What is peeling face, his features and types

Beauty facial skin is one of women's issues.It gives our facial skin and the first true age of aging.In order to maintain youth and beauty of the skin, followed by a careful and proper care.So care is peeling, which we would like to dedicate our current publication.


What is peeling

Peeling - demanded cosmetic procedure, without which no one goes visiting beauty salons.The essence of peeling (exfoliation) is to remove the top layer has a keratinized skin, which consists of dead cells.The layer of dead skin creates a difficulty for the metabolic processes in the skin, contributes to clogged pores and glands, which further creates favorable conditions for the development of bacteria that settle on the skin and contribute to the beginning of inflammation of the sebaceous glands and pores.As a result, the skin appears acne, skin becomes sluggish, not a living, loses its tone and color of life.Peeling is a preparatory step prior to further cosmetic procedures.

main area of ​​the body, which often requ
ires the procedure, is a person.For men, the problem of peeling is carried out to shave regularly, during which a razor blade along with the bristles and removed the top layer of dead skin.After shaving, the skin looks much younger and more vital, open the pores and sebaceous glands, and removes ingrown hair.

Features peeling

Women peeling is the use of special cosmetics at home or when visiting beauty salons.Most proper conduct of the procedure, of course, can be obtained from a specialist beauty salon cosmetologist who correctly apply the right tools.The fact that the peeling is performed by means which comprise acids of different origin and concentration, and therefore their use must be accurately metered and determined in accordance with time, or may remain negative effects on the skin.Also beautician should take into account the skin type of the client, which is a fundamental factor in carrying out this procedure.Assessing the condition of the skin and its type, beauticians may decide to ban this procedure.

Face after the peel

Types peeling

Peeling divided into types depending on which way the impact is applied to the skin: chemical, physical, enzymatic, fruit, laser or ultrasound.He was also distinguished by the degree of exposure to skin: light, moderate action and deep action.

certain kind of peeling is chosen taking into account the characteristics of the skin and the desired result.Thus, mechanical peeling is performed using scrubs, sugar and salt granules of pumice, abrasive materials, and therefore, it is available to all users and can be used at home.Chemical peeling involves the application of various kinds of acids that have different effects on the skin.Some (salicylic, glycolic, pyruvic, citric and malic acid, plant enzymes) have removed the upper horny layer, so can also be used by consumers on their own, but with a little concentration.Using them in a stronger concentration should take place under the supervision of a specialist.Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects will salicylic, benzoic, trichloroacetic acid, but Kojic, phytic acid, azelaic acid, retinoic acid help remove dark spots on the skin.The use of these acids requires the ability and skills of a specialist.Other means of rejuvenating effect on the skin, promotes cell development, giving the skin shine and vitality.The acids used may be used, both separately and in conjunction with the other.

peeling with ultrasound and radiofrequency radiation, laser action - available in beauty salons where you installed the certified equipment and qualified beauticians consultants.

Girl with a purified face

Peeling faces at home

Catching peeling at home wants to give you some practical advice:

  • not perform peeling if the face has acne or irritation;

  • most tender we have skin in the eyelids and around the mouth, so these areas are not subject to the procedure of peeling;

  • Produce peeling horizontally pat without pressure and sudden manipulation;
  • Do not expose treated areas exposed to the sun or a solarium, and in the summer to apply sunscreen.

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