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New angle retro style dresses in naughty mods

mischievous, bright, stylish, incredibly feminine dresses in the style of many mods evoke an overwhelming desire to get into a time machine and to give up the past - in the days of reel to reel tape, vinyl records, incendiary boogie and soda machines from threepenny.Rich colors, crazy, magnificent skirts, dresses, tops, boleros, bluzochki, hair bands - essential elements of female stilyazhnogo image.One gets the impression that this was an eternal holiday.


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In a sense it was true.In spite of the persecutions and other "shovels" troubles, the Soviet youth managed to find a hobby like, charged rhythms of jazz, blues, rock 'n' roll and other Western trends, going contrary to the gray and monotonous reality.In the history of f

ashion and culture of the 50s of the last century came as the era of carefree, reckless and crazy mods.Inimitable style elements to be regularly appear on the podium.Plunge headlong into the bright, cheerful, jazz and rock 'n' roll atmosphere of the 50's and try on stilyazhnye images allow mega theme parties in the style mods.A wonderful occasion to delve into the grandmother's chest and look for something of such things ... a truly vintage.Such authentic trinkets valued much more modern copies.

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Enhancing relations between the Soviet Union and Western countries, as well as filtered through the iron curtain films and magazines began to make conscious "behaved" and obedient hard public outcry.Carefree cinematic life radically different from the gray and miserable post-war Soviet reality.Especially strong impression all this made on the younger generation, whose rebellious spirit demanded changes gradually transferring more distorted reality footage from loved ones, often banned, movies, and pictures from magazines.In a special favor with all the mods were American, not for nothing that they themselves called themselves "shtatnika" - ardent supporters of the American lifestyle.Distinctive features stilyazhnogo image became bright clothes, spectacular hairstyles, dances and music, as well as its own special slang.Outrageous fashion style hipsters - a cheerful, bright, colorful colors, floral and geometric designs, as well as a kind of caricature in the selection of dresses.

Dresses in the style dandies

However, we can not say that the way of life and clothes dandies were blindly copied from the American model.Not at all.The first years of the emergence of this cultural phenomenon was marked by a very funny, ironic and even caricature garderobchik - baggy jackets, flared pants with bright contrasting colors, a hat with a very broad fields, ties notorious "Fire in the Jungle" and socks in the most unimaginable colors.Pants should have been a little shorter, to everyone's eyes when walking opened this dazzling detail as colorful socks.

Dresses in the style dandies Dresses in the style dandies

Subsequently appearance mods has undergone significant changes, slowly evolved from sheer outrageousness to the sophistication and elegance: crazy guys head decorated whipped "cook", wide trousers replaced the famous pants-pipes, also isolated from the crowd of hipsters elegant jacketswith broad shoulders and square sewed pockets, colorful shirt and tied the knot at a microscopic "tie-herring" and umbrella-reed.In a special favor with the mods were knitted sweaters "reindeer" and other Scandinavian motifs zaprimechennye and borrowed heroes "Sun Valley Serenade" and "the girl of my dreams," who at home had already long out of fashion.

Dresses in the style dandies

become an important element of style shoes to which every self-respecting "shtatnik" regarded with special awe and reverence.Girls mostly wear shoes with low heels with a pointed nose, and for men was considered particularly chic shoes with thick rubber soles white.Corporate foreign models were available is not for everyone, so most had to get out, get actively involved imagination and ingenuity.For ordinary domestic homegrown dudes shoes attached various light platforms, such as foam.And authentic models, and self-made masterpieces of shoe soles on a white stilyazhnom slang were called "gruel."Good practice in the selection of shoes considered eclectic textures - suede and smooth leather, nubuck, and varnish, perforation and firmware thread.

Dresses in the style dandies Dresses in the style dandies

hot summer days were popular shirts Colorful bright sunny "Hawaiian style."In addition to clothing, popular among hipsters were very specific luxury items - US playing cards with pictures of half-naked girls captured cigarette cases and lighters, rare in those days, pens.In the 60 dudes pretty much taken over from the rockabilly style.

Dresses in the style dandies

«Stilyazhnost" for women with a strong personality ↑

girls to be enrolled to the dudes prescribing bright makeup with red lipstick and arrows, hairstyle "world beater", tight hips, or, conversely, lushskirt.Dresses girls hipsters have always emphasized elegance, courage, joy and femininity.They were dressed in colorful blouses, dresses krepdeshinovye, nylon stockings with a seam back, narrow or flared skirts, large necklaces and earrings.

Dresses in the style dandies Dresses in the style dandies

dresses, sewn in the style of hipsters, it usually dress silhouette "hourglass" or "flower dress" with a narrower waist and flared skirts lush before or just below the knee in a bright,juicy, motley colors, with a mischievous peas or cell.Such an uncomplicated muslin could not be better complemented with small gloves, patent-leather shoes with wedge heels and updo.

Dresses in the style dandies Dresses in the style dandies

distinctive features stilyazhnyh dresses - catchy peas or floral patterns, lush bottom rather short and fitted top, cheerful festive colors.Together with open slippers and sandals for air doll dresses often still dressed and low socks that looked very nice and touching.

Dresses in the style dandies Dresses in the style dandies

Splendor skirts mainly achieved due to the presence of several tulle petticoats, who, like the wings of butterflies, rises in the soaring upper cloth.In the modern fashion style echoes stilyazhnogo can be found in particular in collections Blugirl.Only pictures softer and calmer colors.

Dresses in the style dandies Dresses in the style dandies

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dress posing in the inimitable style of hipsters, it is always a spectacle, a surge of emotion and color, a celebration of the feast on weekdays.Almost every girl at least once in life you want to try something like that.If you are willing to experiment, so as not to turn the joie de vivre in the absurd clowning, try to take into account the following rules:

  • select clothes and accessories one or complementary colors.
  • not mix things with different patterns.For example, it would be considered bad form combining polka dot skirt with a floral top.
  • Do not do too much emphasis.Better to have a stylish catchy thing, than from head to foot, like a tree, be dotted with colorful "toys", on which the eyes diverge in different directions, and begins to feel dizzy.

Dresses in the style dandies

And the rest can rip and play tricks on the full program, it's crazy 50s and reckless dudes!The main thing that you were driving, and the rest will come.

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