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Belt stockings

Belt stockings Among sexy underwear for women has a lot of different things.Among them are particularly strong effect on men have stockings.Lace or conventional - in the opinion of the representatives of the stronger sex does not play a special role.And, of course, in addition to stockings is a belt, by which they are fixed and securely held on the legs.Set of belts for stockings and stockings themselves look not only beautiful, but very seductive and sexy.

If you recall at least a few films with intimate scenes, it is unlikely that there is a woman appeared before her lovers in pantyhose.Be they the most expensive in the mesh, or a flower, but the imagination of men do not impress.To be more precise, it will strike in the opposite direction.Call male admiration, much less sexual desire, does not succeed.You can not say about the stockings framed belt.So if you want to spend for your men in the role of uninhibited seductress, quickly remove from his cabinet zone for stocking.If you have not managed to acquire such an
item of lingerie, then you have a reason to go to a specialty store to buy lingerie and garter belt.

Features belts for stockings

Belt was not always so, as we used to see him right now.What are modern women, it is a result of the improvement of tights, stockings from the Middle Ages.Such intricate tights called highway.They were worn by both women and men.Highway made of cloth or linen.Naturally, they fell down to the ground because of the inelasticity of the material.To avoid such embarrassment, used or garter or chausses tied directly to the belt.

Eventually garter evolved into a separate undergarment.On modern stockings are represented as wide elastic nylon or lace strip on silicone.The long period were in fashion ladies' corsets elongated style, which were combined with a belt for stockings in one piece.Such models can be found now, but not as bulky and heavy.Since

are now in fashion short stockings, belts for them becomes a matter of necessity number one.The European version of the waist the most simple and convenient, as it has only four elastic bands with buckles.American standards in this question boils down to what you need to do six suspenders.The most difficult, but nevertheless, the most reliable, is considered the English belt for stockings.It can count on eight or more braces.

Modern belts for stockings continue to fulfill its practical function.They support them and do not allow to go down.However, the belt can perform a purely decorative role.Whatever it was, he always emphasizes sexy female body, its attractiveness and femininity.If a woman does not have the habit of wearing the belt every day, it becomes a kind of signal to the man that his favorite set is very playful.

How to buy a belt for stockings

The correct belt will not hamper your movements to press or rub the skin.He would regularly fulfill their intended purpose - to keep stockings female legs so they do not slide down.

Belt stockings Usually, if you buy a full set of clothes, which includes bra and panties and garter belt, you will not have to wrestle with their harmonious combination.The belt is sewn from the same mother, who used to bra and panties.Then these objects really represent a set.Here are just a sale, not all underwear sold with a belt for stockings "the load."Very often on shop windows we can see the model zones, which are sold separately.They are the subject of a separate laundry.How to be in this case?

In such situations, any woman is not superfluous to recall a couple of simple tips from stylists and designers to help buy a belt for stockings suitable for the selected underwear.

  1. First of all, try to trim the belt for stockings to match the style of your underwear.It is also necessary to orient the material from which it was performed.To select a set of lace waist lace or lace inserts.Silk lingerie will look beautiful with a belt made of silk, etc.To achieve a clear pattern on a combination of lace fabric or texture you are unlikely.However, such differences should not be apparent and dramatically evident.
  2. Underwear and belt should match the color.Again, choose the same shade of things is not always possible.So you need to pick up as close as possible shades.The main thing is that there are no strong differences.For example, black underwear waistband Fill color of dark chocolate or dark blue, beige set - cream belt and the like.If your laundry combines several colors or shades (or insert a picture), your task a little easier.
  3. Belt should be in harmony not only with underwear, but other elements of attire.Not only well-chosen times to the laundry.Your entire image must be unity.Therefore put on the black underwear black belt (or similar colors), and black stockings.And of course, the dress should be, if not black, the dark shades of other colors.Under a bright dress put on flesh-colored stockings and light belt (light camel, beige, pale pink, and the like).
  4. It is often easier to pick up the laundry to the belt, rather than vice versa.The fact is that the range of bras, corsets and panties are much broader than just belts for stockings.So it can sometimes be to buy a first belt, and then look at the rest of him.
  5. a full set of underwear should be comfortable.A woman should feel comfortable and confident in the selected lingerie and garter belt.To do this, choose the right size belt for stockings, and not just its color and material.Hoping that the times are smaller than you need, a little drag away the excess fat on the abdomen and hips are absolutely useless.The only thing you will achieve is a feeling of discomfort.Too much belt will hang or fasten securely stockings.In any case, the wrong size belt spoil the outline of the figure.
  6. with a belt for stockings can be worn all models of panties.And to put it more precisely, not all models look the same to him tempting and attractive.Best of all with a belt for stockings look exactly thong panties and thongs.Classic models look more modest and panties, shorts and not in harmony with the belt.
  7. Belt stockings should emphasize the shape.His task, as well as any other thing wardrobe is to present the best side all the advantages of the female figure.Belt stockings come in different styles.This allows you to choose a one that is best suited to the characteristics of the figure.

How to wear the belt for stockings

Belt stockings To while wearing stockings do not slip, and the belt is not twisted, they must be put on correctly.

First put on the belt itself.It is usually worn on the waist, but there are models that wear and dropped down to the hips.The belt should lie on the body tight, but in any case not tight.Buttoning it, wear stockings.Now it was the turn of the belt to fasten braces to the stockings.For this round of the zipper slips at a distance of 2-3 cm from the edge of a stocking, and pressed it on top of the same loop fasteners.It is necessary to lay down precisely the loop in the recess on the exposed fasteners and thus clamped stocking.

Having fastened so all braces, it is necessary to adjust the length of the suspenders.Make it as easy as with straps on a bra.The principle is the same.In that case, if the length of the suspenders will be too large - will slide down and stockings will peek out from under a dress or skirt.If you pull them too much - you can tear yourself stockings or they will release from fasteners and you have to start all over again.

defined with the necessary length of the belt can be suspenders, if like so before and will put completely leave home.Try to sit on a chair or a little lean, supposedly pulling thing dropped it.

Choice belts for stockings for modern women impresses with its diversity.Silk and satin, cotton and even leather - they will give confidence to the ladies and vzbudorazhat your favorite men's attention.

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