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On water and children's health

On water and children

Each mummy and daddy every heard such words from your child: "Let some water," or "I want to drink."Even from an early age man he expresses his desire means available to it.But you, the parents, are responsible for what water is to drink your kid.Of course, it must be clean.For the growing organism clean water is a must.

She needed to quench thirst, to replenish fluids in the body, to prevent the assimilation of unnecessary calories.Let your kiddies water daily and hourly.When you bathe the children, wash their things, try to use only pure water, which has good quality.

The poor quality water can contain bacteria and harmful substances.And this is a direct path to any disease your baby.Sure, water is part of the foundation of the health of your children when their body is just beginning to take shape.

Until two months babies have very weak immune system, and only thanks to mother's milk, he gets stronger.But, as you know, there are milk fats, minerals, proteins and water.And the water here is much

more than all the above components.

How much water babies

newborn baby is 80% water.Infants should consume up to one liter of liquid.That is, one hundred and fifty milligrams per kilogram fluid's weight per day.You say that it is quite small 0.5-1 liter of water.However, when compared with the weight of an adult to obtain about ten liters per day.That is such a need in children in the water.And this is caused by the fact that water is needed child:

  • for a good metabolism of the body of the child;

  • for its rapid growth;

  • to the kidneys that they have less ability to concentrate.

more details about how much you can drink water pregnant woman read here

Water quality

Water quality should be excellent.Try to enjoy the water, passed through special filters.Filters are water purifiers.There are alternatives such water - you can use spring water or butillirovannuyu.

water quality from wells is debatable.Because it may not always be of good quality.There should be the conclusion of SES.It is they who determine the well water or not, on its composition, it will identify the chemical elements.

in underground aquifers live chemicals and therefore they can easily settle in the water that is consumed.So do not drink untreated water.The water pipes in cities water contains rust from pipes, hazardous substances, and it is chlorinated.Therefore, it is desirable to defend the water, boil.But it will not save, unless special filters.This also applies to cooking, and bathing.

If you see a certificate which corresponds to the San PiN21.4.1116-02, this water is suitable for use.This is the best water.And if you drink quality water, your kids will not be exposed to a variety of gastrointestinal diseases, and will not suffer from allergies, and their body will be filled with essential trace elements.

Mineral water

Now let's talk about the mineral water.For the developing organism, it plays an important role.

Firstly, it is a source which regulates the immune system and metabolic processes in the child.

Second, thanks to the mineral water increased production of bile and normalizes water-salt balance.If the water is high quality, then the child will be healthy and strong.He formed a good nervous system.Mineral water of good quality will contribute to stimulating mental activity.Human blood has a supply of water 90% and 85% mozg-.

Where to swim

very important in the swimming season for children up to three years to bathe in the river, lake or the sea, but at home or at the cottage in his bath, or a special pool.Here swimming with all sorts of herbal potions, or sea salt will be effective for a growing body.

Always pay attention to the body of water where your kids are swimming.After three years, they can swim and the sea.In general, all of the water contributes to the children of the musculoskeletal system and acceleration and normalization of blood flow in the body.Aqua, akvatrening love teens.In addition, due to the noise of water, calms the nervous system, relaxes the child and remove all tension.

Kids are very susceptible to diseases that cause poor water quality.Because their body is in a stage of development, and therefore they perceived as such water.Therefore, a correct approach to the water.And no one will no longer be argued that the words "Water is the source of life" - is banal.And if the right approach to this source of life, how much you can benefit, health yourself and your baby.

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