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How to choose a baby name

Pregnancy - this is probably one of the happiest periods in the life of every woman.That's when you learn what's inside you to be a little man, your life and the perception of it varies, as you begin to realize that you have already mom.One of the first questions to which you will encounter after the birth of a child - is the choice of a name for him.Regarding how to choose the name of the future of the child, we give advice in this article.

when he gave the name of the child

Giving the name of the child is necessary, as soon as he is born.Therefore, being pregnant, decide in advance how you will name the child, for this select both male and female name.It is wrong when a child born within a few days, or even weeks, parents can not give the name.

How to choose a child
controversy over the name of the child

Quite often it happens that when choosing a baby name begin debate, not because the parents as between other relatives, such as grandparents.These are the most grandmothers and grandfathers want to impose their
chosen name for the grandson or granddaughter, and eventually it reaches even ultimatums.

Remember, the name of their child should be given only to parents and do not pay any attention to anybody.In the end, the grandparents had the chance to name their children as they would like.

As best not to call child

Children can not be called the names of relatives, and also in honor of the dead.As the national sign, in this case the child will inherit the fate of the man after whom it was named, and often passed the worst, so think about the child.There is also another popular fad that the child, named after their parents, sharing with them their lives, which suggests future premature demise of either the child or the parent.There are a huge number of names, both male and female, why choose the same names of the children as relatives !?

Another problem - it is a family tradition, when the boys in the family called in sequence, that is the great-grandfather - Oleg grandfather - Igor's father - Oleg, and thus, the son of a family tradition to be called Igor.Again, it is unnecessary to do so.

In addition, it is unnecessary to name children after favorite musicians, presenters, actors, characters from movies, etc.Also, do not let the name of the child associated with any event or venue.For example, one couple named their daughter the name of the club, where they met - Aurora, it's romantic, but this depends on the fate of your child.

Do not call the child's future complex, and jaw-be hard to name.These include fashionable now included the old Russian names, but it's interesting, but think about how your child will be lived with that name.In addition, in the future, the name can always be difficult to pronounce and write error, which is very unpleasant.

How to choose a child
How to choose the name of the child

What is the name of the selected child?First of all, choose the name of the child of those names that you like, but keep in mind the fact that this name should be like in the future and your child.When you select the names that you like, be sure to read their meaning.The value of the name is very important because it almost does not predetermine the fate of your child.

sounding name

Pay attention to the sound of the name, it predetermines the future character of the child.

  • If the name sounds tough and firm Igor, Gregory, Daria, Arina - most children with this type of names have a stubborn and persistent in nature.

  • When the selected name sounds softly, Alex, Michael, Julia, Natalie - the kids will have a flexible and quiet character.

  • also have neutral names: Andrew, Paul, Anna, Olga - such people have an average character between the previous two groups, they are calm, but assertive and moderately.

How to choose a baby name patronymic

wakes An important and how the child's name will be in harmony with the middle name.It is very hard to pronounce, when the name of the child ends in a consonant, and patronymic at it begins, for example: Alexander D. and K. Bogdan.In this case, if the first name of the child begins with a consonant, the Pick a name that ends in a vowel.

example, a very beautiful sound combinations of names: Alex I., Sergey, Olga, Veronika Andreevna, etc.

Pick a beautiful combination of first name and patronymic, so that it sounded nice and do not distort the pronunciation.If rigid middle name, the name is better to choose soft, or vice versa.Note that the combination of name and patronymic also affects the fate and the future character of the child.

How to choose the name of the child
How to choose the name of the child's date of birth

Depending on what time of the year the child was born, it is recommended to choose a certain name.

  • born in the winter it is best to give a soft name;

  • -born in the spring and summer is best to call solid names;

  • born in the fall can be given as a rigid and soft name.

How to choose the name of the child on the church calendar

Since the majority of our faithful people, that they are trying to choose a name for the calendar.How to do it correctly?As you know, every day is his birthday, that is celebrated every day in the name day of a saint.Accordingly, one of the holy celebrating their name day on the day of the child's birth, the name and called the child.

our part, we recommend you call the baby a name that you like, and name of the church calendar is better to give the child at baptism, as very often clergymen and astrologers advised to give different names, so to speak, for life and for the church.

What is the name of the selected child

If you can not choose a name for the child, then this will help Dictionary of names, you can buy it in book form and on the Internet.The dictionary contains a huge number of names, as well as the right given its description.

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