tracts, namely, toward the nearby lymph nodes.Consequently, massaging the back of the spine and to the sides of the pelvis to the neck.Massaging the breast, direct traffic from the stomach to the armpit.The hips are working from the knee to the groin.With work from fingers shin foot to the knee joint.Brush by massaging fingers to the wrist joint.Forearm hands begin to work out of the brush, rising to the elbow joint and shoulder, respectively, from the elbow to the armpit.Belly massaging clockwise.The sacrum and lower back - to the inguinal nodes.
  • lymph nodes, as well as the nipple to the breast in women and male breast is not massaged.
  • muscles massaged during the procedure should be as relaxed.
  • Strong techniques must alternate with weak, with each receiving repeated five to eight times.
  • massage techniques shall not exceed the threshold of pain.If "patient" feels pain during the massage, the strength and intensity of the massage techniques should be reduced.The duration of exposure to muscle and force the application must comply with this tome muscles.
  • Massage can be carried out through the underwear or sheet, but still for optimal effect massaged area should be exposed.If the body is naked, the room temperature must not fall below 20 degrees Celsius.
  • To accelerate lymph and blood circulation, body massage begins with large areas of the body that contributes to suctioning lymph from the limbs.
  • Before the procedure, the patient should take a shower, or, at least, wipe with a damp towel.Special massage creams, ointments, oils and powders used in the event that the masseur palm sweat a lot, with abundant hair in the massaged or when the skin hydrated, as well as therapeutic purposes.
  • holding massage masseur requires maximum concentration and efficiency.Hands massage therapist must be clean, without rings and bracelets.To efficiently use energy, should work with both hands, eliminating unnecessary movements, the height of the couch for massage should be at the level of the knees of the masseur.
  • Massage should be done in a certain rhythm and pace, the choice of which depends on the desired effect on the nervous system: a fast paced increases the excitability of the central nervous system, stimulates, invigorates, mobilizes for action;medium - balances, harmonizes and aligns;Slow - reduces the excitability of the central nervous system, calms, relaxes.
  • transition from one reception to the next should take place without interruption.
How to massage

massage techniques and movements ↑

Even doing massage intuitively, people willy-nilly applying certain massage techniques.There are eight massage techniques: six primary and two secondary.The main techniques include stroking, kneading, squeezing, motion, friction and vibration.Assistive devices are used to increase or decrease the physiological effects of basic massage techniques.

  • Stroking

It stroking begin and end with a massage.When stroking effects on the skin made easy sliding movements of the palm.To ensure proper reception of the four fingers should be tightly closed, and the thumb to the limit is taken aside.Stroking are rectilinear, spiral (zigzag) and combined.Spiral pats have maximum calming effect.Combined stroking helps relieve stress at the physical and mental fatigue.When stroking improves skin breath, removes dead skin cells, increases muscle tone of the skin, improves skin elasticity and firmness, eliminates stagnation, increasing lymphatic drainage and venous blood, eliminating nervous stress, reduces pain in case of injuries and cramps.

  • Squeezing

Push-executed with the edge of his hand relaxed and slightly bent fingers established across the massaged area thumb or base of the palm with weights.For a free hand weights brush superimposed on the back of massaging.Squeezing affects not only the skin but also the subcutaneous fat, connective tissue and superficial muscle layer located in their thicker tendons.This massage technique increases lymph flow, removes congestion and swelling phenomenon, improves the processes of tissue metabolism.Squeezing causes the body to tone, has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system is well warms up the muscles, helping to prepare them for the great physical strain.

Kneading Kneading is a basic method of massage that removes more than half the time of the session.Kneading is performed in two ways: the muscle is pushed base of the palm or fingers to the bone bed and shifts toward or pulled away from him and kneaded between the thumb and the other four fingers.Kneading techniques, there are many, but the most common include the following:

  • Ordinary kneading - straightened fingers of the hand tightly gripped the muscle is pulled and shifted towards the little finger, brush at the same time moving up.
  • Double neck is similar to the ordinary, but in this case, to enhance the impact of different burdens with one hand.It is used on the gastrocnemius muscle and the hips.
  • double ring kneading - palms down across the muscles lay hands diverting to the thumb side so as to form between them a distance equal to the width of the palm.The muscle is pulled up, one by one with each hand performing kneading motion as in the ordinary kneading.

Kneading effect on the subcutaneous tissue and the entire muscular system.By increasing metabolism and nutrition of tissues This technique helps to gain muscle strength.Kneading increases lymph and blood flow is not only massaged, but also in nearby areas.All kinds of kneading tone the body, providing a central nervous system stimulant effect.

  • shaking

Running after shaking and kneading between the maximum relaxation to the muscles.This technique relieves stress, relaxes muscles, has a calming effect on the central nervous system, improves blood flow and lymph flow, is very good for muscle fatigue and swelling, it helps to recuperate between physical exertion.

How to massage

Rubbing Rubbing is used in virtually all types of massage, and articular massage it is the main method which helps to relieve pain and restore range of motion in trauma and microtrauma and when overloaded joint-ligamentous apparatus.This technique has a profound effect on tendons, joints, ligaments, fascia.Rubbing helps to cope with stagnation, accelerates the absorption of fat and hardening, increases joint mobility.Mainly used linear and circular rubbing, which is performed with fingertips of one or both hands and rubbing with weights phalanges bent into a fist brushes or base of the palm.

  • Therapeutic movement

Various therapeutic movements have beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system, improves lymph and blood circulation, the elasticity of muscles and ligaments, joint mobility.During the massage applied active and passive movements and movements with resistance.

  • Active movements are used for excitation and activation of the peripheral and central nervous system, as well as to restore and strengthen the weakened muscle apparatus.They are executed in the self-massage without a masseur and without any encumbrances, be it dumbbells, rubber gripper or bandages, iesolely by the muscular effort.
  • Passive movements are performed with assistance after the massage the muscles and joints.Muscles are massaged when performing massage therapist passive movements should be as relaxed and prepared to the effects of the joint kneading and friction techniques.All the movements are carried out at a slow pace, the amplitude is gradually brought up to the maximum, the main criterion for effectiveness is light pain in joints and muscles.Passive movements help develop joint stiffness after injury or surgery.They improve the elasticity of the muscles, increases the contraction of muscle fibers and promote the resorption of hemorrhages.In addition, increasing the flexibility and efficiency of the joints, they help reduce injuries.
  • Movement to provide resistance to overcome resistance caused by the masseur or massaged.The movement begins with a slight resistance, which gradually increases and decreases at the end again.Movement with resistance to strengthening joint and ligament apparatus and the muscles that help keep them in good shape and health.

video lesson techniques of classical massage ↑

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