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Chickenpox in children under one year

Chickenpox in children under one year

Chickenpox (varicella) is an acute infectious disease that most often are children aged 5 to 10 years.The virus is transmitted the disease from person to person or contact or by airborne droplets.Many children are quite easy to carry chickenpox in cases where the period of contracting it, they did not suffer from any chronic disease.

As for children aged up to one year, then, in the case of chicken pox disease, the child depends on the state of his immune system.A child with good immunity, ill with chicken pox, and also receives immunity to the disease for all subsequent years.But for infants with a weak immune system disease chickenpox can be serious and life-threatening ordeal.

If a child is born of a woman, having already immune to chickenpox, the first 2-3 weeks of life, it will be protected from infection with chickenpox, thanks to the protection of maternal antibodies passed to the baby through the placenta.The kid with the mother's immune to chickenpox quickly and easily transfer this illness

if infected by it, but the baby is not with a weak immune system and can make health complications.

list of complications in children under one year when chickenpox disease include high fever, disorders of the nervous system, the development of convulsive states and the threat of loss of consciousness.Chickenpox virus adversely affects the internal organs of the baby - his heart, kidneys, lungs, and joints.Fortunately, very young children rarely become sick with chickenpox.

To determine whether the expectant mother has immunity to chickenpox, she had to give blood for analysis.The child is not born with congenital chickenpox, women planning a pregnancy, it is recommended before conception to make yourself vaccinated against chicken pox.

The disease is dangerous for children with chickenpox?

chickenpox usually accompanied by the appearance of the skin rash baby pink.Eventually rash turns into blisters filled with liquid.Then the bubbles burst, turning into a small open itchy sores, which are covered by crust.The disease is accompanied by increased temperature.

In most cases, chickenpox occurs without complications and ends without consequences, as it had been ill child is immune to the disease for life.The appearance of complications depends on the health of the child on the eve of chickenpox infection and the timing of diagnosis of the disease.If in the course of the disease has not complied with the rules of patient care chickenpox child, he may remain on the skin scars.

danger may be chicken pox for children under one year in that it is accompanied by a temperature of 40 ° C, the danger of hemorrhages in skin rashes, adverse effects on the child's body, causing lesions of the heart, pancreas, spleen, bone marrow, nervous system.There have been cases of patients with chickenpox babies encephalomyelitis - a dangerous condition in which there is inflammation of the brain.

How is infection with chickenpox?

Varicella zoster virus is classified as herpes infections.This virus is highly volatile and quickly transported by air masses, for example, through the ventilation system throughout the house.

In ancient times, when there was revealed the nature of the infection of chickenpox, people believed that the disease is transmitted by the wind, which is why it got its name - wind.A pox disease became known because of it may remain scars on the skin.

high volatility of the virus, fortunately, is limited by its inability to exist independently in the environment.The animals are not afraid of the chickenpox virus.

child Inhaled air flow drawn into the body of a child the chickenpox virus.Even in a strict home quarantine sick chickenpox child is not only the bearer, but the distributor of this disease.

Due to the fact that the first symptoms of chickenpox occur immediately after infection, and a few days later, the baby is not being quarantined, actively spreading the virus in the environment.

Outbreaks of chickenpox usually occur in autumn and winter, ieperiods when immunity in children most weakened.While on the baby's skin bubbles appear, the patient is a child with chickenpox continues to carry the virus and must be quarantined.

Symptoms of the disease chickenpox

first signs of chickenpox appear in a sick kid on the skin of his head.Also appearing on her pink rash, the baby fever up 39oS, loss of appetite, headache.

Wind rash is spreading rapidly through the body of the child, and after just a few hours all skin baby, and his eyelids, mouth and genitals are covered with a rash.Later pink spots slightly swell, and then converted into liquid bubbles surrounded by reddish skin.

Then the bubbles burst, the fluid flows, and open wounds are covered with dried crust.After 1-3 weeks, the crust begins to flake.The disease can occur unevenly.Sometimes, when it seems that the disease has already started to decline on a child's body may be new pink rash and disease flares up anew, accompanied by another increase in temperature.

Such ups and downs of the intensity of the disease occur at intervals of 1-2 days.In the end, the child's body begins to resemble a completely ulcerated surface consisting of a variety of spots, bubbles and crusts.The entire skin is heavily scratched and combing it inadmissible.If you allow a child to comb skin, her scars from an illness due to an infection, which is included in an open wound.

How is chickenpox in children?

disease is usually treated on an outpatient basis, and medicines that speed up the process of recovery from chickenpox, does not exist.Those drugs which are appointed by the varicella only facilitates the disease.

If your child has a fever to 38-39oS, he should give antipyretic.Usually, doctors recommend paracetamol, which not only removes heat but also helps fight inflammation.

to contain the spread of the disease throughout the body, we recommend frequent change of bedding and clothing in a patient with chickenpox child.Bathing and wetting the body of a liquid is strictly prohibited.While in the West, there are absolutely opposite opinions on this subject, according to which it is believed that frequent showers and running water accelerates recovery from chicken pox.

In general, it turns out that chicken pox should endure, easing the symptoms and taking all measures of child scratching ulcers.Parents need every way to distract the child from pestering him itch.Depending on the age of the baby, you need to come up with interesting joint activity.Relief itchy skin pustules will blur a weak solution of potassium permanganate, brilliant green or special ointments.