Botox: pros and cons

Nowadays the problem of facial wrinkles to help cope a new direction - the injection of Botox.By this procedure, of course mainly treat women, but surely come, and such times that the turn to the beautician will have more men.After all, not every man wants to look old when the young wife.

Enter Botox under the skin

Features Botox injections

drug is injected under the skin in those areas that are "problematic".Good beauticians usually warn the patient that before the procedure should not use any medicine, and sports before and after the procedure is contraindicated.

to result after the injections was much better, it is necessary from time to time to massage places that were exposed shot.If you are worried about something, how long will the effect, it will depend on you.Keeping all doctor's prescription, you will look rejuvenated to about six months.Do not worry, this procedure has to be repeated for each, to maintain the effect.

To avoid side effects you should know not only about the benefits of the procedure, but also t
o be aware of the disadvantages that can stop you.Therefore, careful questioning of the doctor who offers a shot of Botox.

Benefits of Botox

So Botox to date - this is the only means by which you can get rid of facial wrinkles.And for women it is very important.Given that Botox removes wrinkles, so it also prevents the appearance of new, over the six months to a year.

Botox injections

Disadvantages of Botox

Since after the introduction of Botox relaxes the muscles very strong emotions and some have not reflected on the face.Of course this is a plus, because the skin is not so prone to wrinkles, but just think how it will look unnatural your smile to others.

Just big minus is that Botox injections are age limits.And doing such procedures at the slightest manifestation of wrinkles, you risk getting a mental disorder.

course, up to you, the main thing that all that a person does not harm him, and brought only benefits.

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