Makeup eyebrows and eyelashes

There are many tricks to emphasize female feminine beauty.Expressive eyes of women depends not only on its natural abilities, but on how the woman takes care of the eyelashes and eyebrows.Proper technique for makeup of eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as giving the correct form of the eyebrows help transform a woman's face.


Mascara allows you to emphasize the depth of the eyes, thickness and length of lashes at the same time protecting them, thanks to the special ingredients that strengthen the ciliary hairs and even restore them.It is important that ink does not irritate the eyes.Qualitative ink should significantly increase them without glue eyelashes, do not crumble, and not to leave fingerprints on the skin, is easily washed off, leaving the mourning circles around the eyes.

Makeup eyebrows and eyelashes

Types of mascara

Nevodostoykaya mascara.

Creamy, in tubes or cartridges.This ink is composed of fat, water, dyes, reinforcing resins, as well as added thereto to reinforce keratin hair and lanolin for elas
ticity eyelashes.Nevodostoykaya ink is considered more gentle, easy to wash cosmetic milk and even water.The disadvantage of such ink is that it flows from tears, rain and high humidity.Not suitable for swimming.

Waterproof mascara.

It added water-resistant resin, ink is not soluble in water, it forms a solid film on the eyelashes, thereby adding them to length.The disadvantage of such ink is that it can form a dark circles under the eyes, as a fat-soluble.As it is printed on the skin.In this case it is necessary to apply a light fat-free gel.Remove this mascara can use fat-containing products (fat cream or milk Makeup Remover).

colorless mascara.

contain oil, protein, keratin and other active ingredients that give elasticity and a beautiful shine.The colorless ink can be used not only for the eyelashes, but also for laying and comb your eyebrows.

Makeup eyebrows and eyelashes

color ink.

Perfect for parties or any of various holidays.Originally looks when selected color mascara eye color, resulting in a natural eye color is even more impressive.The same color ink is not recommended for everyday makeup.

Makeup eyebrows and eyelashes

Proper application of mascara to the eyelashes

eyelashes before applying mascara must first be degreased, as the greasy and dirty hair mascara keeps bad and formed lumps.Colouring eyelashes begin by mid-century, after which the ink is applied in the vicinity of the outer corner of the eye, and at the end of the inner corner of the eye.You can first cover the eyelid and how to comb the lashes, and then zigzag movements comb eyelashes, holding eyelids open and finish pulling movements.Then take the brush in an upright position once again go through all the lashes, prokrashivaya each eyelash separately.All the hairs, even in the corners of the eyes should be evenly colored.If necessary, you can paint over again, giving it to touch a little bit dry.Eyelashes should comb a special comb, when ink is not yet dry.

Makeup eyebrows and eyelashes

Tip: Mascara should be fresh, it is necessary to monitor its shelf life.If the paint begins to coagulate in the crumbs, the mascara should be replaced.

eyelash curlers

to lashes curled in the right place, tongs tray to the roots of eyelashes, pre-causing thin layer of mascara.To do this, add up all the open upper eyelash curling, then lashes gently pinched them and hold about two seconds, and then check the results.If the effect is insufficient, repeat the procedure more eyelash curler.Perform this procedure should be very carefully!Do not forget to be careful not to damage the eye.

Makeup eyebrows and eyelashes

How to stick false eyelashes

set of false eyelashes consists of two fringed hair fixed on the basis of the thinnest.They are glued with special glue on top of your own lashes.It should also be borne in mind that the first to apply the shadow forever, but then glued eyelashes, and after the applied liquid eyeliner.First you need to choose the length so that the edge line of artificial eyelashes slightly did not reach up to the outer corner of the eye.If necessary, shorten the eyelashes.Artificial eyelashes are captured by the tweezers, and are covered with a thin layer of glue on the inside of the base.

Makeup eyebrows and eyelashes

glued starting from the middle of the eye.Superimposed eyelashes as close as possible to their eyelashes, and then recorded for a few seconds fingers.Then eyeliner or liquid eyeliner painted over the line formed by the eyelashes.At the end of mascara applied to thoroughly mix the natural and false eyelashes.Before you remove the eye make-up, eyelash unstick carefully, put on paper and free of makeup milk.
Makeup eyebrows and eyelashes

Eyebrows Eyebrows

perform important protective function of the current of sweat and dirt.Shape eyebrows subject to fashion.In general terms, they should always look natural and well-groomed at the same time.They change expression.The ideal is considered an eyebrow, where hair growth is uniform and the same.The hair smooth and shiny, well painted.The eyebrow has an arc shape.It begins growth of eyebrows from the nose, where the maximum thickness of the hair.Eyebrow consists of three parts, starting from the nose: head, body and tail.As a rule, the tail should be the clear and dark.

There are several forms of eyebrows, such as: ascending, eyebrow break, arcuate, horizontal and eyebrows house, as shown in the figure.Typically, natural eyebrow shape is best suited to your face, not counting the small shoots, on a bridge, or on the upper eyelid under the tail.Conjoined eyebrows give the face a gloomy, so all the hairs in the nose should be removed.

Makeup eyebrows and eyelashes

methods tinting eyebrows


performed Tinting eyebrow pencil that has to be sharp.Do not carry out a continuous line, but rather paint the individual hairs short feathery strokes.If the lines are too rough, clear or solid, the eyebrows will look unnatural.If the eyebrows themselves rare or short, it is the color of the pencil hairs pritemnyayut existing gaps in the body of the eyebrows (empty space).Similarly colored with a ponytail and his eyebrows, then a special brush to comb and style eyebrows.In addition brush will remove excess paint.

Makeup eyebrows and eyelashes


Shadows walnut, taupe, beige, pale brown.Color Eye Shadow is selected depending on the natural color of your eyebrows.Special hard brush, without departing from the natural hairline.It is best to apply the shadow wet, then the color will be more saturated and clearer form.


Tinting can be done colorless mascara that adds shine and shape quite dark and thick eyebrows.

gel or hair spray.

Some exceptions eyebrows can be installed using a gel or hairspray, after having put it on the eyebrow brush.It is used mainly when unruly eyebrow hairs or too long.

choice of color pencil to color the eyebrows

depends on the color of skin and hair.Radical black eyebrows a little interested.The face becomes vulgar, evil and unnatural.Lost femininity and charm, especially when his hair dyed an unnatural color or discolored.If the nature of the dark eyebrows and hair light, it is possible in this case to use to lighten eyebrows light beige or gold pencil, which draws strokes between hairs or hairs themselves too.In the classic version, color pencil eyebrow color chosen.

Eyebrow plucking using

Avoid full plucking eyebrows.It may be noted the hairs that need to be removed with white pencil or a proofreader.If eyebrows wide and optically put pressure on the eyes, tweeze them in width, but only the bottom edge.Be sure to remove the hair on the nose, as well as a small growth on the upper eyelid under the eyebrows.Remove the hairs should be quick and sharp movements in the direction of their growth, while holding tightly the skin with your fingers.The hair should be removed along with the root.Before performing the plucking and its completion in the skin should be treated with an alcohol-based lotion, including forceps.Before plucking can make a hot compress, and after it - a cold decoction of chamomile or oak bark.At the end of the skin oil cream for eyelids.If the hairs are long and does not fit into your chosen ideal form, they should be up and gently comb to cut.

When the correction of the eyebrows should be remembered:
  • eyebrows with ascending ends visually reduce face.
  • horizontal eyebrows visually expand it.
  • Arched eyebrows do not change the aspect ratio.
  • If you break the eyebrows is located closer to the outer end, the upper part of the face visually expanded.
  • Sinking outer ends of the eyebrows as if expand the lower part of the face.To visually enlarge the eyes, it is necessary to raise the eyebrow line as possible.
  • Thin eyebrows are suitable for a small person with small features.
  • Wide eyebrows balance the rugged features.

Easy care eyebrows and eyelashes can help transform your face.It's enough to get acquainted with useful tips and tricks.Now every woman to buy a fascinating view not difficult.

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