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Women's shorts

Women In the warm summer, few long house sits up and tries to get out for a walk, get some fresh air, enjoy the scent of flowers, wander barefoot through the snow-white sand, swim in ponds and just feel the breath of the warm breeze that naveivaet many thoughts.Of course, at such celebrations is needed and appropriate attire.

In the women's locker room has a lot of things destined for the warm season, so you can easily make a light summer dress for every occasion.So among the summer there are often things light dresses, tops, skirts of different lengths, sunglasses, sandals, blouses and constant attribute of the summer - shorts.

Women now in a clothing store, in all sorts of boutiques and flea markets full of shorts in many colors, cut and material.You can find classic women's shorts, and sports, and short and long, with many decorations and even without them.In the heat of summer everyone wants to shake off more clothes and donned the lightweight outfits, which will not be so hot.

at this time is difficult to f
ind the ladies dressed in costumes overweight, but rather pretty woman in flaunt bright overhead outfits that expose a reasonable female figure and allow the body to breathe and easier to carry the sultry weather.The only thing that can prevent a woman to put on summer clothes such as shorts, it is strict office dress code, but it is in the summer a little softened.

Women shorts quite a long time considered fashionable clothes, and fashion collections are always present different models of shorts.However, shorts, and indeed any other thing, should be selected carefully, because outwardly beautiful shorts can not look at a woman, and the other to look pretty impressive.So if you decide to buy shorts, try to choose exactly the model in which you will be comfortable, and that is for you to look good.

in the history of fashion shorts occupy one of the special places, and is a symbol of emancipation and freedom.The first element of the uniform shorts were British colonial troops in the 19th century, and later shorts are becoming increasingly popular and they have already worn not only by the military.Later shorts used as sportswear, and after a short period of time and as part of everyday clothing.

Women In the early 20th century, shorts were first introduced in the Soviet Union.At first they were a little unusual, but later became an indispensable element of Soviet pioneers summer clothes.However, the adults could not afford to calmly walk in shorts and in some resorts of the Caucasus and Crimea adults in shorts could easily delay the law enforcement agencies and even the administrator to impose punishment, not to mention the fact that the short carriers could not serve in the resort cafes or shops.Local residents claimed that the form of bare male feet offends them, so in the 50s of the last century, few nasmelivalsya appear in shorts at these locations.

After the infamous Iron Curtain fell, the attitude to many things has changed radically.This also applies to short, which gradually became popular and soon became an essential thing in the locker room not only men but also women.Shorts steel often wear on holiday, but the shorts were still forbidden thing.

Women Even now, quite a number of women consider it unacceptable to appear in shorts in some public places and at work, but now you can buy women's shorts that can be worn even under the classic clothes and flaunt them in the office.However, shorts are traditionally part of attire for recreation, travel, hike to the beach or just walking.Shorts are quite comfortable when outdoors reigns the heat, and the temperature surpasses 300 ° C, and sometimes for the 400C.In this case, wear long pants or skirt to wear very problematic.

Many women refuse to wear shorts even on hot days, explaining that the shorts bare feet, and thus reveal the defects of the legs and the figure as a whole, if any.This is true in virtually isolated cases, while almost any woman can choose the model of shorts that will not only reveal the figure flaws, but on the contrary will hide them and at the same time will be convenient and comfortable for hot summer days.

Women On summer days can often be found everywhere girls and women in a variety of shorts, which may include monochrome and multi-colored, long and his short, dark and bright, simple and ornaments, in short, a lot of models.However, it remains for the emergence of shorts in the office could be invited to talk to the chief.It is best to have a wardrobe of at least two pairs of shorts: his short and long.If the shorts much longer, they will be similar to conventional capris that are sometimes allowed to wear in the office.

There is also a mini model, which can afford to put on mostly young women, do not hesitate to show their bare legs.Last kind of shorts is maximally comfortable in hot weather, so they are popular as beach attire.Too short shorts are a kind of alternative to mini-skirts, with the difference that the shorts do not ride up, and the woman is unnecessary continually straighten it and ensure that the skirt was rising too high.

Women The latest fashion collections there are models of mini-shorts that resemble a kind of sport trunks, decorated with decorative elements.However, wearing such a mini-shorts can afford only those women who can boast of a good figure and shapely legs, otherwise short of such models should be abandoned.

While thin and slender women can flaunt ultra-shorts, all the other women can wear denim shorts, in which women will also look quite attractive, and at the same time feel comfortable.These shorts have a relatively short length, it looks more traditional than the aforementioned sports models.Sometimes mini-shorts are made of thick cotton or linen unpainted.These shorts look perfectly in combination with thin light-colored blouses.

Women in recent years have become quite popular model of shorts made in a classic style that recalls the style of the classic men's trousers.These shorts can be used as office wear, if the local dress code allows such otkloneniya.Dovolno popular option shorts that are easy to fit into an office attire, but at the same time remain shorts with all their benefits are long shorts.

These shorts are usually carried out in a classic style reminiscent of men's trousers with the traditional arrows and cut a little above the knee.Such a model is quite a lot, so a woman can pick up these clothes, suitable for one or the other case, as well as for trips to work.

Women Recently, the models began to be applied retro style that complements the design of short unique charm and beauty.As can be seen, shorts now become almost indispensable thing summer wardrobe, both men and women.But that shorts were not only comfortable, but also beautifully suited to your style, you should seriously consider recruiting model shortstop.It should take into account a few simple rules, and selected shorts will emphasize your beauty and will look quite attractive.

First , shorts can hide minor flaws legs and figure, so try to trim shorts, on this nuance.If you possess a slender figure and beautiful legs, you can safely choose short shorts, whereas women are not skinny shorts contraindicated.If you can not show off shapely legs and a perfect figure, choose the model longer.

Second , keep in mind that denim shorts or shorts made from unpainted linen or cotton dense, perfectly combined with many things made of thin fabrics.So if you purchase it is such variety of shorts, the problem will disappear automatically selecting the appropriate attire.The length of such models can be either short or long, the choice depends on the individual characteristics of the woman figure and her preferences.

Third , it should be remembered that the shorts can go perfectly with almost any thing out of your summer wardrobe, whether it's a topic, blouse, shirt, T-shirt or other items attire.And fourthly, we should not forget that the shorts are decorated with numerous accessories that adorn not only the shorts, but also your entire look.

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