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IVF in natural cycle

IVF in natural cycle

Not every woman unable to conceive on their own.The reasons for such problems may vary.But it's nice to add that women still can rely on the high chances for pregnancy.For such a result, you can resort to in vitro fertilization.This is done by stimulation of ovulation using gormonosoderzhaschih drugs (with simultaneous maturation of oocytes 10-14).Further details for the ova taken of in vitro fertilization.After developing embryos produced transplant (between 3-5 days) into the uterine cavity.

But it is also possible to use in vitro fertilization in the natural cycle - drugs to stimulate the growth of follicles are not used.This option involves a more gentle action for the female body, excluding a severe blow for hormonal (with hormonal stimulation of the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation with undesirable consequences).But the incidence of pregnancy using IVF is much less.Do not forget about the other important thing - in the natural cycle of IVF can be applied only when the ovulation cycle of women.I

n practice, there are other definitions of the procedure - "unstimulated IVF cycles", "natural cycles of IVF," "IVF without stimulation."

reproductive age most women follicle ripens almost every month.It provides a mature, prepared for a fertilized egg.For IVF egg is removed from the uterus for fertilization in vitro.When the embryo is transferred into the uterus, is the development of pregnancy.But it is easy in theory.In fact, the procedure may be accompanied by some challenges that need to know the specialists and it is desirable to know the woman.In view of the above information is to draw the attention to the strengths and weaknesses in unstimulated IVF cycles.

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advantages of in vitro fertilization in the natural cycle

Among the obvious advantages of IVF in natural cycle note:

  • - there is not threat of ovarian hyperstimulation.

  • - Low risk of bleeding and inflammation, potential complications (including oncological diseases of breast and genitals).

  • - The procedure is accompanied by a smaller psychological and physiological discomfort, since there is no ovarian stimulation.

  • - Quality endometrium for implantation (quality is higher as compared with stimulated cycles).

  • - Significantly reduced the risk of preterm birth.

  • - Low probability of a multiple pregnancy.

  • - The procedure can be performed for several consecutive months.

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More about the shortcomings in the natural cycle IVF:

  • - For one cycle is obtained only one egg.

  • - fertilization procedure can not be conducted without the egg in the follicular fluid.

  • - premature ovulation leads to a forced cancellation of the procedure.

  • - Immaturity egg.

  • - Reduced performance.

  • - Impossible selection of embryos.

Stages of IVF in natural cycle

procedure involves several stages:

  • - ultrasound monitoring to control the growth and development of follicles (7-8 days from the beginning of the menstrual cycle).

  • - Level monitoring with the definition of the onset of the LH peak.

  • - Puncture of the follicle with the egg retrieval.

  • - Produced fence male sperm to fertilize.

  • - More self fertilization in the laboratory.

  • - Cultivating (cultivation) embryo (for 2-3 days).

  • - embryos are transferred into the uterus.

Suitable for IVF in natural cycle?

  • IVF in natural cycles performed for the following cases:

  • - When the pregnancy becomes an obstacle for the obstruction of the fallopian tubes ("Tube Factor").

  • - Inability of pregnancy because of infertility spouse.

  • - If you wish to exclude an increased hormonal load.

  • - At the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

  • - A woman suffered a thromboembolism, or being treated for cancer diseases.

  • - women suffer heart surgery with the installation of the artificial valve.

  • - In diseases of the liver and pancreas.

  • - With a weak reaction of the woman's body to the stimulation of the ovaries.

  • - If a woman has experienced several IVF, but there was the implantation of high-quality embryos in the uterine wall.

effectiveness of IVF in natural cycle

When performing IVF in natural cycles and experience doctors are of the opinion the high efficiency of the procedure.Yet less than a stimulated IVF cycles.The reason lies in the possibility of IVF in stimulated cycles select the highest quality and best of all developing embryos (usually 10-14).Typically, the transfer is not a single embryo, as two or three, which also contributes to a greater probability of successful implantation of the onset and progression of pregnancy.

However, some experts add that do not like to perform in vitro fertilization in the natural cycle, given the greater labor intensity.The procedure can be compared with the performance of the jewelery work.

conditions for IVF in natural cycle

Be performed in vitro fertilization may not be for every woman.It is necessary to take into account the existence of the prerequisites:

  • - age women within 18-35 years.

  • - Having menstrual cycle, ovulation is mandatory.

  • - Necessary tests.

  • - the proper level of hormones (estradiol - a minimum of 100 pmol / ml FSH - below 8.5 IU / L).

  • - Completion and signing of an agreement on the procedure of both spouses.

How much does IVF in natural cycle

It is difficult to determine the cost of IVF in unstimulated cycles.The reason lies in the difficulty to predict the required number of times, considering the individual characteristics of each organism.It is known that the number of pregnancy IVF in natural childbirth can be considerably more than the IVF with stimulation.It is also important to add that each clinic adheres to its pricing policy.

IVF in natural cycle involves a significant reduction in emotional stress as compared to IVF with stimulation.The reason lies in the realization woman - pregnancy is not necessarily going to happen, so there will be less frustrated by a failed attempt.Another important aspect - understanding women, the body does not interfere with the massive influence of hormones, formed a favorable psychological atmosphere.In this procedure, you need the maximum confidence in the doctor, with the mood of a favorable outcome, following all the recommendations of experts.

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