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The child is 8 months

The child is 8 months

At 8 months of active development of the baby continues: baby beautiful crawling with chetverenek sits unaided stable sitting, can wake up with the help of support.Some kids are already beginning to make their first steps, to keep her mother's hand or leaning on something, for example, when moving along the sofa.Kids at this age like music: they begin to move under her, swaying, happy to listen to different music.

At 8 months of age in children good hand-developed motor skills.The kid can take an object arm, shift it to the other hand, knock him to the floor, wall or other object in your hand, throw in the right direction.Out of the box with cubes of 8-month-old babies are able to fish for them tenaciously, using a pincer grip, ieforefinger and thumb.

inquisitive pipsqueak loves to dig into things, having fun romping home with household utensils.For such a class kid was safe for him, move out of his reach all the pointed, sharp or small objects.Close special locks from children all the drawers and d

oors, which are able to reach the ubiquitous children's hands.Make your baby a full game on Wednesday, leaving only the nursery toys and a minimum of furniture, the corners of which better equip silicone tips.

8-month-old baby says more new sounds and syllables.Some of these sounds and syllables kids called familiar objects and people may well mimic what they hear around them.The names of objects around the kids already know, is not being able to pronounce them.The baby of 8 months may deal with several cases simultaneously, for example, to tinker with a toy while parents listen to the conversation.

Talk with your child you need as much as possible.Read his books, while showing pictures, learn the names of objects, plants, animals.Not only the names of animals and birds should be taught with the baby, but also learn from them the sounds that animals emit.The kids have already drawn to the book, however, does not read yet, but in order to try on a tooth.

4 front teeth in 8 monthly kids already have, and now is the turn of clove-twos.You can provide your baby with special toys, teethers, and you can give him chew a piece of carrot or apple.But make sure that the piece was small and did not leave your baby alone, while he chews it, because the kid can choke on solid food.

grasping skills are well developed at the kid, and it actively uses it, grabbing the handle is not only objects, but also the food from the plate, including mashed potatoes and porridge.Do not let the child's wishes have to hand dish, it's a manifestation of children's autonomy.Curd can not grind, and leave crumbs on a plate, let the kid he sends it to his mouth.Spoon scoop food 8-month-old babies are not yet able, but to send a spoon in his mouth already know how.

At 8 months of age your baby can be given meat. Include lures boiled rabbit meat, tender beef and turkey meat.The meat of young animals (lamb, veal, etc.), as well as pork, it is too early to give a child, it is better to do it after a year.On the chicken in some children developing allergies, so be careful with him.

Meat is recommended to give the child in combination with vegetable puree and boiled vegetables but not cereals.Do not combine in a complementary feeding different proteins: meat, cheese or meat and eggs.It's too hard for a child's pancreas.You can add to children's porridge half a teaspoon of butter.Meats, candy, yogurt and cottage cheese shoplifting child can not be given becauseit can easily be poisoned this food.

fruit and vegetable baby food is recommended to buy in pharmacies or specialized children's departments.Many familiar to us foods can cause allergic reactions in children.Watch closely as the child's body responds to each new product.Any changes in the children's chair on the skin of the child and his health - it is a signal for an immediate withdrawal of the product from the child's diet.

8-month-old babies are experiencing a strong attachment to their parents.Children are afraid of strangers, long study them before going to their pens.In unfamiliar surroundings kids feel uncomfortable, and after staying there or in the society a large number of other people do not sleep at night.The more experiences and turbulent emotions kid feels the day, the worse he sleeps at night.

Day 8-month-old baby sleeps twice, although some already and one afternoon nap.If the child sleeps restlessly at night and waking up, starts to move in his bed - sits, crawls, stands up - put your baby next to a day and sleep with him alone to make up for the lack of a night's sleep.

the end of 8 months of life a child should already be able to:

  • sit up unaided and confidently sit for a few minutes.Since children's muscles are too weak, do not let the baby sat for a long time.

  • get up, holding on to a support, and make a few uncertain steps, while holding on to furniture.

  • tenacious hold items two handles, shift from hand to hand, throw in the selected direction.

  • Speak clearly some syllables, such as "ma-ma," "ba-ba", etc.

Useful tips for parents 8-month-old baby

  • food you feed your baby should be more than solid.Toward the end of 8 months for a baby cook thicker porridge.Not so well as before, grind fruits and vegetables to puree: simply knead them with a fork.As soon as the baby teeth appear, it is recommended to give them a meaning: the baby must learn to chew, to prepare for the transition to a full "adult" food.

  • time to begin to wean the baby from the nipple and bottle.In general, long-sucking nipples unsafe for children's digestive system, because in the process of sucking enhanced secretion of gastric juice.And if the children do not have the stomach of food, the stomach acid erodes the stomach wall.

  • Butylochki- are items on which it is time to wean the baby because he was already out of infancy.And much more interesting to use a cup.Make sure that the child has his own cup, and this cup to the child liked.And from the mother's breast milk to give not in a hurry: in the mornings and evenings, breast feed your baby.Remember, the longer the breast-feeding mother's milk, the longer it will remain good immunity.

  • the end of 8 months it is time to explore new baby items - baby potty.Parents can not always determine the point in time when their child is going to empty your bladder or bowel.Some of the kids sitting on the pot for a long time can not understand what is expected of them parents.Therefore, the process to accustom the baby to the pot may require not only time but also patience.Parents should not be nervous and shout at the child.Sooner or later he will succeed.

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