How to remove paint from hair?

Unsuccessful staining - a nightmare for almost every woman.As a result of incorrectly selected paint can get completely the wrong color, which was expected.Fortunately, today there are many ways that can help to quickly and very effectively reduce unwanted hair with color.

What can hide a bad painting?The most popular methods

If you do not want to spend a wash, the dye can be temporarily hidden by gentle colorants.Carefully choose a shade to the end result did not get on the hair even more bad color.

Colouring shampoos

Colouring shampoos sold in virtually every cosmetic store.A diverse range allows you to choose the most suitable color.Do not forget to read the information on the packaging and find out whether the drug is suitable for your hair color.
Shampoos, giving hue, are very simple and easy to use.It is necessary to distribute the selected product to the hair.Be sure to use gloves and avoid contact with the skin coloring.

Tint balm

Tint balms have the same effect as shampoos.They c
olor the hair gently, without breaking the structure.Resistance is largely dependent on the time: the longer you hold on to her hair, the richer will be the resulting color.In general, such funds is very appropriate if you want to change the shade after an unsuccessful staining.Return the previous color or try another professional paint better in a week, so as not to damage the hair.Before this balms tint can be an excellent replacement.

sprays and lacquers

If you do not want a long-term effect, and you need to hide in the shade of a day or even a few hours, pay attention to tint paints and hair sprays.They are not harmful to the hair and can successfully hide unwanted color for a short time.These funds are applied very easily rinsed off with regular shampoo.

How to remove paint from hair?

process of flushing the paint using special tools

in salon treatment of paint removers are usually called pickling.If there is sufficient time and resources would be wise to enroll in a decent and proven salon.In addition, there are two options: spend pickling at home or try to remove the paint folk ways.

as chemical remover affects the hair?

  • In these vehicles have active ingredients that penetrate the hair structure.
  • It destroys the link between the dye and pigment cells.
  • components contained in the remover, catch coloring pigments and output along.

Complete washout per application should be expected.When buying a washing be very careful.First, this tool is not worth saving, and secondly, be sure to check that its composition does not cause allergies.


  1. Wash applied only to completely dry hair.
  2. Following application is recommended to cover your head with a towel and polyethylene.
  3. Leave the mixture for an hour.
  4. Remember that a wash can not use more than 2 times per month.
  5. Do not use professional paint removers immediately after the procedure.You should wait at least 3-4 days.
  6. Do not forget about strengthening shampoos and conditioners.Use them 2 times a week for a month.

How to remove paint from hair?

Traditional methods of paint removers: the fastest and most efficient methods

Wash soap

One of the most effective ways to wash professional paint dark - wash hair with soap.It very effectively removes even the black paint.Just a couple of applications of soap, you can return your shade of hair.How to use it?

Soap is recommended to use together with your shampoo.Can I use it separately?Yes, only in this case can not forget about the various balms and masks that will prevent dryness.After washing, rinse your hair is advised herbal broth or water acidulated with lemon.

Flushing paint honey

Honey performance surpasses many folk remedies intended for washing.Also it is used in case you need to quickly wash away the paint from head to which you have been stained.

  1. to procedures necessary to use natural honey.Be extremely careful of not to be present sugar and other additives.
  2. Thick agent is applied to the hair with a generous layer.The head must be covered with a plastic cap and wrap a soft towel.These simple steps will help keep warm and markedly improve the effect.
  3. This mask is left for the night or for 5-10 hours.The longer the honey mask will be on your head, the better the end result.
  4. Use honey as washing should be within a week.

Flushing using soda

Flushing paint using soda - another safe and proven way.However, in this case, there is a reservation: it can only be used for oily hair.In this case, it greatly improves their circulation.But for dry and normal strands of soda generally has an adverse effect.

Mask of soda produced in the following manner:

  • per liter of water is taken 5 tablespoons of baking soda.
  • composition is applied to areas with which you want to remove paint.
  • on hair worn hat and towel.
  • Do not keep soda mask more than 20 minutes.
  • Rinse off the mask should shampoo or soap.

Wash paint yogurt

Flushing paint using yogurt is considered one of the safest.Yogurt does not cause any harm to the hair, and provides them a very beneficial effect.She brightens well as a black and a red dye.

To prepare you need to take:

  • half a cup of yogurt;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 4 tablespoons of vodka;
  • few drops of lemon juice;
  • some shampoo.

If you do not have buttermilk, instead you can use yogurt.The components are thoroughly mixed.This mixture must be applied on the hair and leave it for 4 hours.Over time means washed off with shampoo.

After the first use of kefir mask the effect may not be as noticeable.Since it is perfectly safe, it can be used several times - to achieve the desired result.

Traditional methods of paint removers, video

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