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The child has bruises under his eyes

The child has bruises under his eyes

Many parents today are wondering why their child has bruises under his eyes.It would seem that your child provide normal conditions for growth and development, good nutrition, adequate sleep duration, and dark patches under the eyes stubbornly refuse to go.

have bruises under the eyes can be various reasons for the appearance.If this phenomenon is short, you can not pay attention to it.However, if you have created your child all the conditions for a healthy existence, and black eyes do not go, then it is a cause for concern, and seeking advice from a specialist.

causes of dark circles under the eyes of the child

natural causes bruising under the eyes may be a characteristic of subcutaneous tissue.This phenomenon is innate.If someone from the adults in the family, despite an overall healthy state, have the bruises under his eyes, the child could inherit this feature of an organism.If a child eats well and sleeps well and vigorous, so parents do not worry.Slightly reduce the intensity of light massa

ge helps bruises, but completely remove the blue under the eyes will not turn.

seasonal vitamin deficiency, restoring health after the disease, chronic sleep deprivation - the most frequent causes of circles and bags under the eyes of children.If your child is abusing junk food, then it may appear in the body of iron deficiency.In all the above cases, provide your child a proper rest and sleep, healthy and vitamin-rich food, long walks in the fresh air.

high fatigue and stress - another cause of the bruises under his eyes.If the child does not go black eyes, look at his nervous condition and try to identify its cause.Maybe your child does not withstand loads at an educational institution, and it is possible that the cause of his nervous strain lie in an unhealthy family environment.In the first case, develop the correct mode of the day, the child can load alternate with breaks for rest.In the second case, direct your efforts on normalization of relations in the family.

If the mode of the day and the child's diet meets all the requirements, and dark circles under his eyes, do not go, and the general condition of the child is also your concern, it is best to seek help from a pediatrician.The presence of bruises under his eyes, a child may be a sign of an illness, which can recognize only an expert based on ultrasound and blood tests.Perhaps your child has lowered hemoglobin, then the doctor will prescribe supplementation of iron-rich.In any case, better to recognize an emerging disease in the early stages of its development.

Among the most common diseases that are accompanied by the appearance of under-eye circles, should be called a violation of the kidneys, endocrine system diseases, various intoxication, adenoids, the presence of worms.Any of these diseases respond well to treatment in the early stages of development, so that if the doctor finds disease in your child, do not despair, and carefully follow the recommendations of experts.Getting a doctor's recommendations regarding treatment of your child, pay attention to drugs he prescribes.If antibiotics are among drugs are present, then ask your doctor to replace them with natural products.

After the treatment your child needs to be enhanced care, because the body has endured the disease quickly get stronger.Enrich child's diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables varied, walk with him often in the open air, encourage its motor activity, make sure that the child was always in a good emotional state.All these conditions create excellent conditions for the rapid restoration of impaired child's body.Once the child's health back to normal, black eyes held.

Remember that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure.Paying close attention to the external changes of the skin of your child and comparing these changes with his behavior and general condition, you will be able to prevent the development of any disease at the stage of its inception.Do not leave without attention appear under the eyes of a child bruises, so you will not have to regret the lost time and deal with the consequences of the disease has already developed.Provide your baby normal day, healthy, vitamin-rich diet, regular outdoor exercise, restful sleep and, of course, friendly atmosphere.And if the circles under the eyes - this is not an inherited feature of an organism, then this phenomenon will pass your child's party.

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