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How to get rid of lice in a child

How to get rid of lice in a child

In each family at least once in life, the child brought home lice.No matter how carefully approached the baby's parents to comply with the rules of hygiene, children interact with their peers, enters them into close physical contact, in which the inevitable transfer of lice from one baby to another.

How are head lice?

structure of hair lice resemble small long-bodied ants.Adult lice are dark and small - a lighter shade.Lice are wingless and are very mobile.They quickly moved in his hair, easy to run across from one child to another while touching, playing and sharing things.

Lifespan one individual louse is about one and a half months.This is the period from the birth of lice larvae until the death of an adult.Breeding occurs through lice leaving huge amount of eggs, which are attached to the human lice hair along the entire length thereof.

How do you know that your child has head lice?

determine that the child has lice, you can frequent scratching of the head, especially in the occipital region

and her ears.When lice child behaves restless, constantly fidgeting, pulling his hands to his head.Seeing a child's behavior, parents should carefully check his head for the presence of insects in their hair and their eggs as well as sores that appear on the scalp due to frequent scratching.

The fact that the child has lice, it is also possible to draw a conclusion on presence on his head a kind of dandruff earthy shades, in fact it is not, no dandruff and dead lice larvae.Baby bedding when lice covered with black dots - lice droppings.

what measures to take if the child has caught lice?

presence of lice in a child - it is shameful and humiliating fact, both for the child and for his parents.Inevitable measure in the processing of children's hair at the disposal of the child from getting lice haircut and girls, such a procedure can cause psychological trauma.If the parents of pity shortened luxurious long hair, the process of getting rid of the baby lice may take as long hair look at all the lice larvae is very difficult.

Before you begin to fight insects that live on the head of your child, you can purchase all the necessary tools, namely:

  • special shampoo lice ( Pedikulin, hellebore water, spray Couple plus Nittifor Reid, Knicks );

  • comb with fine teeth and frequent combing for lice and nits.

If you can not buy in the drugstore medications listed above, you can use the "grandmother" means, such as kerosene or tar soap.Some are used for this purpose vinegar and dust, but to use such funds to be very careful not to harm the child's health.In addition, the smell of kerosene will have to get rid of for a long time becauseHe firmly absorbed into the hair.

purchased at the pharmacy drugs treat the child's head according to package directions.Then tightly wrap the hair with plastic wrap to prevent the flow of air to the hair.Over polyethylene wrap towel.After enduring need for killing lice time, unwind your head and wash hair with special means.

then comb with long teeth and comb out the dead frequent insects and their larvae from the children's hair.Finally, manually loop through all the hair on the child's head and clear them from the nits.Do not forget at the end of the procedure to process all of the items and towels for the purpose of destroying them stuck lice and nits.

This processing procedure of children's heads should be repeated three days later.Reprocessing should be carried out upon detection of new outbreaks spread lice on a child's head.If after 2 weeks after the treatment of children's head on it and there are no lice nits, so your fight head lice, finally succeeded.

Prevention of head lice in children

If you become aware that children's collective where your child is, there was the risk of contracting lice, take the necessary measures against infection: urging the workers of children's educational institution to avoid in the children's collective peddlers lice, regularly check the hairyour child for lice and nits after a visit to the preschool.

Explain to your child that it is unacceptable to use in kindergarten strange things, and especially - strangers combs and hats, as well as cushions during an afternoon nap.To scare off the lice, use lavender oil, lubricating them neck and ears from the child.

To prevent the spread of lice in the family, follow the rules of basic hygiene, quality treat clothes and underwear in the wash, do not use common comb and headpiece.Regularly check your hair not only the child, but also all members of the family to a single case of infection with head lice do not become a family-scale epidemic.