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Runny nose in infants

Runny nose in infants

becomes disturbing to parents when their baby runny nose.In infants not yet have the skills to enable them to blow his nose, and mouth to breathe, they too can not yet.Therefore, the problem starts in children and their mothers.Because during the runny nose in a child is disturbed sleep and loss of appetite.There are several types of rhinitis.Kids can pick up or a viral or allergic rhinitis.

There is another kind of cold, but he is absolutely not dangerous.Maybe you have faced such a concept, as a physiological runny nose in children when they are no more, and 2.5 months.The fact that children at this early age is very weak mucous when they first come into the world, and has already become perfect and strong closer to 10 weeks.So do not panic and do not start to treat such manifestations of common cold.Simply apply the cotton flagella to clean your baby's nose and keep cool and humid air in the room.

For more information about how to clean nose newborn

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Now let's touch on the topic separately viral rhinitis your grudnichka.Do not be alarmed when your crumbs will sopelki.It is a good thing in this case.Because thereby the body of the child is protected from getting into the body of viral infection.What you need to do in such circumstances?Try to ensure that the room where your baby comfortable air.Because the presence of closeness will facilitate drying of mucus in the nose, and this is not desirable.Room temperature is maintained to 22 degrees.

necessary to humidify the air or using a special instrument, or, if not possible, use a wide container with water, spray irrigation, finally, you can simply hang a wet rag in the room.Also, to the mucosa does not dry the baby must enter saline drops several times a day.

You can use the pharmacy means, or cook for themselves.It is not hard to do.To prepare your own saline solution you will need 1 teaspoon of table or sea salt and 1 liter of water.The pharmacy offers a tool such as "akvamaris."If your baby is not allergic, it can help a decoction of chamomile.Some moms are trying to bury their noses in breast milk, but in breast jelly contains many immunoglobulin.And in such an environment thrive viruses and bacteria.Therefore it is better to feed the baby breast milk, but treated by appropriate means.

There are more vasoconstrictor nose drops.So they try to avoid if the baby suffers from common viral cold.But if you see that your child is becoming unbearable, and he can not sleep or eat when laid nose, then you can begin to drip and the remedy.But it must be exceptional cases, for the simple reason that these drops cause swelling of the mucous membrane.Cure they do not cure but only give temporary relief to your little one.Antibiotics also do not get carried away, which may include nasal drops.In general, in each case a cold your child, you should consult your doctor.

have a baby because of the common cold are formed in the nozzle thick mucus and crusts.You quietly to clean the spout, you can use cotton flagella, as well as in pharmacies have special priborchiki - sopleotsosy.If you advise someone spout rinsed baby klizmochki or pear, immediately discard the idea.You can your baby is very hurt.Provoke otitis, splashing in the Eustachian tube.

about allergic rhinitis baby

Very often in infants experience an allergic reaction.If you're overly fond household cleaning products, or take a walk down the street, then your baby may have a runny nose.It can also cause this type of allergy and pollen.What happens?Here there is swelling of the mucous membrane.In no case do not self-medicate.It needs help physician.It is, in this case, will issue a vasoconstrictor drops.

How can you help your child in this case?

  • you have any contact with the allergen to prevent the child.
  • Very often, it should be carried out in the room wet cleaning.
  • Avoid household chemical products.That is, forget about until Carpet cleaners, polishes, scouring powders, gels, different air fresheners.You can buy washing powder bezfosfatny children or simple soap.Now these funds are quite a few stores.
  • a good idea to buy a salt lamp, air ionizer, humidifier, vacuum cleaner, which has a water filter.

All these instruments and help your child get well fast.