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How to kiss a guy?

How to kiss a guy? This is probably one of the burning issues of concern to every young girl in the period of first love.Although initiated in a kiss, usually a man, a girl worried about it at least.How to kiss, so that favorite melted after the first touch of the lips and remember it forever?

most important thing in every kiss - sincerity .If kissing is not very much and want to, and you do a favor in the form of a kiss, he'd never get you, even if the day before you re-read the mountain of literature on how to kiss a guy.On the other hand, can be quite savvy on this issue theoretically - and love, passion and a mad desire to kiss your lover will kiss a truly beautiful.

Still, you can select the basic rules on how to kiss a girl to kiss impression remained the most pleasant.This - not a direct guide to action in which to look at the kiss, in a crib, but simply useful information for consideration.

Select the appropriate situation

suitable for a kiss - particularly the first - the situation is no less important than
the process itself kiss.Knowing how to kiss a girl, to be applied at the right time and right place.The standard for the first time is a farewell kiss: it is only important not to miss the moment when it's the very awkward pause when both are ready to kiss.This option is especially good for persons conservative, accustomed to act "old-fashioned", "as is customary."It is unlikely to kiss goodbye to a guy would be a surprise.

If you - a lover of experiments and do not wish to drive themselves into the accepted framework, can arrange a surprise kiss, without waiting for the man will lead you to the door of your home.However, here we must be careful - even if you believe that certainly know how to kiss a guy kiss should be, as they say, « topic ».If you are "close up" Kiss at the moment when a guy with a passion tells you about their hobbies or plans for the future, it will look as a sign that you are just not interested to listen to him.It is unlikely that a guy will appreciate such a trick.

In any case, when you first kiss is to eliminate the element of surprise - for it must be prepared to both of them.Use arisen pause, look into the eyes of a loved one, take him by the hand, feel his breath.Let him understand that now you are going to kiss him, and pulled towards you.Slowly zoom in her lips to his, gently touch them, so pausing for a few seconds, and just leisurely break away.During the first kiss is not so important to show your ability to kiss, how to give a guy feel that he cares about you, and kiss - a sign that you do not mind the further development of relations.

Feel partner and express their feelings

How to kiss a guy? In this regard, the girl a little bit easier - the guy offers her a certain "script" a kiss, that isthe girl could take a passive position, in submitting this question the actions of a loved one.

On the other hand, she is entitled to take this "script" or redirect it to another channel.For example, if a guy is persistent and the first kiss strives to climb to you in the language of your mouth, and do you feel are not ready, do not be afraid to show the unavailability of several pulling away (but never taking his lips from partner's lips and certainly not turning away!) and slightly closed their lips.

Could she be initiated during a kiss?Of course yes!If you are more temperamental than your partner, or a burning desire to kiss him in a minute - do not deny yourself in this!In the end, kiss or even non-binding!Yes, and how to learn how to kiss a girl, if you do not practice?

At the same time, if that first kiss, try to hold back his ardor and refrain from the excessive expression of his passion: biting and sucking the lips and tongue of the partner, French kisses, excessive "slobber" and the duration of a kiss - a time for everything, and the first kissperfect its tenderness, humility, a kind of "probing" feels like.Yes, and too pushy girls a lot of guys are afraid.

Take care of the aesthetic side of the kiss

Many ignore this aspect of the problem - and yet how much depends on it!It can be a week to study the information on how to kiss a guy, "rehearse" with a teddy bear / best friend / her hand (the last option, by the way, is completely out of place - very convenient "sharpen" the technique of the kiss on the delicate skin of your hand brush) Varioustypes of kisses - and all the spoil kiss near the garbage bin immediately after you have eaten donuts with garlic.

suitable place for a kiss, fresh breath, no hypersalivation and other unpleasant things (neprozhevannoy gum or food in the mouth, excessive wheezing / grunting / groans) during the "contact" - all this will make your kiss aesthetically appealing, sublime,surrounded by an aura of romance.And do not think that all this romance is important only to girls: Many guys are not less squeamish and do not like to kiss, for example, smoking girls.

How to kiss a guy?

Where, how and how much?

Everything is good in moderation - and the issue of quality of kisses should not yield to the number.In an effort to learn how to be quick kiss and master all the types of kisses, do not overdo it, otherwise such an intimate moment in the life of two loving people become a workaday job.

Long and frequent outright kissing in public - not only a sign of bad manners, but also a direct path to that of kissing in a short time you will no longer receive a real pleasure.And you do want to receive, and after years of kissing the same pleasure, as well as during the first kiss?Continue to be playful, be the slave, the process leading to the kiss, do not tighten it and try to escape for a kiss from prying eyes.

Learning is never too late to kiss - a kiss technique can improve the life!Remember that feeling during the kiss will be especially strong if you are in love and burning passion for your partner.

sweet and sincere kisses you, lovely girl!

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