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Female bust

Female bust Probably hard to find a girl who would not want to add to your collection of lingerie such thing as an exquisite bustier.This elegant and seductive at the same time the subject of lingerie will not leave indifferent any representative of the fairer sex.
Bustier is some variation of the well-known to us all bras.It is fitting clothes for women who traditionally worn as underwear.The main purpose of such an intimate subject wardrobe - lift the chest.Modern ladies bustier can use in support of breast under her dress or as a separate article of clothing that does not require clothing.Wear bustier can be transparent and under the outer clothing, for example, blouses, tunics.

Who invented bustier

homeland bustier considered exotic Eastern country, where it was adopted pursuant to belly dance.That's it for such explanations sultry beauties wore short shirts and corsets, which laid bare their bellies.Other sources indicate that the inventor of this little work of art was the Frenchman Jacques Fath.But the de
signers of the romantic French only slightly improved this article of clothing, based on all the same attire Oriental dancers.Perhaps that is why the French are now considered the creators of these polukorsetov strapless.
Women always want to look a little slimmer than they really are.Cause and tailors all time puzzled over to pull cherished dream of female wasp waist.

main advantage bustier was that the clothes are well supported female bust, and this was not necessarily the presence of straps and shoulder straps that are pressed against the shoulders.They achieve this by the use of a hard skeleton of wire and rings under the breast.In essence a bustier bra underwire, which can be attached or not removable straps.This bra is combined with short corset which is sewn of dense fabric, stitched for extra stiffness strong "bones" of wire, plastic or whalebone.Unlike traditional corset bustier only reaches the waist or ribs.

Normally, the cup bodice bare breasts half.This allows you to wear a bustier dress is very open, with a deep neckline and open back.Another advantage of the subject - the minimum number of joints.This allows you to wear a bustier even under tight clothes.Bust Not only supports the breast in the raised state, but if required, can visually correct to some extent breast shape.

Why should you bustier

Female bust Many women have an ambiguous attitude to the subject's wardrobe.On the one hand - it is very beautiful and sexy lingerie, and on the other - an awkward and even superfluous in the closet.In principle, the notion that the bust impractical thing reminds women lament that a normal bra is a thing not really necessary, and delivers some discomfort.All of this has the same roots - underwear chosen wrong.Hence, tightness, or vice versa, the impression that the breast is lost in the vastness of the bra cups.

If bustier choose the right (as well as any other lingerie), a figure immediately becomes slender look and grace.Besides bustier for the modern woman, busy with so many things at the same time it is simply irreplaceable thing in any environment and situation.It can be put under a strict business suit on a business trip and the party.It is possible to indulge in a relaxing break or to stand in front of his beloved.

Not only does this kind of lingerie looks very tempting, because he is also very functional.Bustier perfectly corrects flaws female figure thanks to its flexibility and special tailoring.With this article of clothing you will find the perfect body shape, thus putting a very frank and daring outfits that previously you could not even dare to look.

basic principle bustier - a thin waist and chest high.But here also applies maximum freedom and naturalness.Do not strongly tighten the top of the bustier.From this because of the strong squeezing your chest is flat.Overdone and strongly pull the bottom - will be ugly wrinkle, able to spoil all the impression of your figure.

very often because bustier slimming abilities, they mistakenly called corsets.If you choose a strapless bustier, very carefully inspect all seams and the material itself.After all, this thing is not just in contact with bare skin, but also firmly adhere to it.

usually present on the bustier special eyelets that allow, if necessary, fix the straps on them (like bras).I am particularly pleased when bustier allows you to attach it to the strap in many ways, such as crosswise.This allows you to wear this article of clothing for different styles of dresses.


Female bust very interesting solution offers us a bustier with straps.It is very convenient and important to wear a closed evening dress or other attire.Good fit a bustier and wedding dress.What is not a reason to show off underwear original, rather than the usual bra in front of his chosen?And all because the wedding and evening bustier offer various colors, made of simple or smooth satin decorated with lace and rhinestones.Focusing on the model dress, you can easily pick up a bustier with a variety of design options neckline and open back.

Before you go shopping for the purchase of a bustier, you should decide - for what purpose you get it.If you want to diversify your wardrobe underwear and will wear bustiers under clothes instead of the usual bra, then pay attention to those models that outline the figure and firmly lift the chest.Want to wear a bustier is only for practical reasons, ie, for tightening the waistline?Then look Waist bustier.They are made of elastic and dense tissue should fit snugly to the body.Such models are practically invisible under clothing.They will make you visually slimmer due to the close fit.Yet we warn you that are too tight bustier harm to women's health.If you can not breathe in that dress, or your movements shackled because of lack of freedom - give up such a bustier or try to measure the size of the larger.

Note that correctly matched bustier is able to transform not only the appearance of a woman, but her posture, gait.The system of rigid joints to the supporting effect prevents slouching.If bustier worn regularly, over time, a woman accustomed to go with straightened his shoulders and flat back.

In the imagination of many men did the concept of sexual underwear image is reduced to bust.Probably because it has long been a favorite outfit an exotic dancer.On the one hand bustier it covers a lot more body than a simple bra.And yet this "masking" makes men more actively to fantasize on the topic "What is in it?".

But we will not argue that this is purely a bustier lingerie.Once and corsets were worn strictly under dresses.And now it's also a separate article of clothing, which is put in place topics to the skin or over a blouse.The same thing happened with the bustier.Sometimes it is very useful to put it on top of other clothes.For example, you will be in the spotlight, if you allow yourself to wear bustier decorated exquisite embroidery or sequins, over a light blouse and pick up in addition to jeans.You can dress and bustier cocktail dress to give your image some lightheadedness and sexuality.But do not choose too very frank option not to look in the end went.Although it is quite a rich selection of stylized bustier that resemble us tops than undergarments.So go ahead, try it - and you will always look for five-plus.