Pros and cons of rhinoplasty nose

Every girl and woman wants to be beautiful.Sometimes nature still bestows perfect beauty of the fairer sex, but it can make a small drawback.One such example is the curvature of the nose.If men bending nose is not a particular problem, the girls and women is still quite serious.In this article, experts site will tell you about rhinoplasty nose.


What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty - this surgery to correct congenital or acquired deformities of the nose .Rhinoplasty relates to plastic surgery, it is carried out in aesthetic purposes, and sometimes with medical.Rhinoplasty, or rhinoplasty, is aimed at improving the functions of breathing, or nose reshaping.As for aesthetic purposes, then there probably everything is clear - the operation carried out in order to make a beautiful bow shape, eliminating the disadvantages.As for rhinoplasty for medical purposes, it is carried out to correct problems related to the impairment and shortness of breath due to the curvature of the nasal partition.

With the advanced technology the likelihood that after the operation the customer will be dissatisfied with the new shape of the nose - is very small.The method of computer modeling can before surgery to choose a suitable shape of the nose and "try" it.

Rhinoplasty - quite a complex operation, but at the same time, its popularity is high, as there are many who want to eliminate the defects of the nose, such as: excessive length, the presence of a small hump, curvature, as well as fix the ugly shape of the tip of the nose.Also recommend rhinoplasty people having difficulty breathing due to violations of the formation of the nose.Some defects of the nose can be purchased as a result of injuries, so the solution to all these problems is the rhinoplasty.

Types rhinoplasty

Depending on the technique of the operation of rhinoplasty, they are divided into: open and closed.Closed operation, although expanding the range of possibilities, but limited in the actions of the surgeon.The main advantage of this type of joints in the arrangement inside the nose.

When open surgery survey of more, and, consequently, the possible effects on bone and cartilage tissue the surgeon is also greater.But after open operations on the outside of the nasal septum remains a scar, which gradually becomes almost imperceptible.The rehabilitation period at open surgery - runs longer than with a closed procedure.

Rhinoplasty Nose

Features rhinoplasty

qualified, experienced surgeon should be able to conduct two types of transactions and to use one of them, depending on the characteristics of the patient's nose.When the plastic nose is necessary not only to adjust the shape of the nose, but also to maintain or improve the capacity of the respiratory system.

now touch on contraindications rhinoplasty .Rhinoplasty can only carry out since 17 years.This is due to the fact that the nasal cartilage will form only at this age.It is impossible to do rhinoplasty people with diabetes and diseases of violating blood clotting.Therefore, before the surgery necessary to undergo a full medical examination.

rhinoplasty can be used two types of anesthesia : general and local.Selecting the type of anesthesia produces doctor depending on the complexity of the operation.In more simple operations, usually limited to local anesthesia, but if the operation is quite complicated, in which will be affected by the nasal septum and the bridge, then surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Pros and cons of rhinoplasty serious enough .The benefits of rhinoplasty include the desired aesthetic beauty of the nose, which you can achieve this after plastic surgery.By cons include the wrong choice of specialist and dissatisfaction with the outcome of the operation, which is unlikely.But, nevertheless, it is taking place.In addition, rhinoplasty can lead to frequent postoperative bleeding, loss of sensitivity of the nose, the development of infection in the nose, etc.But most of the negative aspects can be avoided if you allow this operation professionals.

duration of the operation is not too long .Operation carried in for 30 minutes up to 2 hours.Time of hospital stay - 1-2 days.Those days have to breathe through the mouth, due to being in the nasal passages of tampons.At the end of 9-10 days after the operation, you can shoot a plaster Longuet, who imposed on the nose after surgery.

Isparvlenie Nose

rehabilitation period after rhinoplasty .In the two months after the operation should limit yourself to exercise.Not wear eyeglasses during the two weeks after the operation, since it also provides a load on the nose.After 3-4 months you can see a preliminary result, and only 12 months it will be possible to fully appreciate the work of the surgeon, as only this time everything is completely restored.

often due to shortcomings in appearance, especially on the face, women develop complexes.But do not immediately run to a plastic surgeon if you just do not like the shape of your nose, in which no disturbances in the breathing process.In order to hide some flaws, it will be enough to make the right make-up and pick hairstyle.If it does not help - consult a professional make-up artist and stylist.If using cosmetics to hide the flaws of the nose should not be too large or twisting, only then you can resort to plastic surgery, for which at this stage is almost nothing is impossible.

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