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If a child swallows a battery

If a child swallows a battery

kids restless and mouthing everything, so leave them unattended impossible.Oversight in some cases may result in the most dangerous consequences for the child.Having learned to walk without assistance, the baby begins to crawl and walk, exploring the hidden corners of your home, feeling and tasting new things for him.

The dangerous swallowing foreign objects?

Generally swallowed objects, if they form a smooth and sharp, quite easily and without consequences to the health of slipping through the gastrointestinal tract.First, such an object is sent from the esophagus into the stomach of the child, and then - straight to the gut.

However, the situation may be complicated if a child swallows the subject of irregular shape.Even worse, if such an object is large in size and has sharp edges.Such objects may be stuck on any part of the passage, starting from the esophagus joining to the throat of the stomach and intestine ending.

Where stuck swallowed objects

usually swallowed objects are stuck in thre

e main areas:

1. the transition of the stomach into the small intestine,

2. at the junction of the upper and middle sections of the small intestine,

3. in placethe transition of the small intestine into the large.

jammed object causes discomfort at first, but if it is not removed, then there is the threat of irritation or ulceration of the esophagus, and its rupture.If an object gets stuck in the intestine, it threatens intestinal bleeding.The victim may feel nausea, bloating and abdominal pain, hardening of the muscles of the abdominal wall, fever.

that most children today ingest

Early childhood injuries includes a large number of injuries caused by the child swallowed a variety of foreign objects.Even ten years ago, the total number of data items constituted 80% of the coin.

However, unfortunately, progress is not in place in this area: now instead of coins children often swallow small electronic batteries from toys and alarm clocks, and they are much more dangerous than the coins.

What's in electronic battery

Electronic batteries, unlike coins, and other objects, begin to leak over time.Of course, this does not happen often, and not once, but - alas, happens.Leaked the contents of the batteries may cause irritation, ulcers, or perforation of any part of the gastrointestinal digestive tract.Digestive juices are quite active, and under their influence sooner or later, the battery starts to produce harmful substances, poisoning the body of a child.

Among such harmful substances which may be mentioned mercury and zinc, silver and acid.All they can cause burns and damage to the digestive system.

What if a child swallows a battery

Because the shape of the battery from the electronic round, the more often they do not stay long in the digestive tract, but rather quickly and painlessly out of the child's body.

But if you believe that the child is still swallowing such an object, it is best to immediately consult a doctor so that he located the "eaten" batteries.Often on her whereabouts may indicate pain, which complains of a child.And in this case, can only help the X-ray.

Lithium batteries - the most severe case

most dangerous lithium batteries: the difference in the charges of battery is the cause of their attachment to the wall of the esophagus.Literally prikipev to mucosal tissues, batteries oxidize and burn all their surroundings.After a couple of hours in the mucosal tissues appear to erosion, which then turn into ulcers.

esophagus - the most dangerous place to jam lithium batteries.Being quite narrow, it may start to swell under the influence of irritating components of the batteries.The child becomes dramatically bad, he can hardly take water and food, increased temperature and white blood cell count.

To remove the battery from the body

The procedure of extracting a foreign body in shape and size similar electronic battery is rather complex sequence of actions.Particularly complicated task when it happens to young children.Because of its size, the battery is difficult to catch and hold with the help of forceps.

Therefore, in such cases use special hinges.With luck, the battery pull on the first try.However, this rarely happens, and such attempts may be several.For kids this procedure is carried out under endotracheal anesthesia.

recovery from damage caused by jammed battery

So, you know, that in a situation where a child swallows a battery electronic, can not linger, and the need to show it to your doctor immediately.Once it is determined that the battery is indeed in the body, the child will be hospitalized, and he will be assigned to the relevant measures for its removal.

stationary observation of the child usually lasts 4 days.If the battery is the intestine, the child prescribed special preparations accelerating its excretion.After the battery is removed or withdrawn, the child also prescribe appropriate rehabilitation course, which includes anti-ulcer medication.