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Healthy lunch and slimming

7mAEejaI8gM In most cases, problems have untrained people start during dinner.It is only in the books of Russian writers of the last century the dinner was the main meal of 3 dishes.And in kindergarten yet, perhaps.Today, we rush at full speed, allowing multiple tasks simultaneously, and do not always have time to eat lunch, or do it "somehow."And all would do, had proved that the metabolism does not slow down, even if you stick to three meals a day, but often three times a day with such an approach, and it is impossible.A missing or wrong dinner leads to starvation carelessly spent the evening workout and post-workout feast.And well, if casein pancakes, and that in fact we know that is usually eaten at night, and that this would happen.In general, meals can be healthy and should be done.

chicken, buckwheat, longing ...

Though eating the same food for lunch for years and is not dangerous, in terms of physiology, it is fast enough time to get bored, and, to anyone.Athletes understand - in our country is difficul

t to buy something not too fat, not panirovok and sauces and "transparent" calories in catering, and that once there, you get a piece of salmon steam, and steam the broccoli.Or every day to collect the container buckwheat and chicken, they're so healthy ... In the end, it's all boring with terrible force.And in the best case, you'll burn a few pans, hoping to learn how to make protein pancakes, and at worst - bake and eat normal, the "top of the diet."

Most often, the problem arises in those who can not or do not like to count calories and weigh food.Sign up for a few culinary sports blogs.See how "they" are doing, and if you are tired of your chicken with buckwheat, change dinner to something more diverse.In the end, you can simply change the garnish and seasoning.

juices and smoothies: the use of deceptive

Well, who does not like juices and smoothies?I personally adore.But not in the afternoon, and after endurance training.With lunch and juice are usually associated problems such:

  • in your own catering you can pour bags glucose tinted issued for natural fresh.And if you eat, say, a spicy salad and some protein meal and take the time to work, you drink and did not notice.It is clear that the juices from the package no meaning, except the calories do not carry.In general, with the same success it can have a harmful drink cola;
  • with diet soda also some problems.Scientists believe that our bodies react to it exactly the same way as an ordinary, and she, too, increases the appetite.In addition, acid dyes, which it uses, in principle, are not good for human health, so from soda and recommend to give at all.This, incidentally, applies to the "cold tea" bottled soft drinks and even hand-made from your favorite coffee shop

Everything is simple - get the recipes of water with cinnamon and apples, or water with berry ice cubes, or just add in ordinary waterlemon balm and lemon, and carry a flask if you water - tasteless.Well, in a pinch, you can drink tea or coffee, but decent - bags, machines, and banks with a soluble, again, no use to us are not.

We often look wrong ...

Yesterday I ordered a Greek salad.So in the salad was a good half cup butter, pathetic piece of cheese and half a tin of olives.With onions.Such is the salad.In their haste, by the way, you can eat anything you want, often we believe in what is written on the menu and how would "not see" the real product that we face.So grilled fish is soaked dubious quality mayonnaise sauce.So are oil salad river and so we have to buy some healthy dessert.Yeah, cottage cheese casserole, weighing 250 grams of fat cottage cheese with sugar and calories, which is in decent circles slimming better not to say out loud (it accumulates under 500 calories, depending on what kind of eggs, as a starch, and whether further impregnation syrup).Moreover, the right would be the main dish was "decentĀ» ...

In general, the council one - eat in catering, look at the food, not the menu.Salad oil, by the way, does not necessarily wipe some bread, just leave it on the part of the plate.

Snacks workplace

Well, who does not know the bearded anecdote about a woman who never eat just a bite, and is gaining weight.I had an interesting experience - in the office, where I would sit his youth, a time forbidden to eat of the computers.We just like in New York were got huge cockroaches.So all perekusiki under pain of a fine had to be dragged into the dining room, and there is.

In general, for a standard eight-hour day, I get along with one hot meal and one snack peredtrenirovochnym.In the morning somehow I did not want to stomp and spend valuable time trying to get something there, in addition to breakfast.A never-ending "tea", it turns out, not so tasty without a plate of fruit to it.

amount of food at your desk is easiest to control, if not there ... at your desk principle.Come, eat in the kitchen or in the dining room, and then dinner will cease to be infinite.

Food, Friends and tape measure

In general, a well-known fact - many people are not able to control the amount of absorbed food when they are on the computer.Lunch Break into 2 parts.One - go to the kitchen, the dining room or cafeteria and eat, and druguyu- read news, or friends-that you usually read it over lunch.Though the classic novel.So it will be the first time easier.But advanced users a healthy diet, by the way, often refuse it, and did eat at the computer and watching television.But they have meals and usually 6 and weighted -control no problem.

In general, slightly changing your lunch, you will achieve the main thing - to the gym after work, you'll be ready to go to a busy person, not restless creatures who eat and have dinner on the road, but not the severity of abdominal orders.In general, I enjoy your appetite.

Elena Selivanov

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