The Kremlin diet

believed that it is impossible to lose weight without restrictions in daily food, "torture" a favorite useful, but not always delicious food, refusal of various specialties and delicacies.However, for those who are unable to donate their favorite dishes for a slim figure, there is an ideal weight loss system - the Kremlin diet.

Despite being the birthplace of this diet - America, and the first who experienced the effect it became American astronauts, their eloquent name she received for any other reason.The Kremlin diet - a favorite way to lose weight many policy makers, as well as movie stars and show business.The basis of the Kremlin diet are 4 mandatory rules.

Rule one.You can eat meat without restrictions

The Kremlin diet Perhaps this is the most pleasant rule in this diet!Judge for yourself: there can be any meat and other protein-rich foods of animal origin (beef, lamb, pork, poultry, fish, eggs, sausages and sausage) - and even in unlimited quantities!Besides, it does not matter and the method of processin
g meat - enabled and delicious fried steak, and barbecue and smoked fish.Of course, it is desirable nevertheless to alternate fatty roast chicken with boiled or baked fish, low-fat varieties.That is why the Kremlin diet is considered the best option for meat eaters.

However, not all as easy as it might seem at first sight - and then comes the turn of the second rule.

second rule.Restrictions on the use of carbohydrates

carbohydrate food - a source of energy.The ban on the use of carbohydrates is explained by the fact that the Kremlin diet "forces" the body to consume its own energy from the fat reserves instead of the carbohydrate-rich foods.Thus there is a reorganization in metabolism.

According to the rule of the Kremlin diet, the daily rate of carbohydrates consumed should not exceed 40 grams.It should be completely excluded from the menu of flour products, potatoes, sugar, rice, and other products carefully count the number of carbohydrates.To do this, set up a special table of the Kremlin diet points (1 point = 1 g ugdevodov).However, care may come traditional table listing products and nutrients in 100 g of each of them - they pay attention to the column should be "Carbohydrates".

Least carbohydrates found in vegetables - hence smoothly follows the third rule of the Kremlin diet for weight loss.

Rule Three.Eat vegetables rich in fiber

The Kremlin diet Most vegetables contain a small amount of carbohydrates.But in fiber, which normalizes the bowels, vegetables are rich.In the first place on your table should appear zucchini, cucumbers, radishes, cabbage, lettuce.

From fruits can only eat an avocado - it contains a minimum of carbohydrates.

Rule Four.Drink plenty of fluids

drink during the Kremlin diet - however, as well as during any other diet - you need as much as possible.The total daily fluid volume should be at least 2 liters.This is due to the fact that the diet leads to increased kidney function and fluid to help them cope with this work.

As for drinks which can be consumed during the Kremlin diet, in almost unlimited quantities can drink tea (black, green, herbal) without sugar and, of course, mineral water without gas.It is also possible in a limited amount of drinking milk (1 cup milk = 6 g carbohydrate).There is a complete ban on beverages containing sugar juices, fruit drinks, sodas.

The same applies to alcohol - the Kremlin diet does not prevent them completely, allowing use in a reasonable amount.And here it is necessary to exclude alcohol containing carbohydrates: sweet beer and alcoholic beverages (liquor, "slaboalkogolku", champagne, etc.) - by opting for a strong unsweetened drinks (vodka, brandy, whiskey).

«bonuses" from the Kremlin diet

In addition, the Kremlin diet does not prohibit the use salty, smoked, fried, fatty, spicy - in general, freedom for lovers of good food.Of course, if you had a ball and constantly overeat, focusing on "unprofitable" products, the body will not be grateful to you.Therefore, a reasonable approach to the use of such food must still be present.

In addition, the Kremlin diet recommends eating cheese.Preference is give cheese durum high in fat.Processed cheese containing carbohydrates in large quantities, it is not necessary to use.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Kremlin diet

The Kremlin diet Opportunity hardly restrict your diet and lose weight by eating favorite foods - not only the beauty of the Kremlin diet.

This diet is ideal for those who want to lose more than 10 kilograms of weight - surprising, but the effectiveness of the diet, the higher the larger the extra kilos you want to throw.

Kremlin diet is also well suited to those who decided to lose weight and at the same time to engage in activities such as fitness or jogging.Since the menu Kremlin diet involves eating plenty of protein, this will relatively quickly pump up muscles.

«Kremlevka" guarantees full psychological comfort slimming person.She will not swallow salivating when someone close eating delicious hamburger or kebab;not to abandon the invitation to the party because of limitations in the use of alcohol and "holiday" meals;not to engage in self-torture and to resist the temptation to eat tasty.

way, the Kremlin diet will not only lose weight but also to support the weight (for a daily rate of carbohydrates should be 60 g), and even recover (70-80 carbohydrate "points").However

"Kremlevka" is not without drawbacks.Due to the low carbohydrate content in the diet of this method of weight loss can lead to a retardation of mental activity, dizziness and fainting.

Kremlin diet - not the best option for the sweet tooth.If you do not feel the strength for a couple of weeks to completely abandon sweet - do not sit on the "Kremlevka"!

Contraindications for the Kremlin diet are kidney disease, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, pregnancy and lactation.

duration of the Kremlin diet

The Kremlin diet Kremlin diet does not have a clear time frame.It usually lasts about a week, and the main indicators of whether to continue to sit on it or stop it, are the overall health and appearance.

If you feel that "Kremlevka" you "did not go", do not see it on the desired effect, it is not necessary to renew a disappointment - discard it and try another way to lose weight.

If the diet has given a certain result, in the first three days you dropped a few kilos, you can slightly increase the amount of carbohydrates consumed up to 60 points.Particularly good are in such "recovery days" fruit supply the body with vitamins that improve the appearance of skin and hair.

Kremlin diet.Sample menu for the week

You can make yourself the Kremlin diet menu for a week, using a special table, and can use one izvariantov developed by nutritionists.Here is one of them.


Breakfast.100 g of cheese, 2 eggs scrambled with ham, a cup of coffee or tea without sugar.
Lunch.Vegetable salad with mushrooms (150 grams), vegetable soup with celery (250 g) steak, unsweetened tea.
Snack.A handful of walnuts (50 grams).
Dinner.Cooked chicken (200 g), the average tomato.


Breakfast.150 g of cheese, 2 boiled and stuffed mushrooms eggs, unsweetened tea.
Lunch.Vegetable Salad (100 g), meat soup with sour cream (250 g), chop (100 g), unsweetened tea or coffee.
Snack.200 g hard cheese.
Dinner.Boiled cauliflower (100 g), fried chicken, tea without sugar.


The Kremlin diet
Breakfast.3 boiled sausages, 100 g of roasted eggplant, unsweetened tea or coffee.
Lunch.Coleslaw (100 grams), vegetable soup with melted cheese (250 g), barbecue (100 g), coffee or tea without sugar.
Snack.A dozen of black olives.
Dinner.Boiled fish (200 g), medium tomato, a cup of yogurt or sour.


Breakfast.Cabbage Salad (100 g), 4 boiled sausages, unsweetened tea.
Lunch.Vegetable salad with mushrooms (150g) chicken broth with herbs (250 g), kebab (100 g), unsweetened tea or coffee.
Snack.200 g hard cheese.
Dinner.Fried fish (200 g), lettuce (200 g), unsweetened tea.


Breakfast.4 fried eggs with grated cheese, unsweetened tea.
Lunch.Carrot Salad (100 g), soup of celery (250 g), escalope, tea or coffee without sugar.
Snack.30 g peanut.
Dinner.Boiled fish (200 g), cheese (100g), lettuce (200 g), a glass of dry red wine.


Breakfast.Scrambled eggs 2 eggs with ham, cheese (100 g), green tea is unsweetened.
Lunch.Salad of beets and cabbage (100 g), the ear (250 g), fried chicken (250 g).
Snack.Pumpkin seeds (50 g).
Dinner.Boiled fish (200 g), lettuce (100 g), a glass of kefir or yogurt.


Breakfast.4 boiled sausages, 100 g squash caviar, coffee or tea without sugar.
Lunch.Cucumber salad (100 g), halophyte (250 g), grilled chicken (200 g), unsweetened tea.
Snack.30 g of walnuts.
Dinner.Cooked meat (200 g), tomatoes, a cup of yogurt or sour.

Let Kremlin diet will bring positive emotions and become the most delicious way to lose weight!