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False positive pregnancy test

False positive pregnancy test

two strips indicates the occurrence of pregnancy.Some of this result were hard for months or years, by taking the necessary measures and efforts.Others may be shocked by an unexpected pregnancy.Life situation, each person is different.But if necessary, pregnancy testing of women in any case initially resorted to the use of home test.And often they resort to this method before pregnancy.

Home pregnancy tests have become an undoubted achievement of modern society.They are widely proven quite highly informative results, convenience and ease of use.The choice today offers a variety of models - available pregnancy tests four generations.And with each new generation of tests continued to improve markedly.But in any case, for use only principle - the tests are based on the determination of hCG in the urine of women with a special reagent.In identifying the hCG in the urine test and displayed on the second strip - and it indicates the occurrence of pregnancy.But is such an outcome becomes valid?

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False positive pregnancy test -

cause of the error on the website, we paid not a single article the question of reliability of pregnancy tests.If you familiarize yourself with the various forums and reviews on the Internet, we can see - when you use pregnancy tests the probability of error is saved and is considered a rare phenomenon to occur.Therefore, experts and recommend - do not end the test after the first test, after a few days of their testing should be repeated.

When using a pregnancy test is quite probable error to error - a false positive or false-negative result.If a false positive result on the test, there are two bars, although in reality the pregnancy has not occurred.

As already noted, the emergence of second strips to determine the pregnancy is a consequence of contact with the hormone hCG in the urine of women.Development of this hormone begins immediately from the moment of fertilization.Every day, the level of production of hCG in a woman's body will grow - and a delay (preferably not before, and the next day after a delay), you are ready to use the test.After all, at this particular time more likely reliable results.

also need to add that sometimes a significant production of the hormone hCG in a woman's body has no particular relation to the pregnancy.In particular, the level of production of hCG increases due trophoblastic tumors (the reason for their proliferation are the same cells that provide the production of hCG), recent myocardial abortion, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy interruption.It is also possible to use drugs containing hCG, which also lead to incorrect results of a pregnancy test.

often on the surface of the second test strip is indistinct, blurred or poorly marked.In this respect, the situation is quite ambiguous.After all, sometimes it says that such unexpressed second band is indicative of low levels of hCG in the urine, with the need to repeat the test after two or three days to make.But in most cases the cause of this problem becomes improper storage, expired or poor quality of selected pregnancy test.The appearance of a second strip of slurred only shows content in a given place of the reagent.

If the test is still in doubt, need to perform a blood test at the level of hCG, followed by examination by a gynecologist.This approach is quite useful and accurate allow deny or confirm the results of a pregnancy test.

All the information given is not disputing the benefits and relevance of pregnancy tests.According to the manufacturer, the reliability of the results is 97%.But in any case finally clarify the situation could only be a doctor.And not to be forgotten - the likelihood of false negatives higher than the false positive, so do not forget to visit the gynecologist if notice other signs of pregnancy.