How delicious to cook green beans

Runner or green beans is rich in fiber, vitamins, trace elements and is very useful for health.Dishes of young green beans cook faster and produced delicious.We offer you to cook green beans with minced meat.

green beans with minced meat recipe

for cooking green beans, we need the following products:

How delicious to cook green beans

- minced meat - 200 grams,
- Young green beans fresh - a small bunch gr.300 (you cantake frozen)
- green peas,
- morkov- 1 piece,
- Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc,
- tomato - 1 pc.,
- Garlic - 2 cloves 1.
- herbs, basil, dill,
- vegetable oil,
- salt to taste.

cooking green beans with minced meat.

in a frying pan pour the vegetable oil, fry the beef, salt it.
carrots and pepper Wash, peel carrots, peppers from seeds, cut into strips, add beef and cook.

green beans washed in cold water, trim the ends, cut in half and put on beef with vegetables (you can pre-boil the beans in boiling water for 3 minutes), add a little water and simmer until tender.

Peas removed from the pod and add to the pan

How delicious to cook green beans

When the beans will be ready, finely chop the tomato and add to the beans.Mince the garlic and just add to the finished dish.

Try beans taste, if needed podsolite.Arrange on a platter and sprinkle with finely chopped basil and dill.

How delicious to cook green beans

Bon appetit!

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