Healthy eating

If you rely on data from the World Health Organization, the state of human health and the duration of its existence depends on 60% of the power supply system and way of life.Such a large number of people forced to take seriously one of the joys of life - food.

Among the current diversity of products is difficult to determine - what is useful and what is not.For example, an apple is rich in vitamins and trace elements, it can be considered the perfect food, but it's not always possible to have only one apple.There are "unhealthy" products, such as butter.On the one hand it is "solid" fat, but on the other - enough oil contains large amounts of vitamin A. In other words, each product is universal, and no single one that would fully meet all the needs of the human body.This problem can be solved only by the correct combination of different products.It is based on this and a healthy diet.

Healthy food for every day

For good functioning of the body, a person must consume proteins, carbohydrates, vitami
ns, fats and minerals.Let us consider in detail each component.


Healthy eating Energy Properties fat is higher than that of other components.That is, foods that contain fat, are considered the most high-calorie.But that is no reason to abandon them completely.Fats are essential for the synthesis and compounds which regulate immune mechanisms, and many other processes.They also serve as building blocks for cell membranes.

Fats are divided into saturated (animal) and unsaturated (vegetable origin).High intake of the first leads to obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

completely different properties are fats of vegetable origin, in their composition isolated omega-3, omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids.These substances have a beneficial effect on the state of absolutely all tissues of the body, prevent heart disease.

least 3 servings of fish per week, and 1 tbsp.tablespoon of any vegetable oil will satisfy the body's need right fats.
absence of this element leads to brittle hair and hair loss, dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, and non-healing wounds.

Proteins are the most important component of food.Once in the body, the proteins start to break down into amino acids, and are the very body synthesizes it needs hundreds and even thousands of proteins with diverse functions.All the tremendous diversity of protein - a combination of 20 amino acids.Some amino acids can compensate for others, only 9 species are essential for adults and 10 - for children.

Daily lifelong proteins must be ingested.No matter from which products - meat, milk and beans, it is important that their amount is sufficient.

lack of protein leads to disruption of the entire body, in particular reduced immunity, deteriorating the absorption of substances, memory and performance.In children, growth is slowing, and in adults there are serious disturbances in the functioning of the endocrine glands, and changes in the liver.

protein is present in large quantities in meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs and legumes, seeds and nuts.


Healthy eating This component provides the body with energy.All fruits and vegetables and contain simple sugars (fructose, glucose) and complex carbohydrates (starch).The flour, cereal products - mainly one starch.

Common refined sugar, yet it is called "added" is also a source of simple carbohydrates.His big consumption threatens the development of caries, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

Therefore, to maintain good health should be limited to the amount of sugar in the diet.

However, not all carbohydrates are harmful.For example, cellulose, which is part of complex carbohydrates is extremely useful for processes such as digestion and absorption of food and evacuation.Cellulose - one representative fiber, it is important to maintain the normal intestinal microflora.

A large number of dietary fiber contained in the "raw" cereals (bran, oats), fruit and vegetables.

lack of fiber in the body leads to constipation, which resulted in harmful substances accumulate in the body.


If limit of normal fat content, carbohydrates and proteins in the body is wide enough, the composition of the minerals in the cells must be maintained strictly in a certain amount.The deviation from the norm can lead to life threatening.

Our body needs following substances:

- sodium (normalizes the water balance);
- potassium (strengthens bones and teeth, maintains normal blood pressure, you need to work the muscles);
- calcium (needed for bones and teeth, is involved in renal and digestive activity);
- magnesium (promotes activation of intracellular processes);
- phosphorus (involved in the construction of nerve cells, bone and soft tissue);
- iron (kislorodoobmennye catalyzed processes).


These components required by the body to regulate the flow of chemical reactions.Vitamins help release energy that comes from food.Without them the opportunity to highlight the human body from food essential nutrients weakens, which can lead to death by starvation.

disastrous for vitamins alcohol, smoking, an overabundance of sugar, as well as certain medications, and stress.

Healthy Eating.Menu for the week

Healthy eating Monday.
Breakfast: oatmeal and a glass of milk with cookies.
Lunch: tuna, vegetables, black bread.
Dinner: Boiled chicken breast and a salad of arugula.

Breakfast: cottage cheese with berries, orange juice.
Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled beef, rye bread.
Dinner: boiled salmon with rice as a garnish.Low-fat yogurt or kefir.

Breakfast: porridge from different cereals, one egg, cocoa.
Dinner: minestrone soup, fruit.
Dinner: Baked chicken with vegetables.

Breakfast: fruit salad, toast with jam.
Lunch: seafood and vegetables.
Dinner: vegetable salad, chicken breast, steamed.

Breakfast: muesli with berries and cheese sandwich.
Lunch: mushroom soup, braised veal liver.
Dinner: baked potato with filling, vegetable salad.


Breakfast: curd pudding and milkshake.
Lunch: Potato soup with herbs, boiled fish.
Dinner: beans, vegetable stew.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with rye bread.
Lunch: beef stew with buckwheat garnish.
Dinner: yogurt, vegetable salad with cheese toffee.Try

in the intervals between meals to eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water.Dishes seasoned with various fresh herbs.

Healthy eating for weight loss

Healthy eating With proper nutrition extra weight will inevitably leave the body.What is important is to take into account all the rules and abide by them.

Firstly, there is a must, and regularly .Nutritionists recommend five meals a day (3 main and 2 additional).The amount of food should be small, approximately 1 serving of food must fit in 250 gram glass.

Secondly, you need to consider calorie food .For example, 100 grams of lamb contains 203 calories and 100 grams of raspberries - 41 kcal.That is, eating different foods in the same volume, the body receives a different amount of calories.A surplus of the latter is certainly the appearance of excess weight.Accordingly, the question arises: "How many calories a person needs in a day?".

To answer it was invented many ways of counting formulas.One of the most popular formula is Tom Venuto:

655+ (1,8 * height in cm) + (9.6 * kg in weight) - (4.7 * age in years)

obtained result - the level of the basal metabolism(BMR), should be multiplied by a factor of activity:

1,2 - the lowest activity (inactive, sedentary lifestyle);
1, 375 - the average activity (presence of physical activity three times a week);
1,55 - a significant level of activity (exercise at least 5 times a week);
1, 725 - an increased level of activity (daily exercise);
1,9 - the highest load (constant hard work in cold conditions, more physical exercise a day throughout the week).

The resulting figure is the amount of calories needed per day.To lose weight, try to make up the menu, taking into account the numerical values ​​obtained.And drink plenty of clean water, nedosalivayte food, try to eat freshly prepared meals.Eliminate alcohol from your diet.

top 5 most useful recipes for healthy eating

Healthy eating Winter Fruit Salad

At night, soak the dried fruits (apricots, mango, papaya, raisins) in fruit juice.In the morning add some fresh orange juice, season with low-fat yogurt.

Useful porridge

Cook oatmeal with milk, add low-fat Greek yogurt, chopped hazelnuts and berries decorate honey.

Milk and fruit cocktail

In a blender to whip strawberries, banana, yogurt and milk.Ready cocktail lightly sprinkle with chocolate chips.

Baked apples stuffed

core of an apple cut fruit to fill pecans, dried cranberries, orange juice and a pinch of zest.Bake in the oven until cooked.

vegetable salad

Cut fresh cabbage, carrots and bell pepper.Add half a teaspoon of sugar and salt, season with lemon juice and vegetable oil.

day healthy eating

This summer, a group of people losing weight gave the idea to create a festival that will be the antithesis of the American day of gluttony.This idea has found numerous support and approval.Since June 2, I was born on a holiday "Day of refusal of excesses in eating."

This day is designed to remind each person that he is responsible for what nourishes your body.June 2 people can get a lot of information about the right diet, his balance, the usefulness and dangers of the various products, etc..

And most importantly, this holiday could trigger the beginning of a new life, which is a proper healthy diet.