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Beauty cases

Beauty cases beauty cases are the subject of exclusive female use.Literally, this phrase can be translated as trunk or suitcase beauty.This item is very popular among the female population.Initially, these case studies used by make-up artists, hairdressers, beauticians and people of similar professions.He was in demand because it allows compact place in a rather small suitcase all the necessary accessories for creating hairstyles, makeup, manicure, etc.

Later beauty-case and became the property of ordinary women.Beauty cases were and are sometimes downright indispensable on long journeys.The secret to this lies in the indispensability of its versatility.Going on a business trip or on vacation, you'll be able to pack it all that useful to you to at any time to be beautiful.In it you can store all the necessary cosmetics, perfume and jewelry that you will need.

This cute ladies bag ladies

Some may argue and say that for trips you can use the mini-package of cosmetic products, which are perfectly accommodated in th
e corners of the suitcase and shoulder bag.Yes you can simply put in the package.However, there is one little "but".It is possible that during transport some means can pour a bottle or broken, and the contents will leave stains on clothing and interior upholstery suitcase.The beauty-case all items will be firstly collected in one place and not rastykany in different places of your bags.You do not have to frantically sort out bags in search of the necessary funds.Second, the trunk takes all your cherished jars, tubes, bottles intact to the destination.All content will be protected.You can be sure that no liquid will result, contour pencils is not broke, do not break a bottle of perfume.

But it would be a shame to use such a useful thing just a couple of times a year.At home, beauty-case you will have also invaluable service.Remember where your makeup at home.The answer is - everywhere.And it is quite a serious answer because women used to lay out the makeup in all strategic locations.Part stored in the refrigerator (some seasonal means, and there really is a place not to spoil), some funds are on the shelves in the bathroom.Cosmetics are placed on the dresser in the bedroom, on the bedside table or even on a shelf in the hallway you can find a tube of lipstick or comb - for the final touch before leaving so to speak.Why not collect all this wealth and not to lay down in a single volume-beauty case?Everything will be collected in one place.As soon no longer need the general cleaning of the apartment to find the best eyeliner that you recently purchased, but it is somewhere mysteriously disappeared.And while the duty of cleaning will not have to wipe a lot of boxes and vials - in the beauty cases, they do not gather dust.

Appearance chest beauty

Beauty cases The case of the case can be made of different materials.Depending on this, it will be hard or soft.For hard shells used durable plastic or aluminum.Soft carcasses obtained from the skin, imitation leather, dense fabric of various synthetic materials.

Plastic beauty cases have two types of models:

  • chest in the first embodiment is disclosed by type of book;
  • in the latter case is in the form of a fairly deep chest, which is supplied with hinged lid.In such a case there is a removable base with drawers and a small mirror.

Soft beauty cases made of fabric also have several models:

  • first model is no different from the plastic case opens like a book, and with partitions made of cloth;
  • model of the second type is of the form box with hinged lid and a tight housing;
  • third model is revealed by the type of shell or clamshell case.In the center of the suitcase are two delimited separation.

The simplest model beauty cases made of fabric is represented in the form of bulk bags, which is located inside the spacious compartment lined pockets.This model is a little different from the usual handbags.

Beauty-case necessarily supplied with handles.And not one, but several.Firstly, there should be one or two (depending on the design of the case) the carrying handle in his hand.Also, there is a long belt, which is needed for carrying beauty cases on his shoulder.It is usually detachable.A trunk can be further provided with a retractable long handle so that it can be fixed to desired level.And as case may have a special attachment to fix it directly to the handle of a large suitcase.

beauty cases, of course, and is provided with a lock.This may be the usual zip and Velcro pockets.Chests are equipped with latches is more serious, and even code padlock.So that your property will be protected.

A magical casket inside?

Beauty cases beauty cases are of different sizes.Therefore, you have the opportunity to choose the most suitable for their needs.Today you can find in the sale of beauty cases a variety of sizes.Of course, do not look very young - they simply do not.This is a lot of beauticians.A beauty cases often range in size from 10 to 15 dm3.This is the optimal amount of trunk that can accommodate the required number of items and place them comfortably.However, the dimensions vary by manufacturer and depend on the collection.

There are options chests beauty, equipped with not only the departments for cosmetics, but also with removable compartments for small amount of jewelry.Some models already have the enclosed manicure set.This is quite handy because you'll know that one set you have only to travel, but others you use at home.If beauty-case has a pretty impressive size, you can feel free to use the free space and take his mini-kits, the small dryer or "business" items - mobile phone, organizer, required documents or papers.

internal compartments may have a partition of cloth or mesh.The inner lining may be provided with a rubber band, stitched in several places.In these offices you can fix the makeup, which should not be subject to movement or shock.Also inside beauty cases are zippered pockets or Velcro.

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Beauty cases Beauty-case can be purchased in the market and in stores.They are fairly cheap, but come into disrepair with the speed of sound.On good quality for a small price, however.And if you are an active traveler, and your beauty cases will also work actively, it will last for a very short time.

There is a reason to shell out a higher quality bag, so as not to have problems with broken snaps, zippers or holes lining.Popular manufacturers such traveler's luggage, handbags, beauty cases like Delsey (France), Roncato (Italy), Carlton (United Kingdom), Samsonite (Belgium).They can pick up a bag for cosmetics for every taste.Besides offering the entire collection of modern travel sets of several bags and suitcases that are made in the same style and harmony with each other.

price range of products from various fashion brands.For example, the average cost of tissue beauty cases from Samsonite is $ 50, and a plastic bag - $ 170.If beauty-leather case will not only outside, but inside, it is for pleasure and will have to pay twice.But Zero Halliburton offers case studies, whose body is made of aircraft grade aluminum.This heavy-duty accessory will cost $ 650.