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Secrets and rules for choosing underwear for larger women

Underwear for obese women There is a phrase: "Always go to beautiful clothes, my darling.If you move the bus, at least you will not be ashamed. "This, of course, black humor, but it was he who leads many women to carefully choose clothes for themselves.How to choose lingerie for larger women?It is not only the models with a curvy shape of the Victoria's Secret may look tempting.

Beautiful lingerie gives positive emotions, and, therefore, well-being, self-confidence and high spirits.


Secrets matching underwear large ↑

  1. Be honest with yourself.Do not choose the clothes for one or even two sizes smaller, and take only your size.After all, clothes that not enough for you, will pull, cause discomfort and, in addition, to form unwanted creases noticeable even under clothing.But even more than you need, the size is not worth taking.This lingerie will make you visuall
    y more.
  2. Purchase only the clothes that you like.Ignore the advice of sellers in the store, they are not always correct.I would like thong?Feel free to buy them!If you offer something that you do not like, do not hesitate to talk about it.
  3. Try to choose clothes that will correct deficiencies Underwear for obese women your figure, while emphasizing your strengths.For obese women are recommended corsets, support panties, lingerie with sculpting vstavochki.All this allows you to create a beautiful silhouette.
  4. Remember that clothes should fit the occasion.What it is suitable for a romantic date, absolutely not suitable for the gym.Suppose you have a set for every occasion.
  5. Most women can not accurately be called your bra size.But before buying lingerie for larger women is necessary to find out.Many stores sellers willing to provide this service free of charge.They correctly measure the women, helping them to choose the appropriate model bra.But there is a simpler measure themselves.By measuring the circumference under the breasts, pull measuring tape tightly so as not to get a result with an error for overstatement.Remember that at the same girth chest different women can be completely different shape of the bust, so a bra, especially expensive, you need to measure.Bra straps for larger women should be wide enough, otherwise they would crash into the skin.Under the arms should not have any creases.
  6. Cowards best to choose a simple model with a printed pattern or embroidery Underwear for obese women under tight clothing will only add to your volume.

shaping lingerie for the magnificent forms ↑

offering lingerie for larger women, sellers often pay attention to shoppers corrective model.To make the right choice, you need to have a general idea of ​​the current corrective underwear.

All current models are made from natural and synthetic materials of high quality.It quickly reduces the volume of clothes bust and waist, pulls the buttocks, and thus allows a woman to feel comfortable.Problem areas on the body cease to be if there is a correction under clothing underwear.

Panties corrective slimming buttocks and full hips.Usually such underwear seams are completely absent, so you can be sure that the clothing on top of the laundry will sit perfectly.Similar actions and Waist shorts, but other than the buttocks, sculpting legs, forming a figure.Conveniently, a linen support, but not pinched silhouette.

washing correction allows the skin to breathe.Even that is made of synthetic materials, provides a constant therapeutic massage the skin.The only clothes that do not allow air to pass - a model that reinforced rubberized inserts, which have strong corrective properties.

Who needs corrective underwear ↑

Practice shows that corrective underwear models need every second woman.Only here the problems are different: one should increase something other reduced third - to hide a few extra centimeters at the waist, the fourth - redistribute pressure on the abdomen and buttocks, cellulite hide to afford to put on a thin tight dress.

Underwear for obese women

Modern manufacturers offer varying degrees of correction underwear.This is a weak, moderate and strong correction.Washing weak correction redistributes the load in problem areas, pulling stomach and buttocks.It constantly stimulates the skin at the same time solving the problem of cellulite.This tight pants and trousers, vests, corsets.

average correction - a middle ground between conventional sculpting underwear mild correction and rigid corset designs.Corrective possibility of laundry is achieved by the use of different degrees of tissue density.Due to this, it creates different pressures on different zones to provide correction.

strong correction - a lingerie designed specifically for women with serious flaws figures.It uses rigid inserts that tighten the problem areas and correct your posture.

Selection Rules linen correction ↑

corrective underwear uses a huge number of women.Under it, you can safely wear beautiful things tight figure.Create a model of corrective underwear for every taste and color.