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The crisis of three years of age - how to save his parents?

The crisis of three years of age - how to save his parents?

In the life of every parent comes a time when it seems to him that his three-year crumbs as though someone replaced.A loving, quiet and obedient kid turns into a small but very wayward monsters, the whole purpose of life which is the need to constantly punctually bring parents to a nervous breakdown.

Thus was born the personality

He does everything very unfortunately, his bad temper, he did not want to hear absolutely nothing - these words can confirm the chorus of parents three years old in the world.It is important to understand that this happens to all, and therefore, you are not alone, and your baby - is normal, just need somewhere to find the strength to survive this crisis - the crisis of the age of three.So what is it that happens to a child at this age?The kid is already physically developed, and it was in this period that he becomes conscious of himself as a person.Not for nothing is this point is sometimes called the "second birth»

Try to remember when your child was still quite tiny, h

e was sitting in a wheelchair and threw his toys on the floor, and once you have it raised, and it is again in the hands of the little tyrant- toy flew back to the floor.Testing the patience of my mother he had not yet thought he was interested in the process.

Once a child enters the age of three years, the process of discarding toys becomes for him a completely different meaning - such behavior, he expresses himself as a person, at the same time trying to understand how to react to his "I" outside world.The limits of what is permitted in this for him quite blurred, determines their child experienced by, for example, drawing her mother's lipstick on your new wallpaper or playing football, using a gate instead of grandmother's piano.

ban "no" in this case, oddly enough, does not work because the child is very well aware that comes to put it mildly, not very.However, at this point he had already feels no less than the center of the universe, and the task of parents - to help your child understand that he is not right, and others do not have to perform all of his whims.This is the essence of the crisis three years of age.

child takes on the warpath

becomes conscious very difficult.In three years, almost every child as if the internal asks himself: "I am the King, or King?".Respond to yourself "no" in this case is quite difficult, and so begins a real war with their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters.

to fight for their rights the child chooses the most affordable way - hysterical.Through trial and error, he manages to find out to what extent it is the adults can manipulate.Will it have a big car to get from the store if it would collapse right there on the floor and starts pounding feet?Whether to buy ice cream if he will announce his sobs surrounding streets?Such methods for the environmental three year olds are able to learn faster than students NLP courses.For parents as in such moments, the main thing - not to panic and not to succumb to provocation.

I do everything myself!

course, also need to know the measure.Permanent bans may make a child childish.At the age of three favorite words are the words - I did!The very clean the house, he washed his clothes, he washed the dishes ... pleasant impulses, but they are usually very appear at the wrong time, for example, when parents physically unable to wait when he lace his shoes.But in spite of that, in such cases, with similar impulses, it is better to give in, otherwise it could lead to the fact that you will have to tie up to the seventh grade to the child shoes.

In three years, the desire to independence - it is nothing like a game, but it is such a game gives the child a signal around the world that he has grown up and is trying to join the adult community.And parents can only allow your child to take the initiative within reasonable limits.

recipe for calm: "Add a drop of patience to love ...»

crisis three years of age is just one remarkable feature - with the time it takes.To overcome this difficult period, parents have with the child, who, more than ever, need love and understanding.If you still think your child - pipsqueak inexperienced - try to reconsider their attitude towards him.The kid has grown up, and therefore it is necessary to reckon with, and your job as a parent - always be around, sometimes stepped aside to monitor from a distance, but not to push and guide the child in the right direction.

Right now, in the consciousness of a child is formed such an important quality as self-esteem.Sometimes it takes you out of yourself, shakes law and believes that he - the most-most.You just have to accept the fact that it is - one of the necessary stages of development of the person, which can make decisions and take independent actions.